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Teach your baby to call with pediatrician Ekaterina Lysenko

How to teach a child to the pot? This question, sooner or later, confronts all parents.

And there are different options.

Teach your baby to call with pediatrician Ekaterina Lysenko

The first method is sowing.

That is to say, from the first days of the baby’s life, the mother looks at him closely and realizes how he behaves before going to his natural needs, going to the bathroom.

And as soon as the mother understands that the baby wants to defecate, she starts planting it, that is, she stays in a comfortable position, as if the child was sitting in a pot, first over the bathroom, and then the baby starts to sit up and You can use the pot, on top of the pot.

This method has its advantages, which include saving money on diapers and the psychological comfort of parents, since their son uses the boat almost from birth.

But there are also disadvantages: if you do not have much time, you are not particularly observant, or just a little lazy, you will never understand that the baby goes to the bathroom now. This method is only suitable for very disciplined parents!

Well, it should be taken into account that when a child is planted, there is simply a conditioned reflex of the situation when it is necessary to defecate, a child of up to 14 to 18 months can not control and understand this process.

Therefore, children who use the pot until this age, regardless of the method of training to go to the bathroom, do so unconsciously. And you have to understand it.

The second method is to teach the child to the pot after 6 months.

The second most common way is to accustom the child to the pot after 6 months.

That is, after the child began to sit independently. And there is an important aspect: the sooner the pot is started, the longer it will take!

After all, we remember that up to 14 months of a child, any child can not control the act of defecation.

And then each parent must decide what is most convenient for him, sooner or later or later, but faster. A child who started teaching the pot per year will periodically stain the clothes for at least another 4 months!

If the process begins in half a year, the chances of failure will be at least another 10 months! Well, if we start teaching a child, say, a year and a half to use a pot, after 1-2 months there will probably be no more “punctures”.

Rules of how to dominate the boat:

Thus, when starting, it is the choice of each family separately. However, I will express the main points that you need to pay attention to if you still decide it is time for your child to learn the pot.

Teach your baby to call with pediatrician Ekaterina Lysenko

First and foremost – no violence! The pot is voluntary, and no coercion is appropriate here!

Otherwise, you risk instilling psychological problems in your child, such as not being able to go to the bathroom outside the house or in a family environment!

The second, but not the least, is the pot itself. The pot should be simple and convenient for the child. Nor are modern tricks acceptable, like a musical pot, for example!

All these tricks that supposedly stimulate the child to use the pot, in fact, teach this pot.

That is, the child goes to the pot and when he has finished his work, the music starts to sound or something else happens. The child gets used to it and can not go to the bathroom in other circumstances!

Using such devices, we ourselves form a perverse attitude towards the simple and natural process of stool in our child!

And so, as simple as possible, but comfortable, suitable for a tall child (the knees when sitting in a pot should be slightly higher than the level of the seat) of the pot. If the child is older than one year, then the pot can be selected with his participation, this will be in addition to the positive emotions of the child to be trained in the pot.

The third rule, which greatly simplifies the child’s understanding of what is happening, should remove a child’s diaper or underwear, depending on what went with him or her before. And this fall is important!

Until the child understands how and what happens after he wants to use the bathroom, he will not learn to control this process! And the best way to show is to strip a baby!

Yes, a couple of days, and maybe weeks, it all depends on the age at which you started teaching the child to use the pot, you have to clean the puddles on the floor, but your baby will understand the connection between desire and action and, therefore, you can control this action.

Every time you find a puddle, tell the child that it is bad and that he should have sat in the pot. Well, show this action in the toys, so your bear wanted to fish and sit in the pot, the next time you want to cry, also sit in the pot. And in no case do not scold and do not raise your voice!

Remember the first rule: there is no violence in the pot!

Fourth: we offer the child who sits in the pot when he most likely wants to go to the bathroom. That is, after eating (eating always stimulates the bowels and bladder), after sleeping, before going to bed or walking.

An “accident” occurred: say it is bad and that it was necessary to go to the bathroom. Again, show a toy or you can read a book about a pot with a child, they already exist.

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