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Wean a child from the nipples: at what age do you need to wean, how to wean and what does not accumulate

For babies, the nipple is probably the main topic they need during the day.

Wean a child from the nipples: at what age do you need to wean, how to wean and what does not accumulate

For mothers, this device is a real helper, thanks to which they can calm the baby, cut half an hour to cook dinner or have a cup of tea. And yet, when should adults wean the child from the nipples and how to do it well?

In the newborn, the suction reflex is one of the most important, so it is tested at birth.

If the suction reflex is well formed, you can not worry about eating crumbs. However, he begins to play a secondary role when the child is growing up.

When growing up, some children throw a pacifier, while others refuse categorically to get rid of it. For many moms, weaning a baby’s nipple becomes a headache.

Brides, grandmothers and common acquaintances come to the rescue with numerous suggestions and wise advice. However, you must not be equal to them, each baby is an individuality.

At what age do you need to wean from the nipples?

An infant can be easily distracted, and if you endure two or three days, you will not remember that you once had a doll. But some parents miss such an important moment, while others can not stand the children’s tears and give it back to the baby.

The next convenient moment approaches the biennium. The karapuz is already beginning to understand what is happening, and it is easier for adults to get in touch with him, explaining where the favorite bauble has gone.

So that he does not have another bad habit: licking his fingers, it is necessary that he take the toys from his hands.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, there are no specific time limits or special medical methods to wean children with pacifiers.

You will have to become a true teacher: explain patiently, experiment (hide, lose).

How to wean the baby from the nipples?

Then, you decided to save the child from the habit no more pleasant. It remains to choose the most appropriate method for it.

For younger children, gradual failure is more appropriate, and for older children, it is necessary to choose the so-called instantaneous technique. Prepare yourself mentally for the whims, bitter tears and tearful eyes of children.

Patient’s method: for children up to one year old.

Psychologists are sure that the sooner you start to wean a baby from this addiction, the less you will spend your own nerves and those of the children. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Show the pacifier as little as possible. If the baby cries, try to distract him with a delicacy, playing with dice, pyramid or take it in your arms. Gradually, the mannequin will become for his offspring, not a subject as attractive as before.
  2. Three to four weeks before weaning, new sleeping rituals should be invented. Lullabies of humor, reading nursery rhymes and short poems, caressing the back and belly. Find another sedative option, for example, a teddy bear.
  3. From seven to eight months, teach your child to drink from a cup. A bottle, which means that the nipple will disappear much faster if the children learn to swallow.

Sharp failure: for children from one year to three years.

Is your son already two years old and still not separated from a doll? With this method, the baby will quickly get rid of this habit, but will need extraordinary imagination, tactics and endurance.

  1. It is no secret that children at this age believe with pleasure in a fairy tale. Tell us that as they walk, sly chipmunks, dogs and cats “stole” the nipple just below their nose. Or put it in a package and send it to a magical grove where small animals live.
  2. Try to “lose” her in the street or “forget about a party”. Some children react quite calmly, while others have this technique that causes a terrible hysteria attack. In this case, the doll must be returned to its place.
  3. If the nipple breaks or breaks, do not rush to the pharmacy immediately. Be sympathetic to the baby and tell them that for such adult babies no new pacifiers will be sold.
  4. In the United States and Canada lives the cousin of the tooth fairy – Desolate witch. She takes the unnecessary and, in return, gives him a beautifully packed toy, which the child recently cared for in the store.
  5. At the age of two, his offspring are already actively chewing food. Therefore, replace the bottle with the mixture with complete solid products.

What not to do when weaning the nipples.

Getting rid of a certain dependency is a very long and complicated psychological process. Avoid outdated and ambiguous ways to prevent injury to your child:

  • Do not cut the nipple, because the crumb can swallow a piece of latex, which, if it does not close the throat, will fall into the stomach.
  • Do not scold and, in addition, do not hit the handles if the baby reaches the nipple.
  • Do not tell horrible stories about the evil Babayka who drags children into the forest by sucking a bottle
  • Do not link weaning with other serious events (return of the mother to work, teething, use of a pot, moving, adaptation in a daycare or kindergarten, illness)
  • Avoid using grandma’s recipes (smearing with mustard, garlic juice, lemon), as spices can cause allergies.
  • You should not change this procedure to other members of the family: father, grandmother, because during this difficult period your child needs your support.

If you decide to wean the baby from your nipples, be patient and be persistent. Pay more attention to the child, not leaving him alone with this habit.

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