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The development of fine motor skills in children up to the year: classes, development and learning of games, finger development.

Often, parents notice the problem of feathers, fingers or, rather, poor muscle development, only at school when a child has difficulty writing. To not find a “surprise”, you must deal with the baby from birth.

The development of fine motor skills in children up to the year: classes, development and learning of games, finger development.

But for the baby, these are not lessons, they are exciting games!

Offer the following educational activities to your baby as a game, make a drop in your creativity and then the baby will be happy to learn! In the course of the game, write stories, smile, kiss the baby.

I advise you to play at the beginning. “From the simple to the complex”, and if the baby is not successful, show by example. Take his hands in his.

The following games, only indirectly called games, are your daily relationship with the baby.

Massages The fingers should be made like a baby from the first days. Massage the inside of your palm with gentle movements, touch and stroke your finger.

The fingers should be massaged from the nail, each phalanx, to the base of the finger. Smile at the baby, while you sing, saying what kind of massage you do.

For example “Fruit massage”. Tell us about 5 fruits for each finger.

Or “flower massage”, for a big finger, for an index finger o-du-van-chik, etc. Such baby games also help relieve tension.

You must also develop baby-bonding skills. When a baby is very small, is 1-2 months old, puts a finger in his fist, then the baby will learn grab and hold your fingers, or toys.

Stimulate your desire with bright toys. At the end of 3 months, the baby likes to pull the handle on things that are in his field of vision.

Your task is to enrich and protect this area. Put on the handle of the child different in shape, size and texture of the toy.

It will also be an excellent educational and educational game for children under 1 year old. finger games! This is a type of gymnastics for the fingers! Fold the baby’s fingers and sing such rhymes:
This grandfather finger,
This finger is a grandmother,
This daddy finger
This mommy finger
This finger I
This is my whole family!

Very soon, when the child listens to familiar songs, he will “play” with his fingers.

The finger games are suitable for children from 2 to 3 years old.

It can show a 9 month old baby. shadow theater using hands. Comment on all the characters with sounds (helmets on horses’ hooves, barking dogs, etc.).

Therefore, you will prepare the basis for the development of fine motor skills.

When the child grows a little, with his help he can show simple figures himself. Older children will like to represent men who walk and run. Or, for example, an elephant!

Put all five fingers on the table and raise your middle finger like a log! Imagine playing musical instruments!

Play first with your right hand, then with your left, or vice versa, then with two!

Games that develop fine motor skills.

The following educational games will be available for children from 1.5 to 2 years old.

I want to point out that games for children from 1 year – 2 years will also be interesting for younger students.

  1. Let the child play with sand.It is fun! And it affects the development of fine motor skills. Rummage in the sand, dig, dig up toys, make pastels for molds and leave their own traces. The sand can be both dry and wet.

You can offer your child a form with water and a little dry cereal, let him play with it.

  1. You can have fun modeling! Show your child how to roll the “sausage”, make pancakes, roll the ball, sculpt the figures! Use clay, play dough, salt dough as material! This game will be great to develop a child of 2 years or more!

Here, dear parents, is the recipe for the salt dough:
Take a glass of fine salt,
a glass of flour,
A little less than half a glass of water.
Food coloring (safe and bright).
Store in a tightly closed container.

Your baby will not try to eat a very salty dough!

  1. Leave baby string Multicolored pyramidal rings, large beads on a rope. Later with the baby you can make beads and necklaces! Consider safety, watch your baby play!
  1. Laces, closures, knots and fabrics! Prepare a cardboard. With prefabricated holes in it. Show your baby how to tie different cords and ropes on them. How to make a bow, a knot, a pigtail. At first, the baby will not work. Show for example. Take your hands in yours and do the manipulation. Do not lose patience, this is the same game!

Take a wire that bends well. Scroll in a pencil, shape, make geometric shapes or the shape of an animal.

Make your own hands a piece of cloth with different buttons, buttons, hooks. Let the child train to use them.

For example, it will be a small bag, where you and your baby will fold the markers!

  1. Insertions This puzzle game for children up to 1 year – 1.5 years old will consist of flat pieces of a mosaic and a pattern with cut-out holes. For children 2 to 3 years of age and older, in such games there will be interesting volumetric figures of various geometric shapes, which should be thrown into the box through the corresponding hole.
  1. Screw This game for the development of a child of 1.5 to 2 years consists of simple jars with a lid that can be screwed. Give your child unnecessary butterflies. And organize a competition that quickly unscrews the bottle! Let your baby become a champion!

All the games listed will be suitable for children and 3 years!

With 4 years in the arsenal of educational games for fine motor skills, there will be news!

Dear parents, remember the two most important rules! This is security and interest!

Whatever your baby does not play, it should not hurt him. And, of course, all the little man’s actions must be an exciting game.

Then he will do everything with pleasure!

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