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We teach the child to walk: how well when the baby starts to walk, what can not be done

Closer to the age of one year, moms begin to wonder how to properly teach the baby to walk. Some children in the 10 to 12 months without much discomfort make the first steps, while others still stand up.

We teach the child to walk: how well when the baby starts to walk, what can not be done

In our article you will find many simple and effective recommendations, after which your child will learn to walk.

Of course, all parents want the baby to get up and leave as soon as possible, but you should not customize it. The musculoskeletal system develops gradually, so babies need to prepare for the next loads.

First, crumbs must be mastered, since movement on all four legs improves motor function and strengthens muscles.

When does the baby start walking?

In response to these questions, pediatricians consider the following age gap, from nine months to a year and a half. Most babies take their first steps at the age of one year.

Now we are talking about self-walking, without help from adults and walkers.

Experts call several factors on which age to walk upright depends:

  1. Genetics If Mom or Dad was late, they should not rush the child and expect an early success from him.
  2. Constitution of children. Strong bursts will surely chase your slender companions, while it is more convenient for them to crawl.
  3. Gender According to statistics, children start to walk much later than girls.
  4. Temperament A restless and inquisitive asset will want to quickly explore an unknown world and, consequently, it will rise and go before.

How to teach a child to walk?

If the baby can get up and sit independently, and also move along the walls, adhering to the handles, congratulations: your child is ready for his first steps. Now you need to teach him to walk without your help.

This will help you with the following tips.

  1. Hold the baby under the arms and move the two forward. Your spouse must stand in front of the walking child and pull the arms towards him, the baby grabs the support and at this moment releases it from his arms. It turns out that he himself goes, holding only the handles. Perhaps this is the easiest and most effective method of rapid learning for children to walk independently.
  2. Look carefully at the crumbs that are just beginning to walk. Try to avoid fear and anxiety due to an uncomfortable fall. At first, protect your baby during the trip home by picking it up while bending and moving.
  3. Catch a young pedestrian with unusual objects, new toys, placing them at an obvious distance from the child. Then it will begin to make a movement in the desired direction.
  4. At the beginning of the training, place along the planned route the soft pillows, the rollers of the blankets that will help to protect your baby from injuries in the event of an unsuccessful maneuver.
  5. Avoid walking with children if they still do not move with confidence. Such pendulum movements can have a negative effect on the formation of the spine and, consequently, a beautiful posture.
  6. Give your pedestrian a push device: it can be a toy cart for a girl or a special machine with a handle for a child that will help them walk alone.
  7. Do not limit the child if he began to show an active interest in hiking trips before nine months. Each baby develops according to its own schedule, probably your child is ahead of the average medical indicators.
  8. Do not compare the success of other people’s children with the achievements of their children. As we have said, the age to walk upright depends on a variety of reasons. If the child is staying behind his peers, try not to get upset and not speed up the events.
  9. If the child is afraid to walk, avoid criticism, do not scold him and do not force his legs. Show her positive examples – walk in playgrounds. The crumb will see the children walking and running and will surely try to repeat their movements.

Teaching a child to walk: what can not be done?

Moms and dads, who want to teach children to walk at an early age, often make serious mistakes, due to which the child masters this skill much later than his peers. To avoid such a situation, remember and do not repeat the following parental errors:

  1. Use Walker. Undoubtedly, this device greatly facilitates the life of the mother, but negatively affects the formation of the child’s musculoskeletal system. The process of walking in a walker does not allow the complete descent of the foot, which leads to its gradual deformation. And the baby is constantly sitting on them, which means that it is not necessary to speak of a vertical position.
  2. Long stay near the support. It is easier for a baby to get up and stand next to the furniture than to sit. Remember that prolonged tension in the legs of weak children can cause sprains and deformities of the feet.
  3. Shoes of poor quality. During training, it is best to avoid wearing shoes, but if you teach your child to walk on the street, try to acquire only high quality (and therefore expensive) shoes that will keep your small legs in a physiologically correct position.
  4. Excessive control Of course, provide a freedom of movement of crumbs with your support and security network. Do not forget that excessive care and your fears can scare the child, and he will refuse to walk alone.

Remove all sharp and sharp objects, glassware, hot irons, household chemicals and medications on the top shelves. Place blockers in closets and dressers, plugs in plugs in general, prepare to meet the young experimenter and the fully armed pedestrian.

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