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Treatment room at home or care of a newborn.

The moment of discharge from the maternity hospital of a small person is one of the most exciting and important for each family. However, immediately after, a new life begins, very exciting and exciting, with the newly formed Center of the Universe.

Treatment room at home or care of a newborn.

Now he is at home and life revolves around him. And in it at the same time there are so many questions that parents sometimes do not understand how to act in this or that situation.

Calls start with family and friends in an attempt to find answers. This is where the most interesting thing begins: after listening to several pieces of advice, the mother begins to act.

They are not always correct, sometimes even dangerous, but they are always done with love and with the heart.

Who to ask?

The most complete information on the care of babies is property of pediatric nurses. It is up to them to ask for advice.

Do not forget to ask: no one will guess that you are tormented and will not give you advice without your question. It is the nurse who will tell you how to properly bathe your baby, rinse, clean the nose, ears and eyes, how to measure the temperature and apply an enema.

Some may argue that it is not worth discussing trivial things. But … yesterday the eye was inflamed, and today both are already “fine”, yesterday they cut the nails and today we are treating the inflammation in the finger.

And all because of my mother’s bad actions.

All parents should have the skills to care for healthy babies: be able to wipe their nose and ears, wash their eyes, cut their nails, etc.

Once, our grandmothers argued that children up to the year should not cut their nails, but … nibble. Fortunately, modern mothers understand the nonsense of such a claim and buy special atraumatic scissors in advance, which for a long time will be destined only for one purpose: to cut the nails just for your baby. Therefore, they must be special and individual.

Before the haircut, the mother should wash her hands with soap and treat the scissors with an antiseptic. In the fingers of the hands, the nails are cut in a semicircle, in the straight legs, without curvature, this will help to prevent the nail from becoming soft tissue.

During the week, make a haircut 2-3 times.

It is necessary to wash the newborn twice a day and also according to certain rules. The procedure requires warm cotton and boiled water.

Before moistening and wringing with cotton, clean in the following sequence the eyes, then the forehead, the cheeks, then the nose and the area around the mouth. Each of these areas requires a separate ball.

Before washing, it is necessary to clean the nose of the crusts, for which a twisted cotton wick moistened in oil in the nostril is introduced by twisting movements for 15-20 seconds. After their extraction they are introduced in the same way in dry.

It is done alternately – immediately one nostril, then the second.

If the nose has a cold, the mucus is removed with a special suction or a small enema with a soft nose. After that, the instillation of drops is performed, so that the head of the baby is turned in the direction of the instilled nostril, the drops must flow down on the inner surface of the wing of the nose.

The tip of the nose rises and, without touching the pipette with the nose, inculcates. Then, the wing of the nose is pressed against the septum for 3-5 seconds.

One minute later, the same is done with the second nostril.

If the infection affects the eyes, they should also be treated before washing. You can rinse your eyes with strong tea, black tea, chamomile tea or simply boiled water. Each eye must be processed with several balls and the more there is, the better.

Both eyes are processed, even if only one is affected by the infection. When it is washed, movements are made from the outer corner of the eye towards the inside. Only after that can drugs prescribed by the doctor be buried.

When digging into the drops, the little finger of the hand with a pipette should be placed on the baby’s forehead, you get a type of support that will reduce the risk of injury to the child.

Keep in mind that no matter where the drops are buried, the babies use blunt nose pipettes and stock up on a couple of pieces before delivery. After use, the pipette is rinsed well and then boiled.

To clean the ears, it is recommended to use cotton buds with a limiter if they are not there, you can use the usual ones, but remember that you can only process the areas visible to the eye. The immersion is heavily laden with lesions in the ear canal and the eardrum.

The auditory meatus is capable of self-cleaning and expelling the sulfur formed.

The eardrops should be heated in a water bath to 36-37 degrees. Cold medicine is irritating, and even causes pain.

And if constipation …

After birth, the baby’s intestines continue to mature, the flora is colonized and parents often notice changes in their work. For some reason, any delay in emptying is considered constipation.

Parents feel it is their duty to help the baby immediately. However, it is worth remembering that constipation is a delay in stools of 4 to 10 days, which is repeated systematically and brings discomfort and pain to the baby.

Periodic violations of the intervals between emptying should not be considered constipation. The chair may not last for several days, but if the baby’s belly is soft, does not cry when palpated, and the general condition does not suffer (temperature, sleep and appetite are not altered), it means that he does not need cardinal help yet.

The only correct decision, if you wait, no longer has the strength: a laxative enema. Other popular remedies can not be used.

An enema with a soft nose is required for the procedure. For babies up to 5 months, the liquid is injected in position on the back, lifting the legs, after five months on the left side with the legs bent.

The hands are washed with soap, after which the jet of a pot filled with liquid is smeared with petroleum jelly and injected into the anus. The liquid is squeezed and, holding the buttocks with one hand, remove the compressed balloon from the rectum.

It is recommended to keep the baby’s buttocks for a few more minutes before activating peristalsis. The volume of liquid for a cleaning enema for a newborn baby is 25 ml, for a baby of 60-150 ml.

Heat treatments

If parents have to perform such procedures at home such as compresses, mustard plasters, the use of an ice pack, you need to know some rules:

  • The compress is applied at the sensitive point for 2 to 3 hours and consists of a lower layer moistened directly in a heating fluid, polyethylene or medium wax paper and cotton top or a piece of warm cloth
  • Baby mustard plasters are applied only through a layer of cotton cloth (flannel diaper), which will help prevent burns. Mustard plasters do not overlap in the area of ​​the heart.
  • Warmers and ice bubbles with skin should not come in contact with each other from the body at a distance equal to the width of an adult’s palm, before using them, be sure to check their integrity.

The article briefly describes the main problems of the care of babies, we hope they are useful for parents.

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