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Teaching a child to sleep in a crib: how to teach a newborn (baby) how to teach him to fall asleep separately

This question begins to worry many parents who have decided to wean children from an adult bed. During breastfeeding, mothers often leave babies with them.

They are calmed by the voice and touch of their mother, and women do not have to get up in the middle of the night.

Teaching a child to sleep in a crib: how to teach a newborn (baby) how to teach him to fall asleep separately

The real difficulties arise when Mom stops breastfeeding and decides to make a “big relocation”. In today’s article we will talk about how to teach your child to fall asleep in his own bed.

The period of joint sleep can continue until the preschool age. However, the older the children are, the greater the inconvenience they cause to adults during the night.

Young children often kick, push or just cry in a dream, forcing Dad to sleep on a free couch.

It is not surprising that this situation causes constant disputes between the spouses, as a result of which a stubborn struggle begins with an ingrained childhood habit.

How to teach a newborn to sleep in a crib?

If you decide to stack separately from the first days of life, sometimes it will be enough to twist the baby in your arms and put it in a child’s bed. What other forms do psychologists offer?

  1. Try wrapping it The involvement creates a sense of security in the children, remembering the months spent in my mother’s womb. Also in diapers it establishes a pleasant temperature that allows you to sleep a little more.
  2. Lying in the cradle, he sings the lullabies. Singing remarkably calm the children, because their voice is familiar to them from the moment they were in the womb. A week later, the baby will begin to compare his lullaby with the fact that it is time for “bainki”.
  3. Surprisingly, the usual shaking helps relieve tension and calm the awake child. For him, this sound resembles the pulsation of blood he heard in his stomach. The sound of a waterfall that flows from the tap of a water, an unconfigured receiver is suitable as a white noise.

How to teach the baby bed?

Breastfed babies can also sleep in their own bed, distracted only by frequent feeds. However, moms often decide to take the baby to bed with him to feed him in a comfortable, reclined position, and leave him until morning.

Hence the habit of spending the night with parents.

Follow the three basic rules if you do not want your child to sleep with you when you grow up.

  1. Try to always sleep in your bed. This can help the ritual of going to sleep: bathing, a clean diaper, a loving song, eating, kisses and soft hugs. Then it is necessary to put the baby in bed and give him 10-15 minutes to fall asleep.
  2. Do not allow your breast to be used as a pacifier. The baby, after eating, usually does not want to leave the breast of his mother, so he is calmer. Therefore, when the meal is over, put the baby back in bed, even if at first he starts to protest.
  3. Remove the side wall of the children’s bed and place it open in its “box”. This teaches the baby to sleep separately from adults, but allows him to feel his presence. Little by little, you can move away from the child to finally return the side wall to its place.

How to teach a child to sleep in the crib?

Therefore, he has firmly decided that the time has come for the “relocation” of the adult child in the bed of the lonely children.

When to do it? There are no precise limits on the preparation of children for independent sleep. Ask yourself some questions so as not to make mistakes and not take the crumbs to neurosis:

  • Have you finished breastfeeding?
  • Can your child sleep between five and six hours?
  • Will awakening in your bed cause tears or hysteria?
  • Can you stay alone in the nursery for 10-15 minutes?
  • Do you understand the difference between “mine” and “not mine”?

If all of these questions received positive answers, it means that your child is ready for a new stage in their life.

In these situations, the baby needs more attention, not additional stimuli.

Teach sleeping separately

It may surprise you, but the most important factor for success in this matter is the mother’s sincere desire to sleep separately from the baby.

For a long time, a woman can get used to sleeping together, and her inner enthusiasm can be transmitted to a child who will become even more resistant to relocation. Therefore, we get rid of anxiety and carefully read the following recommendations from psychologists.

  1. Be sure to talk with the children. After buying a new crib, explain to your son or daughter that only very young children fall asleep with mothers, adult girls and children sleeping in their own beds. This technique works well for children two and three years old.
  2. Allow your child to participate in choosing a crib. Listen to their wishes, taking them to a furniture store. Then, the purchase of the bride will come even closer and the baby will prefer to fall asleep in it. Also collect together pajamas and a set of bedding.
  3. Get a special light for the first time for the night of the lamp, which will alleviate nightmares and facilitate sleep. In stores for children, you can buy unusual projectors that will make falling asleep not only fast but also fascinating.
  4. Adhere to more developed rituals: for hygiene procedures it is mandatory to read the favorite fairy tale, and then, after a farewell kiss, the child falls asleep. This consistency will calm children and make it easier to fall asleep.
  5. If you plan to have a second baby, you must transfer your first child to your own bed before the youngest child is born. Otherwise, it will not prevent the attacks of jealousy, hysteria and whims of the older child.
  6. Try to coincide with the transition to independent sleep at any important occasion. This can be a child’s birthday, New Year, any round date (for example, 2.5 years).
  7. Try teaching your child to sleep with a soft toy. In the sale there are many toys, splushka that can replace you while you sleep and create a sense of security and peace in the child. Just do not give any educational toy, they, on the contrary, activate the children.

Of course, teaching a child to fall asleep in his own bed is a difficult but feasible task for a caring mother.

Treat this with tremendous patience and understanding. Enjoy your dream!

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