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The pregnancy duration calculator will help you calculate the duration of pregnancy (week and month) according to the last menstruation.

Specify the first day of the last menstruation:

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The delay of 54 days since the last menstrual period, two tests showed a second visible strip, can there be a pregnancy? There are no hospitals nearby, there is no place for ultrasound and blood in HCC.

Tell me, maybe just a disorder of the body, we take signs. Not except nausea in the mornings and afternoons.

Hello 1/15/2016 was at the reception – there was no pregnancy. 1/22/2016 I did a test – 2 strips.

Last monthly 17.12.2015. Now set a period of 5-6 weeks.

02.02.2016 hgch-4462. 02/11/2016 I did an ultrasound, the results are the following: 1 fetal egg surrounded by chorion, svd-10 mm, ctr – indistinctly 3mm, heart rate is not registered, body yellow 14 mm.

The embryo is not visible. The pregnancy is frozen. How can this be?

Thank you

Hello This means that the pregnancy stopped in the development of a small period. What happens

You should contact the gynecological hospital to be examined further to find the reasons for this pregnancy termination.

Hi Tell me, please, hgh 0.64, what does this mean?

Hello The numbers indicate the absence of pregnancy at the time of the analysis.

Hi, the last Ms were 08/30/2015, 09/28/2015 did tests on B, both are positive! And 30,09,2015 send M! How to understand this? I’m confused

Hello In some cases, with a uterine pregnancy that develops normally, menstruation can appear the first month.

But this situation can be with ectopic pregnancy. To find out the cause of your bleeding, you should consult a gynecologist or gynecologist on call.

In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section. When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hi I have a problem … The last menstrual periods were 26.02. Today they never arrived.

The last p. It was 30.03. He did all the negative tests. Today I went to the link, and in the conclusion I wrote: “the echographic signs do not exclude early pregnancy”.

The udoist said that pregnancy is likely, but that the term is still small and that the device does not see it. She said it would arrive in 4-5 days.

Does it make sense to go if the pass was not after 30.03? Can I really be pregnant? Or what could be the reason for such a long delay, with a cycle of 32-35 days

Good afternoon Please tell me In all the conclusions of the ultrasound I have a period of 1.5-2 weeks less obstetric.

It helps to calculate the correct time, and if I could have a delayed ovulation, because I never followed it. Last months 02.21.15, cycle 30-32 days.

07.04 hgch 1943 m / Ed, 13.04 diameter of an egg 11 mm, 13.05 CTP 29 mm, 29.05 CTP 62 mm. Tell me the time, please, and nsli on the fifth day of menstruation was not protected. Could I get pregnant judging by this data? With much desire to respond.

Thanks in advance.

I am 21 weeks old. On the bridle, a “shortened uterine shiken” was shown, with a neck size of 2.9. I have a pregnancy 3.

Hi, You have a shortened cervix. This is a sign of inadequate cervical retention.

You should consult a gynecologist for treatment or referral to a hospitalization. In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Month They were from July 2 to 7. Approximately from the 14 to the 17, literally, in a week I began to fill my chest and the salty milk hurt to me. I took out my stomach … I was sure I was pregnant because it was the second “pregnancy” but ((the tests are denied … With washing two drops of blood … The temperature was 37-37.2 days 3-4 for 2 days, the delay was already 36.9 and already on the third day of 36.7 ((and then it was the month … And very painful to tears and pain and ripped the stomach … the day they decreased and the pain stopped today on the third day and in the morning, on the board, I saw that a clot had a narrow appearance and it seemed to me that it looked like the fifth week of the eye such as the head and the spine of everything in the 1 cm zone … ..and a little sips a stomach again … they tell me what to do, and there could be a miscarriage.

Hello It is unlikely that it was a miscarriage.

Since it did not have a delay, and the test was negative. Did you get a decorated blood clot, or perhaps a uterine polyp? In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hi, I’ve been smoking for 11 years.

I recently learned that in the situation. Deadline 6 weeks. What threat?

And what happens if I quit smoking abruptly now?

Hi Tell me, please, that my last periods were 15.09, and the last sexual relationship was 28.09.

After a delay of 19.10, I donated blood for hCG – 34 and 27.10. – 532. How can this be?

