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Timid child: how to overcome, advice to parents.

Today we speak of shyness. Many adults suffer from this problem. In this article we will try to learn how to adequately help your child overcome shyness.

To begin, let’s define what shyness is.

Timid child: how to overcome, advice to parents.

Shyness is a state of “shyness” when you are with some people. Such a person is shy, shy, confused. There are types of shyness.

From a little discomfort, fear without foundation, ending with severe neurosis.

It is difficult to communicate with a shy baby because of his prudence, distrust, fear, isolation and the desire to be alone.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways to identify shyness.

The spectrum of this state is very large, it covers a variety of psychological manifestations. Shame for meeting new people or constant traumatic anxiety.

Regarding dividing children into three groups:

The first group includes children who prefer solitude, rather than communication with their peers or adults. The world of books, thoughts and objects, the phenomena of nature is interesting and important to them.

The next group includes babies who experience panic, fear and inconvenience when meeting with specific circumstances and specific people (or types). Its rigidity increases so much that it “breaks” its behavior.

The child is lost and confused.

The main reason for this maladaptive behavior lies in the inability to communicate and low self-esteem. I want to point out that this group is the most common.

Now we turn to a group of chronically timid children. Your fear of others and others is unlimited.

Fear attacks you every time you want to do something to the public. The only possible way to avoid fear is to flee.

In the worst case, shyness becomes a neurosis.

Let’s talk about the reasons.

  1. Children are predisposed whose nervous system is sensitive and excitable.
  2. The child does not have the ability to communicate effectively with others.
  3. It affects the nature of parents. Even a single timid parent is enough to increase the likelihood of raising a shy child.
  4. Senior position – junior. Among the timid more children were born first.
  5. Also an important reason is the early (psychological) separation of the mother. The baby is afraid of uncertainty. Such fear is characteristic of very shy children.

Prevention and improvement.

Timid child: how to overcome, advice to parents.

1. From an early age, you should form a normal self-esteem and a sense of personal meaning in the baby.

As you already understood, shyness and conceit are connected. The shy child has low self-esteem.

He is neurotic, passive, suggestible, lost, less popular among his peers. Where the child has adequate self-esteem, there is no shyness.

It’s important Preschoolers evaluate themselves in the same way that parents evaluate them.

2. Develop a sense of trust. As

  • In your power – creating an atmosphere of protection, love, acceptance.
  • Resolve appears due to the successful execution of tasks. It should start small, step by step, increasing volume and complexity.
  • Evaluate the baby’s actions, not his personality. It is not necessary to attribute negative characteristics to the child (“terrible”, “stupid person”, “stupid”, etc.).
  • It should not cause a feeling of child dependence on the part of the parents.
  • Try to instill the obligatory early child by his actions.
  • Do not protect your baby from mistakes. Make mistakes, run an appropriate risk, have a defeat. The shy girl does not do anything, because she is afraid of collapse.
  • Help improve at least 1 line, which will be positively appreciated by the people around them.
  • Praise for victories and achievements.
  • You must teach your baby to relax. The potential will be revealed, the bad thoughts will disappear.
  • Give up a busy schedule of useful activities. The child must be able to be alone with himself, enjoying it.

3. It is necessary to develop social communication in social skills.

  • Help stimulate the baby’s activity.

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