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The first days of a child’s life: what to look for?

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting moments of life, both for the child and for their parents.

The first days of a child's life: what to look for?

Many parents think that the first days of a child’s life are the most difficult, but this is far from the case, especially if you know in advance what surprises await them and how to deal with them.

So, what should we pay attention to young parents in the first days of a baby’s life?

Arrangement of a children’s room.

As a general rule, the child spends the first months of life in the parents’ room. So it’s more convenient for mom to feed, wrap, change clothes and follow the baby.

Therefore, select a corner in your room where you will spend most of your time with your child.

To save time, keep the packaging with diapers, napkins, cotton swabs and sticks, baby creams and other necessary supplies for the baby always in the same place.

The room should not have drafts, the optimum temperature in the room for a newborn is 22-24 degrees.

The baby is crying!

A child cries, and this is natural, since it communicates their needs and desires. Over time, you will learn to recognize crying what your baby wants.

There is a mistaken opinion that the child should be intensely entertained while awake so that he can sleep better. Very often, the effect is quite the opposite, since the child can be awakened and very naughty.

It must be remembered that sleep is necessary not only for the baby, but also for the mother. If you do not get enough sleep, this can affect your health, lead to a decrease in the amount of milk, depression, nervousness.

Therefore, take every opportunity, sleep with your baby.

The first time, at night, you can take the child to bed. So it will be quieter and you and the baby (after all, for 9 months I used to do it, you are always there), and it is more convenient to feed it.

Gradually, the child develops a daily rhythm and a feeding mode, then it can be moved to the cradle.

If you take the baby to bed, you should put a clean diaper. Also, at the beginning, you will have to wash your bedding with baby powder (just in case).

In order to protect your bed from any surprise, it is recommended to buy a normal cloth for medical use in the pharmacy (the largest size) and place it on the mattress, moving away from the head about 60 cm. You can fix the cloth with several strips of adhesive tape.

Sheets of leaves on the oil cloth and already in your usual diaper or disposable for the baby.

Feeding baby

We all know that breastfeeding is the best food for a child in the first year of life.

There are many recommendations for breastfeeding a baby and it is not always possible for a young mother to carry them out accurately and implicitly. And it is not always necessary. As a general rule, the mother and child very quickly find the optimal conditions for feeding (in what position to feed, how to apply, how much and how often to feed).

Accurate compliance with the instructions on breastfeeding can be useful in cases where there are difficulties with feeding.

Of course, a nursing mother will have to check her diet a bit, but the baby’s health is worth it.

Documents for the child

A new citizen was born and he needs documents, so do not forget to register the child in the registration office. To do this, you will need: parents’ passports, a hospital certificate.

In the event that the child was born at home, you will also need an exchange card confirming that you were pregnant and an eyewitness (who must confirm the birth of the child at home).

You must also get a health insurance policy and prescribe a baby.

Newborn clothes

In the first month it is better to give preference to wrapped babies, especially at bedtime. Since the newborn baby may tremble, move your hands and legs in a dream and, therefore, wake up. Do not wrap the child too tight so as not to hinder the movement of the legs inside the diaper.

On the day of the baby’s handles, you can let them go, that is, do not wrap them (just put the children’s scratches on their hands so they do not scratch). In addition, during the vigil, you can use a baby’s waistcoat and slippers, which will allow you to move your arms and legs freely, which contributes to physical development, gas discharge and the prevention of flatulence.

Walking with baby

In the first days after hospital discharge, it is recommended to walk for 20-25 minutes 1-2 times a day. If the weather is bad outside (frost, strong wind, rain), then you can organize a walk around the balcony.

Care of the newborn

In the first days of life it is necessary:

  • Perform regular treatment of the umbilical wound.
  • Wash the baby every time he poops
  • If you wear diapers, change them regularly to prevent diaper rash
  • Keep your eyes, nose and ears clean.
  • Bathe your baby regularly.

Save power

You can do without:

  • Washing by hand is only true if you have a washing machine. Many washing machines have an intensive rinsing mode, ideal for washing baby clothes. It is recommended to use baby powder for up to one year, this also applies to separate washing of clothes (adult clothing separately from that of children)
  • From ironing diapers and baby clothes.
  • From cooking gourmet dishes and delicacies to the home.

Mom’s note

Put the phone in silent mode, since it is observed that when a small child is in the house, the call is always heard at the wrong time. Better, then review the missed calls and return the call.

It will save your nerves.

should also Be prepared for the arrival of the pediatrician., who should visit the baby during the first three days after discharge from the hospital. If this is not a weekend, the doctor usually comes the day after discharge from the hospital.

In the first days of life, better. protect the child from unnecessary guests, since the immunity of the newborn is weak and can be easily infected.

And, of course, the most important thing a baby needs is his love and care.

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