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The crisis of the first year of a child’s life: the formation of walking, autonomous speech, the first protest, the advice of a child psychologist.

The crisis of the first year. It sounds terrifying, right?

And somehow grown. It is so small that it can not be a crisis.

And the word crisis is negative.

The crisis of the first year of a child's life: the formation of walking, autonomous speech, the first protest, the advice of a child psychologist.

Yesterday, I was just with an angelic character, but what happened today? There were great changes in the baby’s life, and the parents too. In the life of all people there are several stages, in the life of small people are also.

There are stages of crisis.

The crisis of one year, three years, seven years, adolescence … a lot. The concept of crisis should not be taken as a negative. The crisis implies an important stage, the development of the individual, an integral process of development.

In the process of passing the difficulties, the development takes place directly. Namely, the crisis of the first year is the first step towards independence.

Between nine and eighteen months, babies are in a “one-year crisis.”

Girls and boys become restless and capricious, they demand independence, they can disturb their sleep and mood, they can refuse to do with pleasure what they had done previously (walking, eating with a spoon, etc.).

The crisis of the first year of the child consists of three parts:

  1. Formation of the march.
  2. The development of autonomous speech.
  3. The first protest, the opposition of the child to the rest.

The desire for independence is manifested in the “negative” behavior of the baby. The child “felt” freedom and no longer wants to separate from it.
Let’s take a closer look at the components of this crisis.

1. Become a ride.

In the age period of eight to thirteen months, babies learn to walk. Walking becomes the main mode of movement. Sometimes it happens, the baby has already started to walk alone, but suddenly, he crawls again.

As if I had never walked. Do not panic. It’s just that the training phase of the walk is not over yet, the baby needs a little more time.

Thinking is actively developing at this time, for example.

2. The development of autonomous speech.

Autonomous speech is a kind of bridge between a period without language and language. Autonomous speech is a “preparatory class” for speech development.

To summarize, autonomous speech is such a discourse, which only indicates the theme, does not have a meaning, more precisely, a meaning. Consequently, during the one year crisis period, the baby says only what he sees before his eyes.

While he can not talk about what he does not see.

3. The first protest, the confrontation of the child with the rest.

The sphere of the will in this period is subject to strong changes. The reaction of protest may be accompanied by loud cries, the baby may lie on the ground, beat their hands and feet or stomp.

A protest may be accompanied by an aggression directed at others. Hello, mutual misunderstanding.

The father demands, the child does not want to do this, the father does not yield, the child screams. The scheme is simple.

How to overcome?

  1. It is your baby that develops, as it should be. The development speed of all children is different. You should not compare your child with Sasha from the second entry, which already says “mother” and much more. This rule is based on full acceptance and love. Your baby fulfills his “plan.” The first rule includes praise for the lower achievement and lack of criticism for failure or lack of success. This will make it easier for your baby and, directly, for you.
  2. The baby in the period of the year is not ready for the team and social communication. In the period of your home life, communicate more with him. Because you are the only source of information about the world. The baby must be sure that you support him and do not leave him. This is the second rule.
  3. The third rule is based on your baby’s day mode. The crisis can be aggravated by factors such as: short stay in the open air, lack of sleep, nervous tension in the family, conflicts, abuse, etc.

Now let’s “translate” these rules into everyday language. Recommendations for moms and dads.

The crisis of the first year of a child's life: the formation of walking, autonomous speech, the first protest, the advice of a child psychologist.

  1. Be attentive to your baby’s wishes.
  2. The security is with you. Remember this Hide the “forbidden” things. The child will see, begin to demand, protest and conflict are provided.
  3. Give your baby a little more freedom. Of course, reasonable. Subject to your safety.
  4. The baby walks by your tail, demanding attention to yourself. And you are busy with your business. The child expresses his protest. It’s simple. Postpone your business and play with it. After a while he will be happy. If there is no time, you should distract the baby with something new and interesting.
  5. Very acutely, the children during this period respond to the situation when one of the adults went to the bathroom or the bathroom and closed the door behind him. The child on the other side begins to react abruptly. Screams, protest. The child is afraid that the father is gone. Also at this very moment, the child wants to go to that room, but the door is difficult. What to do If you anticipate the event, distract the baby before it disappears. If it did not work in advance, then talk to the child behind the door, kind of conversations “I’m here,” “I’ll be out soon,” “Everything is fine.” Naturally, such words do not work reassuringly, but at least they divert attention from frustrations.
  6. If you have a loud cry, distract the baby with a loud sound. Water pressure, including vacuum cleaner, etc.
  7. You should not constantly use the word “no”, soon the baby will not react. Include the word “dangerous” in your vocabulary.

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