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What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

Even before the child’s birth, parents begin to collect “dowry” for the crumbs. Diaper, T-shirts – this is not all that will be necessary for the baby.

One of the first bought exactly pacifiers / nipples.

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

According to an obsolete stereotyped opinion, a crumb simply can not grow without this device. But meanwhile, the pacifiers have their “indications” of use and a period of limited use.

And even if it is really necessary, how to choose the best?

Do I give a mannequin to a newborn?

The main task of the pacifier is to satisfy the sucking reflex of the newborn. Around this concept will circulate many rumors and conjectures.

The suction reflex is formed before birth.

On ultrasound, it is often possible to see how a small child in the mother’s womb sucks a finger, so the crumb prepares for independent life, and after birth can suck the mother’s breast itself single.

After birth, the suction reflex will ensure the normal and proportional development of the jaw apparatus.

In newborns, the suction reflex is pronounced. After feeding, when the crumb seems to be already full, it still hits his lips, making sucking movements, but after a while he relaxes and falls asleep.

The mothers without experience consider this “symptom” as the lack of breast milk or formula.

Mannequin: Pros and Cons

The baby’s nipple is a very important component for its development and an assistant in the complete satisfaction of the sucking reflex. In addition, this device will help to calm the baby quickly, the whole suction reflex is also a type of sedative.

But even without a pacifier, a baby can grow, without any harm to their health.

There is a group of children who are not shown the appointment of the nipples, the pacifiers, these are breastfed children. And for the best stimulation of all the processes of growth of the maxillofacial apparatus, it is necessary to feed the child at his request.

Put the baby on the breast at your request (about 10 to 12 times) the crumb sucks enough milk, spends the necessary amount of strength, completely satisfies his reflex and falls asleep safely.

In this case, the baby’s nipple is not necessary, and it is better to “not introduce” the baby with this device. In addition, pediatricians and breastfeeding counselors strongly prohibit the combination of diet and pacifier.

When feeding from a bottle, the crumb spends much less energy and the feed itself is shorter, that is, the suction reflex does not have time to perform. Therefore, for babies who are totally or partially fed artificially, the pacifier is recommended.

But as soon as the baby falls asleep deeply, the nipple should be removed from the baby’s mouth.

Pediatricians and dentists reviews.

Dentists and pediatricians, especially in front of Dr. Komarovsky. Repeatedly expressed the purpose of the nipples and the rules for their use, so that it was useful, and not harmful.

Parents should be aware of the obvious disadvantages of using mannequins:

  • The manufacturing material. Due to the fact that the material is artificial, the taste and smell of the child are strange. Breastfeeding is not just the process of feeding the baby with nutrients. But the manifestation of maternal love, unfortunately, an artificial nipple can not give such a sensation.
  • The lack of adequate hygienic processing can cause the nipple to become a potential source of infection.
  • The combination of suckling and pacifier nipples will help ensure that the baby refuses to suckle due to fatigue.

What dummy to choose for a newborn?

If a mannequin is still necessary, then you must choose correctly, taking into account many factors.

First, it must be adapted to age and, as the child grows, the nipple should change. At the pharmacy, almost all manufacturers offer a line of nipples designed for babies of a certain age: from birth to six months, from six months to the year, etc.

For more comfort, experienced mothers are advised to have 2 to 3 pacifiers at a time. Fortunately, there are no problems with your acquisition and selection.

At any pharmacy, you can find nipples of various materials, with or without additional features.

Dentists and pediatricians advise before choosing to pay attention to the material of the nipples, latex or silicone. When choosing a material, you must first pay attention to the natural material.

If the child begins to cut the teeth, then it is best to reject the latex nipples. These nipples are more suitable for newborns, weak babies and premature babies.

Silicone is an absolutely synthetic material, such nipple will be elastic, resistant and will last longer than latex. Therefore, silicone nipples are designed for healthy and strong babies with a developed suction reflex.

In addition to size and material, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape of the papilla. Today, there are two options in the market:

  1. Anatomical – with oblate ellipsoid or elongated papilla.
  2. Orthodontics – oblique papilla. It is believed that the orthodontic pacifier is more convenient and is located correctly in the mouth, and will resemble the process of capture and suction of the breast of the mother.

What baby pacifiers would be better?

The reviews of the parents and the child dentist had the opportunity to make a rating of the most popular models.

