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The child can not be ripped off the television: what to do, what to do?

A problem of this kind is common in all ages. But in this article we will discuss the age of one and a half years – two years. In this period, children have a tremendously rapid pace of development.

And watching television can help both in this development and have a detrimental effect.

The child can not be ripped off the television: what to do, what to do?

Children a year and a half – two years can look at the blue screen for hours. They are fascinated by the bright and flickering images.

Children can already recognize familiar characters, such as children’s cartoons and adult programs.

Prolonged viewing of television shows and cartoons can negatively affect the baby’s health and psyche. But the right approach to watching television can affect the child.

It is important Before watching a child’s television, become familiar with the program, select the appropriate program for the child.

Discuss the characters and the meaning with the baby, look for a book on a similar subject or a book in which this caricature was recorded. Read it with your baby.

Make figures of clay (or mass) of the main characters, or just draw! Go on a tour of this topic.

But what to do if the child is not ripped off the television?

The most important thing is to limit the browsing time. Firmly, tell the child that he can only see two cartoons per day (a large break in parts or three short cartoons).

But the child must decide for himself what cartoons or programs he wants to see.

If your “frames” cause a child to have aggression, tears, tantrums, etc., and he demands to turn on the “blue screen”, let the child choose. Suggest that she can watch TV or go with her mother to the park to feed the birds (play with my dad in the snowball or draw with my sister).

Most of the time, the child will choose to interact with an important adult, rather than a blue screen. This proposal will be chosen, of course, only if the family has an atmosphere of love and acceptance, they are all friendly to each other.

What to do if the child is not ripped off the television?
– Read the TV program in advance.
– Choose the channel or program that is appropriate for your child by age.
– Watching television should be shared with parents.
– Discuss the cartoon program. If something is not clear to the baby, explain.
– It must be a limited time even spent behind the TV. Or express the number of cartoons (programs) per day.
– If the child is “nervous” because he is not allowed to watch television, offer him an alternative, in the form of different types of communication with adults (walking, drawing, playing games).

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