After all, judging by the latest indicators of hCG sex should be much higher.

Hi It is difficult to predict how the pregnancy will develop in the initial period.

If late ovulation occurs, the expected time may not be exactly the same. The low growth of hCG can be with undeveloped pregnancy and with ectopic pregnancy. Repeat the analysis or do an ultrasound.

It is already possible to determine if the size of the ovule corresponds to gestational age.

The ultrasound made 21.10. – He did not show anything.

Hello. Please, tell me if I can be pregnant. Monthly was on September 6, sexual intercourse was September 15, 18, 20.

Hello Your chances of getting pregnant are very high, if your cycle is ovulatory, the fallopian tubes are passable and the fertilization capacity of a man’s sperm is high. In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hello 1 day late, before this did not exist, clearly the number in the number was, neither the chest nor the stomach do not hurt, as before the month. Today, a little “thick” in the chest, but it enlarges itself, although it does not bother, O. was March 2, 2007.

The AP was in me … did the test on March 9, but showed nothing. Can you talk about pregnancy? I would love to be with my husband)

Tell me, please, the delay is 28 days, I created 3 tests, all are positive, can I leave the pregnant women or the tests lie?

Sorry, fertilized egg) The computer made an error)

Hello 8-9 weeks.

The uterus is displaced, so the exact term was not stated. On ultrasound, the doctor wrote that the fallopian tube is not visible, is that bad?

Good afternoon I have week 29 of pregnancy, the pains in the navel area began to bother me.

First, the stomach hardens, and then the sensation as if it is being gnawed inside, and it happens only when you lie down, in 15-20 minutes. But the fact is that I’m still working and not with maternity leave, so I can not go to bed.

I would like to know the cause of these pains, why could it be like that?

Hello This is how the hypertonic uterus manifests itself: a condition in which a large part of the muscular layer of the uterus is reduced, the condition is not dangerous if it does not last long and is repeated less than 10 times a day however, if It lasts more than 5 minutes, the circulation of blood in the contracted area is altered and the child is not affected. amount of oxygen, hypoxia occurs.

There are methods to treat the condition, so do not throw in, consult a doctor.

Hi Tell me, please, a cycle of 36-37 days, and in March of 18-24 there were monthly periods, according to the 04/04/15 calendar, ovulation. The PA was 2, and 4, and 8, and 10.

In April, it should be the first day of menstruation, but on 04/04/15 there were intermittent secretions of a dirty brown color … Could I be pregnant? Very worried and I’m waiting for your help!

Hi, Anna, go to the ultrasound, you’re pregnant, that’s for sure.

I have 6 weeks of gestation. After the mens day 12.26.2015, today there was a fetal ovule in the uterus of 1.6 mm, the embryo does not read, but in theory the heart should beat, how to understand it?

The udoist said that the embryo should still be small, it is invisible because of the yolk sac and it is necessary that it arrive in two weeks, I am worried now … I register on Wednesday 10.02, I am fine, I do not care. Thank you

Hello The palpitations can be seen in the existing embryo. When the size of the ovule is 16 mm, the embryo may still not be visible.

I think you should not worry, everything is normal with your son. On this site there is a section to consult with a doctor, a section of consultation.

Ask questions please go there.

If we take it for 20 weeks. There are no streaks, so they will not appear?

In Galya, stretch marks can appear at the beginning, and in the middle, and at the end of pregnancy and even after delivery, when the form will be restored. Therefore, do not cancel your prevention, moisturize the skin and exercise.

Unfortunately, they can appear even on the last day before delivery ((
The skin may crack without maintaining pressure. The skin of the abdomen, thighs and chest should be stained with creams or oil …

This is not an indicator, I have appeared in week 38.

I have appeared at 33 weeks

Hello, a child 3/16/2016 will be 9 months. I nurse and cheat.

11.03 there was an implant. Bleeding (a few drops)

Monthly he was not yet. PA 22.02, 28.02, 04.03.

I can be pregnant

I have a 29 day cycle. The last time was on August 3. 7 days delay. I was on ultrasound.

They said a possible pregnancy, and possibly monthly. Could it be that the egg does not descend into the uterus and is not visible?

Pubic pain, persistent pain, very worried, I want a baby.

