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Weight of the child at 34 weeks of gestation.

Week 34 is not essentially different from the weeks before and after pregnancy.

Weight of the child at 34 weeks of gestation.

The baby is still in his mother’s stomach, comfortable and cozy there. All of its main organs and systems are already functioning, however, it is not yet ready for existence outside the mother.

In the lungs, there is not enough surfactant, which will be responsible for the respirator’s ability to breathe independently. And the subcutaneous fat layer is too thin to protect it from hypothermia.

At this point, its length is 45 cm (this is 100 times longer than in the fifth week of pregnancy, and 10 times its length in 12 weeks).

During the ultrasound study, other indicators are measured (abdominal circumference, head, thigh length) due to which the harmony of the fetal development, the delay of the development or vice versa can be evaluated.

There are many of these indicators, which have theirs for each term, even the experts do not try to remember them, it does not make sense, because at hand there is always a table, or better yet, a computer program. Therefore, we will not bother with additional information either.

And if the mother is Thumbelina, it is possible that the weight of her baby does not conform to the standards, in this case, as always, an individual approach is needed.

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