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Water treatments for newborns or bathers.

A good way to raise the child’s mood – to bathe. Very rarely there are children who do not like or are afraid to swim.

In the negative attitude of the baby, most of the time it is the fault of the adults.

Water treatments for newborns or bathers.

In fact, water treatments can give a child a lot of pleasure and beneficial emotions that will be passed on to the whole family, which means that he must instill a love for water in his baby from birth. Here are some rules:

  • always consider the child’s desire, postpone the procedure if you are not in the mood
  • If there was an incident and the baby was frightened, it is better to postpone the bath for a few days, replacing her body with a damp towel.

The main objective is to provide positive emotions to the child, then the bathroom will become not only a hygienic procedure, but also a way to harden, prevent and even treat diseases. Hippocrates wrote in his writings: “Bathrooms help with many diseases, when everything else has stopped helping.” And water has not lost its power even in the era of high technology.

And now doctors often resort to the appointment of water procedures.

Fortunately, we do not live in Africa, and there is no shortage of water, however, what comes out of our faucets is not always harmless to the delicate skin of a baby. Water has a concept such as hardness, which is characterized by the amount of chemical elements dissolved in it.

It is possible to determine the level of rigidity using special indicators or by trivial observations. After washing in hard water, a specific crunch appears on the hair and skin.

In the kettle, the hard water from the kitchen tap will come out of your autograph: lime. An excess of trace elements is dangerous not only for children, but also for adults, so many methods have now been invented to soften water:

  • Boil for 40-60 minutes, and then let stand for 3-4 hours.
  • use of melted water
  • Alkaline treatment – 1 teaspoon Soda or medical borax for 1 liter of water.
  • 1 liter of water a tablespoon of glycerin
  • Softening the water with bran. The first way is to add filtered decoction to the bath obtained by boiling 50 grams of bran for 30 minutes. The second way is to place a linen bag with 200 grams of bran in water, stir occasionally until the water turns turbid. The bag can be used several times.
  • Calendula, chamomile, nettle and other medicinal herbs will help neutralize salts.

In the pool or at home?

A girl who was swimming with her mother in the belly for 10 months obstetrics feels more comfortable 3 months after giving birth in the water than on earth, so if the parents want to make a baby swimming champion, it is better Begin immediately after birth until the swim reflex has died. .

Water treatments for newborns or bathers.

There are schools to teach babies to swim in the world. Experts say that these children are not only less likely to get sick, but also develop faster than their peers, anticipating them in mental development. However, these classes require the discipline of the parents: they must be attended regularly, with intervals of no more than one month, up to 3 years.

Only in this way will life skills be fixed.

However, children’s pools are not everywhere and, as a rule, they are far from home. And not all parents see the point in such activities. But this does not mean that a child can be deprived of the joy of the procedures and the hardening of the water.

Kneading and rubbing is easy to do at home.

To harden by pouring it, after bathing, it is sufficient to water the baby 1-2 degrees below the water in the bath. At the end of the first year of life, the temperature difference can be 7-8 degrees, that is, the water in the jar should be 28-30 degrees.

The laundry is made from the back.

The water temperature also affects the baby’s condition after bathing. It ripples from her how she will play, sleep, eat.

These different bathrooms

The bathrooms are divided into cold: 28-33 ° C, warm – 36-37 ° C and hot – 38-39 ° C.

To improve the desired effect (therapeutic, soothing, exciting) in the water, you can add a variety of components: salt, herbs, mustard, etc.

A bath with a water temperature of 28-33 degrees in combination with pine extract or salt is useful for children with anemia, rickets, atopic dermatitis and hypotrophy. The amount of coniferous extract per bath is 20-30 g, salt, at a rate of 100 g per 10 liters.

It is better to dissolve the salt beforehand by pouring it into the bag of the bag and passing hot water through it, this will prevent waste and impurities from entering the water. The duration of the procedure is not more than 15 minutes, every two days.

Course of treatment -20 procedures.

Hot water tubs are used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract outside of a feverish period. They stimulate the microcirculation, reduce pain, improve the reabsorption of the infiltration.

The procedure starts with a water temperature of 36-37 degrees, then rises to 39.

The maximum duration of the stay in the water is 7 minutes. In the end, the baby is poured with water at 1-2 ° C, quickly promakivayut a soft towel, wrapped in heat and provides a lot of hot drink.

To achieve the effect, a course of 3-5 procedures, performed daily, is needed.

To improve the healing effect of water, our ancestors invented to add medicinal herbs. Dry raw materials can be prepared independently or can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Herbal assets have both therapeutic and prophylactic effects and can be used to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and normalize the functioning of the nervous system. In order not to cause harm, it is better to study the literature of the subject or consult a medical professional.

Otherwise, you can dry the already dry skin or re-energize the nervous system before going to bed.

In the bath, add 2 cups of infusion, prepared from 6 tablespoons of crushed raw materials.

Cooking yourself

Cooking recommendations: the simplest method of cooking – 2-3 tablespoons. The spoons of raw materials pour boiling water, cover with cork, wrap in a towel and insist about 6 hours. Convenient to use a thermos.

The average course of treatment with herbal baths is 10 to 15 procedures, the duration of the bath is 15 minutes at a temperature of 37-38 ° C.

For the skin of children, the herbal bath is more preferable than potassium permanganate.

Dry raw materials remain effective for a year, after which it is better not to use them. But cooked infusions are not stored more than 2 days in the refrigerator.

What to choose?

To soften the water and bathe a healthy child, you can use a currant leaf, oregano, chamomile.

If a child falls asleep and sleeps uncomfortably, the mother may recommend the use of ivan tea flowers, valerian, oregano, mint, sage and linden. Coniferous baths also help effectively, at a rate of 10 g per baby bath.

The condition of the skin during diathesis improves after water procedures with the infusion of a train, oak bark, walnut leaves, viburnum, wheat bran.

The power of water can not be overestimated! The main thing – do not forget to use them.

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