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What happens if the child does not clean the toys? Advice of child psychologist

How many families, so many opinions. Some families categorically believe that the baby should clean things and scattered toys, and there can be no other way.

There are families that allow their children to play, where they want, with whatever they want and not clean the playing field behind them. And there are such families that are undecided.

And again and again they change their behavior tactics.

What happens if the child does not clean the toys? Advice of child psychologist

How many families, so many opinions.

And only you decide how you want to raise your baby.

If you decide to cultivate precision and a sense of order in the baby, you must decide from what age stage you are going to do this and how the education will be carried out.

If the parents made such a decision, then for its successful implementation, I picked up some basic recommendations for you.

The request must be expressed in a benevolent tone. This is not an order or a punishment.

Cleaning can be a wonderful final stage of the game.

This stage is long and laborious. But if you carry out a cleaning “procedure” every time, observing benevolence, the baby will soon understand everything and leave without your full help.

Remember that the baby grows in your example. The baby can not have the habits of cleaning things if you do not take care of yourself and your things.

Leave clean clothes, books, dishes. And soon the baby will understand that this is necessary, it should not be cleaned if the parents do not.

Let’s help the baby out, for this we will make the marks in the boxes in which the toys are stored.

For example, in the box in which the dolls are stored, paste a photo with a beautiful princess. In the package with Lego or the designer, we will describe what most often makes your child get out of this toy.

I would recommend that you turn cleaning into a game. Suggest that your baby exchange roles with you.

Now you are small and your baby is a father. Now start cleaning new roles for you!

Follow your baby’s instructions. The child will receive this great pleasure!

And during the game you will discover how the baby treats your requests!

Do not leave the cleaning at night, especially if it causes negative experiences, like a child and you.

But there is a “but”.

If the cleaning rule is difficult for you, then your child should know. Talk to the child who will tell you a story or sculpts with him only in a neat and clean room.

In addition, the baby should understand that this rule is for the whole family. Otherwise, you cheat him.

You ask for one, but do not do it yourself.

Also renounce the ultimatum “If you do not remove the toys, then I will not tell you a fairy tale.” Such a statement the baby understands that he must earn the affection of his parents every day.

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