Hello If the pregnancy develops in the uterus, then it arrives before the implant, that is, 1-2 days after intercourse. In a short time, until 2 and a half weeks after conception, pregnancy is not yet visible on ultrasound.

Therefore, in this case, Dr. Uzi advises to come later. If the test is positive for a long time and is not visible in the uterus of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy should be excluded. In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hi Tell me, please, is it possible to believe the ultrasound in week 19 about the child’s sex?

Yesterday he did an ultrasound, they said sure, do you have a child or not?

I can not put the time right. We stop at 37 weeks. The cycle is 28 days.

The delay was on June 1. I live with 3 different terms.

A consultation was made at the CIE, an ambulance was called. The term was 35 weeks.

It has not been found. But the fruit said 950 grams half dead.

He cried terribly. The discharge went to an ultrasound in a normal center at the end, the child 3 kg develops normally!

What kind of doctors today?

Hello This has already been mentioned on the site more than once: in the first 14 days after conception, the law is all or nothing. That is, the treatment does not hurt the baby, or it has already hurt and the pregnancy will be stopped soon.

But in most cases, in that period, medication and even studies such as fluorography do not affect the fetus.

The placenta in the anterior wall of the uterus, the lower edge is assumed to the internal throat, the degree of maturity, thickness 13 mm. what does this mean

Hi This means that part of the placenta overlaps the internal os.

That is, the placenta is located so low that one of its edges closes the exit of the cervix, the internal throat. It is not clear what your gestational age is, I think a little. Up to 26 weeks, the placenta can still rise, it will be a more favorable situation than the current one.

In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section. When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hello, help us determine when the conception occurred, the last periods were on April 11 (they started in the afternoon), on the morning of that day there was sexual relations with another martyr, and in the afternoon there were periods and in the afternoon and all the following days the sex was with another martyr (constant). May 11 is naturally a delay, a cycle of 27 to 27 days, on May 14 I discover that pregnancy takes 2 to 3 weeks, but now (May 26), for some reason, the fetus is scheduled for 5 weeks. weeks, although the obstetrician should be 6 weeks and 4 days, I do not understand anything. I am very worried, I want to rule out all the fears that I might get pregnant from the first day of the morning of April 11th.

Hello, my name is Alexandra. The last menstruation was on September 27, 2016, a test was performed on November 13 or November 14, showed a weak strip of 2. On November 24 went to the ultrasound and found a yellow body. What does this mean? And the fruit is not visible.

It is still too small and is not visible on ultrasound. In ultrasound it may not be visible for up to 5 weeks.

You can also go to the uterus for a long time. Wait 2 weeks and go to the ultrasound.

Good afternoon I have 16 weeks and I already think about the growth of tum, because I’m afraid this will be difficult.

In childhood, the operation was reduced from the navel to the pubis. Ondicitis erupted. Then peretanit, the second time it opened, all in peaks.

Could you tell me if a 25 year old scar will be an obstacle to the growth of the abdomen?

Hello Tell me, please, I will have 31 weeks, the doctor prescribed metromicon suppositories, said that he will prepare me for the delivery and that I will do a cesarean section, maybe I do not need to insert them?

Hello Candles are prescribed for inflammation in the vagina, which is confirmed in the laboratory, or antiseptics can be prescribed prophylactically just before birth.

Since it is still far from giving birth, I suspect that the smear has an inflammatory process, consult this question with your doctor and start the treatment.

Hello, please tell me that the menses were on September 22, all the tests were positive, the ultrasound said 4 weeks, one uzist did not see the threat of another, the threat said, they waited for menses on October 18 when they did the test and saw the second weak strip, the doctor prescribed some coffee at night urozhestan, noshpu, magnesium b6, but the pain occurs periodically in the ovarian region as if the colitis was enough, or in the region of the loins and gave the anus, once again not too stained, in the ultrasound also said uterine hematometer, please tell me, do I have the possibility of saving a pregnancy? Thank you

Hello, the beginning of the last month 3/21/2016 to 3/25/2016, cycle 28 days. It was in ultrasound the fertilized egg is 3 mm. Is this normal?

Yellow body cyst 1.9 mm.

