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What happens if the baby cries when separated from his parents? Psychological advice

Modern parents keep abreast of progress, as technical, there and “educational”. After reading a large number of psychological books, parents begin to prepare the baby to go to kindergarten in advance.

Что делать, если малыш плачет при расставании с родителями?</p><p> Psychologist’s Council “/></p></div><p>Walking down the street, the development of communication, an invitation to visit other children and babies with their parents. Stories about how wonderful it is to go to kindergarten.</p><p>To the question “Do you want a kindergarten?”, The baby nods “Yes” with confidence! But the day came, “X”, mom disappeared from sight, around unknown children, someone else’s aunts.</p><p> The result – hysteria, tears, snot, all that.</p><p>The situation is different. The child is sociable, loves to communicate with his peers and with older children. My mother said goodbye at the door of the kindergarten and the baby “flies” to unknown impressions (but nice, in your opinion).</p><p> The child wants to communicate with other children and is forced to eat soup.</p><p>The child can not stop to draw, and puts it on the bed. Here is an injustice!</p><p> And most importantly, but moms are not around, there’s no one to complain about … And naturally, tomorrow morning, your child will not be happy to go to kindergarten.</p><p>It is good that not all children are so sensitive to the new step of their busy life. Kindergarten groups say that children from families with siblings and / or sisters are better adapted to kindergarten.</p><p>When the baby is not the center of the family. From the communal apartment, when the baby is “rewarded” with the luggage of communication with people of different ages.</p><p> And also for the baby, who acts in his family as an equal member of the “team”.</p><p>But still, if your child is naughty during separation with you, do not despair. Once the period of habituation has passed, it is very likely that the baby will experience a separation from their parents normally.</p><p>Pay attention, the baby is also very worried when he is in the nursery: the garden is not lit by mom? Perhaps there is a family member with whom the baby feels most comfortable in the morning.</p><p> Let me take him to kindergarten.</p><p>Be sure to check with the doctor how long the baby “experiences” after it is gone. It happens that as soon as the baby is among the other children, it stops being nervous.</p><p>In this case, you can peacefully continue your business. Your son is well!</p><p>Another case, when the tutor conveys that the baby is still crying for a long time after his “separation”, discover what can distract him from tears and experiences.</p><p>Maybe you need to read a book or let it talk to the weather? In this case, you can go to the nursery: the garden to tell the child that a very exciting event awaits you in the garden or, for example, that your favorite doll is waiting for you.</p><p>In the event that the teacher or nurse tells you that the baby is crying all day, you should offer the child to take her to the “favorite heart” in the kindergarten, toys, handkerchiefs or pendants of the mother.</p><p>In addition, an excellent therapeutic reception will be photos of all the mummies hanging in a group. The baby will be able to see you constantly.</p><p>Recommendation! Give the child a key (any), and notice that this is the key to the house, and he will not be able to enter the house, because the key remains with the child.</p><p> The child will feel confident that they will take him home from kindergarten.</p><p>If you have the opportunity, then come with the baby to kindergarten, daycare in the first days, probably weeks. The observations showed that a baby with mom in the garden feels much better.</p><p>If you need to leave and “leave” your child in a group, it is important that you feel resolute and calm. Since the baby can easily feel your fear, and anxiety will pass over him.</p><p>If the parents decided to write the baby in the nursery, in the garden, then you should observe an important condition.</p><p>When you realize that every morning the baby is anxious and you lose your mood, try to miss your morning goodbye in advance.</p><p>In a playful way, teach your child how to say goodbye. Maybe your path is secret, and nobody will know except you.</p><p>Maybe it’s a strong kiss on the forehead, or an unusual handshake. In the game, you can change the roles, the baby will know what you feel and you will see how your child perceives you.</p><p>In such a difficult matter, ask for help from a caregiver or babysitter. Let in the morning someone from the adults of “gardening” realize what kind of unusual dress your daughter has or what a beautiful monkey your child has.</p><p>Such a compliment will distract the child from bad thoughts. At the end of the day, check with the teacher what your baby did all day.</p><p>No matter how badly your day ends, no matter how much difficulty and bad emotions you have experienced in a day, you should not show them to your baby. He will understand everything.</p><p>You have not seen your baby all day, rejoice, kiss, hug, praise. Take care of your baby’s condition</p><p>After kindergarten, walk with him at least a little in the park or on the playground. Let him pull his energy with the help of jumps, jogging, swings.</p><p>But the night should be calm and serene, organize a small holiday with tea. I praise at all for the fact that today’s child went to kindergarten.</p>  <div style=

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