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There was a dog

I loved this caricature with all my heart when I was 10 years old, and I will love the 100!

Undoubtedly, the cartoon “Once Upon a Dog” is a masterpiece of national animation!

This incomplete 10 minutes of pure delight. No matter what age you look at it, you always admire it and every time you are surprised by the ingenious simplicity, the warmth, the positive that it entails.

He has a lot of sense of life, drama and humor at the same time. Well, direct book on the philosophy of life.

And what characters. The colorful and sophisticated wolf, who suffered all the deprivations of life, hunger and cold, but who nevertheless is able to feel sympathy for another …

And this dog with his look … I will remember this look for a lifetime! A smart movie not only for children, but also for adults.

One of the few that every time you look with pleasure. It seems that you already know everything, remember each phrase from memory (there are not many of them, but they all became “winged” a long time ago), but you keep looking and you want to look again and again!

And it’s a pity that in our time these cartoons are no longer eliminated … and today’s children grow in a completely different way …

“And now I’m definitely going to sing.

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