Hi Sep 29 Pregnancy KTR 32 mm-10 weeks.
What PA is more likely to conceive? From July 12 or July 28.
Only according to the KTR, it turns out on July 22. And this is neither here nor here. Thank you

Please tell me The last step was on 10/17/16, the monthly ones were due to leave on 10/20/16, but they were on 10/30/16, but they only anointed a couple of days.

But do not go. 10.12.16. I went to the ultrasound for 3 weeks. My cycle was 30 days. Explain please.

Is MEHO 7 mm ultrasound the norm?

Hello This is considered normal in the first half of the cycle.

Can I have a little more data?

Hello, please, tell me

Last month was 4/9/16 as usual in the 29-30 day cycle. On May 9, they seemed to have started, but the pink discharge lasted for a few hours, a bit bloody in general, like a normal start. That alone was all. The delay was 22 days. The test was performed in the first days of the delay and on day 19 everything was negative. The chest then hurts then no. Belly for all this time thrown three times probably no more.

Record the doctor as early as June. There is no power to wait.

Tell me how likely is pregnancy? And what could it be if it were not pregnancy?

Hi. This is how ovarian cysts can manifest.

Pregnancy is possible, but unlikely.

Hello From 9 to 15 March I had months … The PA was from 15 to 18, after three days my chest began to hurt on my sides and until today, my stomach does not hurt.

In the last 2 days at night the temperature rises, it is not high. Can I be pregnant? We did not pass the analysis in hCG, there is no such thing.

Thanks in advance.

Most likely, yes, I had that way. Temperature 37-37.2. Just do not take medication, suddenly pregnancy is confirmed.

In general, I discovered it before the delay, I tested the light blue test, which showed 1 to 2 weeks. I did not show others.


Hello, thanks for the answer. Anyway, the t-37.1 and the 37.4_ up do not rise, they freeze at night, but I’m used to this temperature, I started to stretch the lower abdomen, I bought a digital test (I’m waiting for the sixth), my chest swelled, I became elastic, the shape was rounded, it hurt, it stopped (although it was sick for 2 weeks, strongly).

I think maybe this something hormonal, like the feeling of a month of outbreaks. They are about to start, but there is none … According to the calculator on this site, I checked my cycle exactly the same … In general, I will wait on April 6 and I will do a test, it will be clear there, but I do not see no reason for the gynecologist to go until there is a result. How will the result, achieve your goal 🙂

Always surprised how the date of menstruation can determine the duration of pregnancy. The calculator was the same as the doctor’s.

Oh girls answer the question. The crotch hurts, the vagina hurts terribly on p. Therefore, he stopped a sexual life. The stomach constantly hardens and pulls down.

The second pregnancy. term of 27 weeks. This is normal

Hello This is not normal. When the stomach hardens, it means that the uterus tones and contracts, and this indicates that there is a threat of premature birth.

You need to see a gynecologist. In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section.

When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hello, I am 26 weeks pregnant, I have a yellow discharge and sometimes my stomach is churning? What could it be?

Hi … Can I ask? My midwife says I have 18 weeks, and then 22 weeks, then, who to believe?

Hello help please I had a delay of almost 2 months, did all the negative tests and the ultrasound showed nothing. Until today, I suffered from dizziness and rarely from nausea, but today there was acute and prolonged pain in the lower abdomen.

All this time I observe transparent selections. What could it be?

Hi, why did not anyone do anything with such a delay?

We need to find the cause. It can be inflammatory, and ovulatory syndrome and ovarian apoplexy.

You have to go to an appointment with a gynecologist.

Three days of delay tests show a second weak strip, the electronic test showed 1-2 weeks of pregnancy, can there be a nematomatous pregnancy?

Do not worry, you’ll definitely be a mom soon, just a very small period

Do not worry, I was too, and then I went to the doctor, the doctor said everything is fine, only the term is too small.

Do not worry, the term is small, so this is the result. In a few days everything will change.

Hello, I have 6 weeks of gestation, the last periods are 12/26/15, the expected date of conception is 12/01/16. Cycle 30-32 days. Today I was on the ultrasound: fetal ovule of 1.6 mm, the embryo is not visible, there are no heartbeats, uzist said that the age of the embryo is small and that it is invisible behind the yolk sac and that it is necessary that it come after 2 weeks. I get up in the registry 10.02.16. after all, it seems that in the sixth week the heart should beat

Hello With the size of the gestational egg 16 mm. and it is 16 mm, not 1.6 mm, the embryo may still not be visible under normal conditions. On this site there is a section to consult with a doctor, a section of consultation.

