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The benefits and harms of gadgets for the child.

It is difficult to imagine a modern family without several devices: smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets. These and other electronic and digital devices are firmly established in our lives. It is not surprising that children today begin to take an interest in them from a very early age.

However, many parents are concerned about the question: is this hobby safe?

The benefits and harms of gadgets for the child.

On the one hand, it is not very prudent to completely limit the child’s familiarity with computers and other electronic devices, since they contribute to the intellectual development of children.

On the other hand, modern technologies often take a lot of time out of crumbs, which could be devoted to more useful lessons: outdoor games, reading books and the usual fuss with friends.

Let’s find out what the benefits and damage of the devices are for the child’s health and development.

The impact of gadgets on children: the benefits of

Computers and Internet technologies are gradually coming to the lives of the smallest children. The task of parents is to teach a child to use all these benefits of civilization wisely.

Especially because they can be useful.

1. Assistant in development.

Gadgets can become the same educational tool as more traditional toys: pyramids, cars, dolls, cubes and other attributes of children. A crumb that presses the buttons and the keys at random in an imperceptible way develops the motility of his fingers and inadvertently memorizes certain numbers and letters.

2. A way to take a child.

Thanks to laptops, smartphones and tablets, parents now know how to be a little uneasy in a long line at the hospital, during a car trip or standing in a traffic jam.

In this case, it will not bother you because of boredom and you will have an interesting moment.

3. Library in your pocket.

Modern electronic readers can replace a complete book repository, so the student will not have to carry large library volumes and back. You will only need to download books of interest from the Internet.

4. An indispensable tool for the study.

Among the numerous computer games, you can find really useful products that contribute to the development of cognitive processes and the acquisition of new skills.

The impact of gadgets on children: cons of use.

Technical progress has significantly reduced the physical burden of people, so the problem of physical inactivity and its consequences became more urgent than ever.

The benefits and harms of gadgets for the child.

Especially dangerous is sitting behind the devices for the health of children.

1. Negative impact on physical development and health.

This aspect of the influence of appliances on children should be considered in more detail.

If a child is too interested in a tablet or laptop, he may suffer:

  • seen – if the baby spends more than half an hour behind the monitor, there is a risk that in six months his visual acuity will decrease significantly, because the eyes of the children are under a huge load
  • posture: children in the computer often fall behind, which is loaded with the curvature of the spine and numerous postural difficulties in the future
  • the brain: due to a prolonged stay in the same position, the circulation of blood in the extremities and internal organs can be affected, the brain also suffers, which adversely affects the intelligence of the child and is plagued by a decrease in concentration and memory.

2. Incomplete learning

Yes, devices help children develop, but children at an early age need to use all the channels of perception. It is important for the child to touch, turn, examine the ball from all sides to understand that it is round and can roll.

Caricatures in development can not show the diversity of the world, so the crumb can not fully study a particular subject.

3. Reduction of creative activity.

In real life, children fantasize and embody ideas to model, cut, paint, create sconces. Even the most “intelligent” program with an advanced interface does not assault the imagination of children.

4. Attention in the virtual space.

Of course, not all children replace the real world with a computer game and social networks. And, nevertheless, some children become very dependent on gadgets and focus all their interests in the virtual world.

Suffer not only communication with peers, but also learning, relationships with parents.

We use gadgets for kids wisely.

If you want to avoid computer addiction in children and reduce the possible negative impact of electronic devices, you should use them appropriately, respecting several important rules.

  1. Despite all the advantages of the devices, remember that tablets or telephones are not objects of primary importance and necessity for pre-school children and young children. Full development is possible without all these “wonders of technology”, but if you still want to please your child, follow the principle that technology for a child should be appropriate for their age.
  2. Children under six are better to buy tablets for children, which are designed specifically for this age period. In this case, it will make sure that the gadget is useful for the child and that it is much easier to control the enthusiastic crumb. Do not buy tablets for small children “for growth” and expensive phones only for the sake of your child, as it is the “coolest” of all.
  3. Device dependence can develop if parents begin to replace the actual interaction with the child by various electronic devices. Do not use the computer to captivate a child while cooking or dining. The best way is to involve children in this process.
  4. We can not allow the baby to be on the computer more established age standards. Therefore, children up to three years old should not sit on the laptop for more than one hour a day, and every 20 minutes should schedule a physical minute for their eyes to rest. Older children can be allowed to spend more time behind the monitor, but breaks are also required.
  5. Try to meet the age recommendations indicated for computer games and cartoons. Information intended for more adult children can overload the child and even cause a nervous breakdown.
  6. Do not hand over children’s devices before falling asleep. By the flickering of the bright images on the screen, the nervous system of the children is excited, that is why they sleep badly, they see nightmares in a dream or they can not fall asleep at all.

Finally, I would like to say that, however, you should not prohibit children from using modern technological advances. We live in the era of technology and progress, which means that the skills and abilities in this area will be useful for children in the future.

And do not forget that the real communication with the child can not be replaced by any, not even by the most expensive and modern devices.

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