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The list of things (necessary) for the newborn.

Once you have become accustomed to your new position and your pregnancy is no longer a secret to others, the question often arises: what things are necessary for a newborn, what to buy first and what things can be bought later or do not? ?

The list of things (necessary) for the newborn.

Usually, prospective parents are taken to make a list of things for the newborn for the first time, and it can be very impressive. Therefore, you can make purchases gradually so that the first things necessary for the newborn are with you after discharge from the maternity hospital.

Necessary things for the newborn.

When returning from the maternity hospital, it will be extremely inconvenient to run and buy the necessary things, especially if it is small things that are difficult to do without.

Let’s try to do with you a list of necessary things and purchases for newborns, discussing the nuances of buying these things.

First of all, you should think about how and where your baby will live, sleep and eat. It is convenient to organize a separate room for children or a corner in the apartment. For this you will need:

  • cradle
  • crib mattress
  • Various sets of baby clothes (usually 4-5 pieces)
  • waterproof pad or mattress pad
  • A blanket (depending on the season is light or more dense).

The choice of bed depends on your tastes and financial possibilities, it can be a classic wooden bed with sides or a metal wicker base, a bed with a pendulum or a transformer, with a box for small items and bedding.

For breastfeeding moms and their convenience, a side bed with a folding side is also added, which are fixed to the parent’s bed.

The basis of choice is the compatibility with the environment of the materials, safety and the availability of a quality certificate for a cradle.

The bedding for the crib should only be made of natural fabrics and well washable. Before first use, they should be washed at 90 degrees and carefully ironed on both sides.

Mandatory maple, so that the mattress does not deteriorate in the urine and feces of children, can be normal or put on the mattress.

The blanket for the crib should be well washed, be of natural or synthetic hypoallergenic materials, the quilted blankets or wool blankets are poorly washed, accumulate dust and allergens in themselves, should be abandoned.

It is also worth thinking about where you will wrap and dress the child to carry out the procedures for him. For this it is more convenient to have a dresser with a table to change diapers and drawers for clothes and small things.

In addition, you can buy:

  • soft sides of the crib
  • Rattles, hangers and mobiles for the crib.
  • Canopy for the cradle.

Things for newborns

In addition to the provision of the nursery, you must first think about what to wear the child. Nowadays, it is customary for both children to wrap and use them from birth to crawling from birth, the choice is yours, but it is worth buying for the first time:

  • Diapers: around 5 thin pieces and the same ones thicker, as well as around 3-4 pieces are warm flannel diapers
  • pair of caps
  • two pairs of socks
  • various suits or vests with sliders for a height of 52-56 cm (this is the average height of the newborns)
  • a pair of striped mittens
  • Depending on the season, you will also need a warm suit, as well as an envelope or a trance walking jumpsuit, a warm hat.

What else do you need?

In addition, you will need devices such as:

  • baby bath with a slide in it
  • Mitten or soft sponge for washing.
  • large plush towel with a corner of the head
  • Small towel to wash
  • water thermometer
  • cleaning products for babies and children
  • I hold for water.

For daily care and hygiene, you will need:

  • diapers
  • wet wipes, dry handkerchiefs
  • cotton swabs and cotton balls, cotton pads
  • Cream under the diaper and dust.
  • hydrogen peroxide solution
  • bright green or potassium permanganate
  • pipette with rounded tip
  • Baby scissors for trimming nails.

Categorically do not buy in advance the mixture, nipples and bottles, you must tune breastfeeding, if necessary, as the baby grows, you will buy what is necessary.

The list of things (necessary) for the newborn.

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5 comments (s) to “List of things for a newborn: necessary and optional”

Very useful article. My husband and I agreed not to buy anything, but while giving birth, he did everything he had decided … and well done! Of course, a couple of days at home and the shopping list has become huge.

Approximately 2 months before the birth, I felt panic about the fact that nothing was ready for the appearance of the baby and I began to buy a dowry actively. Almost everything the author writes in the article was waiting for us from the maternity hospital with the son. What I did not use: the sheets were replaced with diapers for the first time (it was easier for me to wash them), instead of using special mittens, I put socks on the handles (because the mittens fell constantly) and the bathroom slide somehow He was not holding.

Dear mom, the most important thing is to prepare yourself for the baby’s appearance! Learn about breastfeeding, with your husband try to be attentive. (We walk for 9 months with a belly that grows gradually and we see that its inhabitant is born, and for him it is a shock: he sent a wife to the hospital and took her to another citizen.)

Choosing a crib is a big responsibility, because the girl spends a lot of time in her first year of life. In it, he sleeps, and can sit down to play.

Then she can lick, and not bite against. Unfortunately, even ten or fifteen years ago, no one could recommend that the best material for a crib was beech.

We know that these trees can have a beneficial effect on a person because their energy is incredible. The beech has such properties.

It is known to treat diseases of the kidneys and throat, has a positive effect on thinking, relieves stress and improves mood.
But from the birch and pine it is necessary to isolate both pregnant women and children. They are suitable only as construction material.

The birch cracks over time, the knots fall off, so the beds are not strong. If such beds are assembled and disassembled, they will not last long.

But beech refers to hardwood furniture. Another unpleasant “surprise”: the pockets, which is simply unacceptable for the baby.
In a word, create a mother who raised four children. The child should sleep alone from the first days of life in his crib, which must be safe and respectful with the environment.

This will be successfully controlled by a beechwood bed.

It is about the gloves that have been correctly noticed, they are definitely needed even in the hospital, or special t-shirts with closed sleeves. Young children are born with long, thin legs, and it is best not to cut the first time, so as not to infect the baby with the infection, and only the mittens or closed sleeves can save the day.

Great article!) The author really thought of everything.
I would simply add a stroller to the list and, of course, toys. The baby simply needs beautiful toys (and, above all, safe!). It is necessary not only to take care of everything necessary, but also about comfort))
And as the article is very useful.

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