Ask questions please go there.

Hello, in the first ultrasound, when pregnancy was confirmed, 02/21/2016, results: a dense egg of 1-15.3 mm, a host age of 5 weeks, 3 days a dense egg of 2 to 3.6 mm, a guest age of -OOR. What does this mean?

Twins But the doctor said nothing, I had a snapshot, I saw it myself. And why instead of the age of the second letter?

On March 30 I go to the screening, but I can not wait and I am very worried about this problem.

Good afternoon After the poisoning and treatment with antibiotics, candidiasis began.

It was treated for 10 days with nystatin (pills + candles). Now I discover that she is pregnant.

According to my calculations, the treatment was during pregnancy. I read the instructions for use: nystatin is contraindicated, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

What threat and what will be the consequences?

According to the UZM, they give me a gestation period of two weeks longer than I calculated, which can not be … The situation is very pleasant and it is not understandable.

Could there be an error with ultrasound?

Do not worry Only your baby grows faster than the end of your pregnancy, you think. I have the same thing.

I’m not worried about the opposite, I’m glad that it’s already moving. Although according to my calculations I only have 16-17 weeks. And the baby is already 18-19 weeks old.

So do not worry.

Hello Pregnancy in ultrasound exposes, measuring the size of the fetus: head, tummy, arms, legs.

To err on the size of the fetus on ultrasound is impossible. If the period is up to 20 weeks, the term of the fetus is determined by the size of the head.

Perhaps your fruit is growing very fast and is gaining weight. Maybe I should discuss your diet with an obstetrician.

In this site there is a special section for consultation of the doctor and the patient, the “consultations” section. When you ask a question there, the probability of getting an answer to a question from the beginning is much greater.

Hello! I have follicular ova, frequent delays of up to 2 months. I took Dufoston for 10 days and started menstruating. I had a 35 day cycle. The gynecologist had 5/26/16, said that everything was fine, the uterus was clean and not enlarged. Last month was from 04/21/16 to 6/26/16 plentiful. May 5-8 and 22-23 were of brown discharge.

The sexual relationship was during menstruation without protection. Now I have a delay of 9 days, my breasts are full and my nipples hurt, the temperature is 37.2 and there is a white cotton discharge, the right side is slightly stretched. The basal temperature was 37.0 during the last 3 days. Negatively. There is no possibility of reaching the doctor next month. Please consult. Thanks in advance!

Hi Yes, in addition to white secretions, there is itching and burning, it may indicate candidiasis, there may be an inflammatory process that leads to an increase in temperature.

Inflammation can be caused by intercourse during menstruation: an open wound surface during menstruation is easily permeable to any bacteria. The test, of course, is repeated in the dynamics, pregnancy is possible.

Hello Pregnancy 18 weeks.

Once a month there is a brownish-bloody discharge. What could it be? Thank you

I have a delay of 40 days: this is the second month, only in mid-March is a good condition a test with a very light strip … You should already estimate that it is between 6 and 9 weeks old, but still not He has found a fetal ovum in the uterus. On ultrasound … I observe (((What is it?

The egg moves to the uterus for more than 10 days through the tube. I had it only on March 13, the uterine pregnancy was delivered 3 weeks after conception .. Do not worry!

Hi girls From the moment of pregnancy, stress is stressful for me, I did not know I was pregnant! I got married 2 years ago or it did not work and my husband’s doctors put infertility. Upon hearing of that the delay, crying with joy. Then there was no visible egg. And in the third month they put a frozen eggplant … They gave instructions to clean with tears, sobbing to the Botkin hospital … But I felt that everything was fine inside me … and before cleaning I told the doctor, and I can here . ultrasound to do. He immediately said yes, of course. And in the ultrasound the doctor tells me calmly the girl that bothers you. Your heartbeat is good and there is no tone. I cried again with happiness))) this is the sixth month that I am 35 years old, this is the fourth child)))) we are waiting for our girl))

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