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Treatment of chickenpox in children under three years.

To alleviate the chickenpox symptom in children, use several medications according to the desired effect.

Treatment of chickenpox in children under three years.

For the treatment of the elements of the eruption uses antiseptic solutions. To relieve itching – antihistamines, various ointments, creams, suspensions with antipruritic effect.

At high body temperature – antipyretic. In severe forms, antiviral drugs are prescribed.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of medication for the treatment of chickenpox in children under three years, since the use of all medicines at this age is not allowed.

Antiseptic solutions for the treatment of chickenpox.

This group of medications is used to dry the vesicles and reduce the risk of getting a bacterial infection.

More often, children use:

  • Bright green solution 2% (bright green): applied externally, without age limit
  • Fucorcin solution: contains phenol, which can cause toxic effects, so it is not recommended to apply this medicine on large areas of the skin.
  • Silver nitrate solution at 2%.

Remedies for itching

To reduce itching, as well as drying, antiseptics are used for varicella antihistamines, herbal, zinc and other components.

Antihistamines for oral administration:

  • Suprastin tablets – for children over 1 month
  • Fenistil drops – for children over 1 month.
  • Loratin pills – prescribed for children over 2 years old.
  • Drops of cetirizine (Zyrtec, citrine): indicated for children older than 2 years.

Cream and ointment for itching.

  • Iricar cream, ointment – homeopathic remedy
  • Gistan cream – herbal medicine
  • Cream La Cree – part of the herbs that enter and panthenol, has antipruritic and anti-inflammatory action
  • Calamine lotion – based on calamine and zinc oxide, does not contain alcohol. The drug has a good antipruritic effect, although a little expensive.
  • Fenistil-gel – an antihistamine agent for external use
  • Suspension of Zindol: contains glycerin, zinc oxide, talc, starch, ethyl alcohol and distilled water. It has a good anti-inflammatory action, disinfectant, drying and antipruritic.

Antipyretic drugs for chickenpox.

Paracetamol in syrup, candles or tablets, according to age.

Antipyretics are administered to normalize body temperature. But the duration of treatment should not be more than 3 days for paracetamol and no more than 5 days for ibuprofen.

Antiviral therapy

Of the antiviral agents for the treatment of severe forms of varicella in children under three years of age, use the drug acyclovir in tablets or suspensions.

Means for therapeutic and hygienic baths for chicken pox.

Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) is used to prepare toilets, only now it is not sold in pharmacies, except that someone has a supply of past times. An alternative to potassium permanganate – herbal decoctions.

When chickenpox shows a bath with decoctions or infusions of herbs such as chamomile, a series of oak bark.

Before using these or other medications, be sure to consult a specialist and read the instructions for use so as not to harm the child.

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