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The use of paracetomol during lactation.

Breastfeeding is a long process, experts recommend continuing for at least two years.

During this time, a young mother may well catch a cold or survive the exacerbation of chronic pathology. Often, such health problems are accompanied by fever (fever), which sometimes will require medication.

The use of paracetomol during lactation.

Sometimes, to deal with the temperature, it is sufficient to drink a lot of water and rest in bed with improvised means, but sometimes it is necessary to lower the temperature quickly and safely for the mother and the baby.

In this case, normal aspirin will be banned and paracetamol is usually recommended during lactation. This medicine is the safest and, at the same time, effective, it helps against heat and pain, while at the same time it penetrates into the breast milk, but without having a negative effect on the baby.

It is important to remember that fever and colds are not an indication to stop breastfeeding, but all medications used by a nursing mother should be safe for the baby.

Paracetamol breast-feeding

At low temperature, relatively satisfactory condition, doctors do not recommend to beat the body temperature, this is one of the bonds of immunity in the fight against infections. But if the temperature has gone from 38.0 to 39.5, the condition worsens and you are breastfeeding, you should take medications to reduce body temperature.

One of the drugs of choice for women who breastfeed is paracetamol, it is applicable in pediatric practice and breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Its effects have been proven for many decades, it does not represent any danger to the newborn, even if it penetrates into the breast milk.

It is necessary to accept it only in the presence of fever, the reception course of paracetamol is not justified today. Therefore, it is usually necessary to take 2-4 doses until the common cold subsides.

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