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We wean a child from his hands, at what age, how to wean a baby from his hands, how to wean a child to sleep on his hands

Take or not drive? This dilemma confronts every minute with half of the parents, in whose families a “domesticated” child grows.

We wean a child from his hands, at what age, how to wean a baby from his hands, how to wean a child to sleep on his hands

One thing is if it is a newborn, unable to move independently and completely dependent on the mother. And what happens if the request comes from a plump but two-year old?

How to discourage a child from holding hands? We will try to consider all possible recommendations.

First, you must understand why you want the child to stop using this habit. Are you going to work soon or are you afraid that the crumb of your hands will gradually move towards your neck and hang your legs?

If the reason is accumulated fatigue, contact your spouse and grandmothers for help.

Remove the child from your hands, at what age?

There are many theories about when it is necessary to wean children from mommy pens.

Some parents begin to reduce the number of tactile contacts when the children are six months old. By this time, the baby is already trying to sit, more interested in the surrounding reality.

Moms inject complementary foods, and therefore decrease the number of breastfeeding.

However, the decision of the parents does not always coincide with the baby’s disposition. Some children are so psychologically attached to their mother that they feel calm only in their presence.

Other crumbs are simply spoiled by the bad behavior of good homes and do not want to change the established habit.

How to wean the baby from your hands?

There is the opinion that weaning children under one year of the mother’s embrace is a useless exercise, because they need constant communication with the mother, so they cry in their absence. But some babies whine simply because they are used to this.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of time a newborn child passes into your hands, but to realize that you need composure, understanding, infinite love and self-confidence.

  1. Try feeding by lying down so that the baby is lying on the side and not on the handles.
  2. When your two month old baby is bored, talk to him, entertain with a mobile phone, read songs or play classical music.
  3. Communicate on the street, tell me what you see now: a car passed by, a dog ran. After such an intense walk, you will fall asleep faster and give you the opportunity to do the homework.
  4. Try to handle the pens when the baby is calm.
  5. Gradually replace the time spent on your hands with a nearby number. For example, put the baby on the couch and pass it on the back and belly, massage with your fingers. The main task is to maintain the tactile sensations of your touch.
  6. You can play with the three-month-old child. If you woke up, started crying and asked for pens, try playing the simple game “Ku-ku”. Hide behind the headboard and look out, after a while the baby will calm down and stop sobbing.

How to dissociate the child from the hands?

One-year-old children are already aware of many things and often try to manipulate their parents. The older your child is, the harder it will be to wean him from an ingrained habit.

But do not despair.

To stop the child from hanging up, try the following recommendations:

  1. Distract the child with an interesting object, a toy every time he starts asking for his hands.
  2. Seeing the arms open, there is no need to immediately lift the crumbs. Sit to be at the same level as him, talk, read a fairy tale or just sit by his side.
  3. You will come to the aid of the musical toys, the mats in development (usually the children are crazy about them) and other distractions: the ball, the swing.
  4. Involve other family members in education, just win the promise that they will not raise their offspring at every opportunity.
  5. If the baby fell and hit, he felt bad, hugged him and sympathized with him, trying not to lift him with his hands. Of course, if this incident is not too painful.

How to wean a child to sleep in his arms?

Mom nervous walks all night with a baby in his arms, because he does not sleep in bed. family picture

Dr. Komarovsky is convinced that if a baby can fall asleep exclusively with the help of motion sickness, this is due to a poorly organized daily routine. In this situation, parents are sometimes sufficient to establish a regime, and the difficulty will disappear on its own.

  1. Try to leave a short period of daytime sleep or reduce it significantly. Of course, you will have to find the child some interesting activity for this moment and at the same time make sure you do not feel overwhelmed. But you do not have to rock it all afternoon.
  2. Think about how you can replace motion sickness. Perhaps lullabies and fairy tales for the little ones will come to the rescue. Let the crumb still not know what he is talking or singing about, but his voice will have a calming effect on him. Stay close until you fall asleep.
  3. A baby needs a good company when the regime changes. With a favorite stuffed bear, you definitely will not feel so alone.
  4. Under no circumstances should you take sedatives, especially without first consulting a pediatrician. No one can say how a small child will react to a seemingly harmless Valerian.

How to dissociate children from their hands and if it is necessary to participate in them? Only mom can find the right tactic, and choosing the right schema does not always work on the first try.

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