Nuk Dummy

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

The nipple of orthopedic shape of German manufacture, with a flattened papilla and a recess that will prevent the pacifier from leaving the baby’s mouth.

The soft and flexible nipple practically does not exert pressure on the oral cavity and the teeth. A special recess in the papilla leaves more space for the tongue, facilitating its movement.

The special natural shape resembles the nipple of the mother, and to suck the nipple, the proportion of the jaws is the same as when the nipple is sucked.

The obvious advantages will be the presence of an air valve, the correct way, which is the prevention of orthodontic pathologies, the choice of manufacturing materials.

The only disadvantage is the price.

Pigeon doll

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

Made in Japan, ideal for all babies and children up to four months.

It has an unusual orthodontic shape – flattened in the middle part. This is the ideal quality-price ratio.

The obvious advantage will be an economical price, a beautiful design and an interesting design that children will like.

Dummy Avent (Philips Avent)

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

It is a leader in sales between silicone copies. This is a classic version of the pacifiers, which have six holes designed for ventilation.

This is one of the safest types of nipples, because it does not press in the sky. The benefits will be a great selection by age, completely different designs and the presence of a protective cap in the kit.

The disadvantages are not exactly the right way, because they provide a firm hold of the pacifier in the child’s mouth, due to the presence of ventilation holes in the nipple that can get wet.

Chicco Dummy

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

Soft but resistant, durable and flexible.

Latex nipples quickly take a baby’s temperature.

The nipple belongs to the orthodontic class.

The chicco dummies are washed well, boiled and sprayed with steam.

All the disadvantages of nipples are precisely in the manufacturing material, latex, which is not the most durable material.

Bibi Dummy

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

These are nipples for creative babies, as modern parents say, a great mannequin. It is characterized by its durability and unusual design.

The nipple is made of two-component silicone, which will be durable and safe. A special support for an open nipple and box is included.

Advantages: it is a cherry-colored nipple, designed for large babies (it can be selected in size), the surface of the nipple is equipped with bright and cheerful inscriptions that attract children’s attention and are not erased. Like the mannequin Avent, there are two options: day and night (it shines in the dark).

The drawback is the expensive price and lack of ventilation.

Baby dummies Canpol

What baby pacifier is better? General description of the Philips Avent, Nuk, Pigeon, Chicco, etc. dummies

Polish manufacturer that offers high quality and comfortable pacifiers, anatomical shape. The nipples can be made of different materials: silicone or latex.

Among the advantages of the presence of an air valve, a reasonable price and a large selection of designs. The Tommee Tippee mannequins offer a wide selection of different options.

These are orthodontic nipples that can be matched by age.

The special holes in the pad will contribute to normal air circulation and the prevention of skin diseases.

Baby doll: conditions of use.

The main thing is that the baby pacifier is safe, for this it is extremely important to observe the basic hygiene rules. A silicone doll should be replaced every month and a half and a latex at least every 3 months.

So that the nipple is not lost and the crumb can not swallow it, the pacifier should be placed on a special protective disc, which should be wide enough. It is impossible for the disk to have many parts, it must be monolithic.

The disc itself must have air vents for air circulation. In addition, you must follow the basic rules for its use:

  • To change the nipple according to the terms of its operation, even a regularly sterilized nipple should be replaced by a new nipple within 6 to 8 weeks of use.
  • If the nipple (scratches, holes, marks) is damaged, it should be discarded.
  • It is forbidden to leave the nipple under the influence of sunlight or near heating devices.
  • To store nipples, you must use a special case.

At what age do we wean the child from the pacifier?

The sucking reflex is innate, but tends to fade, to disappear. And just at the moment of its extinction, the moment of renouncing the nipple must coincide.

At this age, the sucking reflex disappears completely, but the habit of sucking a finger or anything that is useful may remain.

If the baby doll remains in the baby’s mouth after one year, the bite pathology of the child may develop: progenic bite, protrusion of the front front teeth, etc.

It is not so difficult to separate a baby from a nipple as it might seem. Simply choose the right time and pay more attention to the baby.

For the first time, I just needed a nipple replacement, for example, the unemployment stop substitute. For children after a year and a half, clay or special clay for children to sculpt can be a substitute for nipples.

Parents should be aware that all excess nipples will be attractive not only for children, but also for parents. This gives manufacturers the right to overcharge, sometimes without reason.

And do not forget when you need it, and when not. The only nipple that every baby will need is a soothing thermometer.

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