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What to do with constipation in babies? Tells the pediatrician

At an early age, colic, abdominal pain and abnormal stools are one of the most common problems for babies. Constipation in babies is one of the most frequent reasons to seek medical attention.

Что делать при запоре у грудничка?</p><p> He tells the pediatrician “/></p></div><p>However, not all parents know that constipation in artificially-fed newborns occurs quite frequently, but constipation in babies who only eat breast milk is a fairly rare phenomenon.</p><p>As a result of this ignorance, various means of constipation are used without reason for newborns, leading to the formation of complications and failure in digestion. What is considered constipation in young children?</p><h2>Normal stools in babies</h2><p>In the first months of life, babies can experience up to eight to ten bowel movements per day, especially during breastfeeding, after almost all long-term feeds.</p><p>Little by little, the number of bowel movements decreases, and the volume of a void increases. In an artificially fed infant, defecation occurs on average once or twice a day, and the stool has the appearance of a thick gachita.</p><p> They must empty the intestines daily, since the mixture is not ideal for the composition of the food, and their digestion products must be eliminated regularly.</p><p>But in babies the situation is different, sometimes it is possible that they do not have a chair for several days, and this is not constipation in babies.</p><p>Then, the stools can be once every three or five days with a large volume, since the amount of stool accumulates. At the same time, the consistency of the stool is pasty, without pathological impurities.</p><p>It is not constipation in a baby, struggling, growling and even crying during stools, as long as the prominent stools are soft and soft.</p><p>To defecate a child, it is necessary to create some pressure in the rectum so that the sphincter muscles relax.</p><p>For the emptying to occur, he must work hard and, with a cry, the child can express their emotions and efforts, but not the pain.</p><h2>Signs of constipation in infants.</h2><p>What is constipation in babies? Constipation in young children is called a painful, tight stool that looks like smoked sausage or balls of sheep, even if it happens regularly.</p><p>When constipation occurs, painful bowel movements, blood and mucus may occur in the stool. At the same time, the child, due to discomfort and pain, can restrict stool, which causes abdominal pain, digestive disorders and intoxication with decomposition products.</p><p>These are chronic constipation that requires special attention and treatment. The diagnosis of chronic constipation is given to children who have less than six bowel movements per week with thick stools of modified consistency.</p><h2>Causes of constipation in infants</h2><p>Constipation in a baby can develop as a result of organic causes, when the intestinal structure of a congenital nature is altered and functional, when the intestine is altered as a result of various diseases.</p><p>The organic causes of constipation in a newborn include:</p><ul><li>intestinal defects</li><li>dolichosigma</li><li>megacolon (Hirschsprung’s disease)</li><li>adhesive disease</li><li>Polyps and intestinal tumors.</li></ul><p>Functional constipation in babies includes stool disorders as a result of the development of certain diseases that disrupt intestinal work, bowel tone and motility. There are many of those reasons and include:</p><ul><li>bad nutrition nurse mother fasting mother</li><li>Lack of fluid in children in artificial feeding.</li><li>Dehydration during fever or extreme heat</li><li>Transition to a mixture with breastfeeding.</li><li>Inadequate dilution of the mixture, its wrong choice, overfeeding of the mixture</li><li>rickets</li><li>overdose of vitamin D</li><li>medication (iron, neurological drugs, smect)</li><li>Hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function)</li><li>Neurological disorders</li><li>anemia</li><li>Food allergies</li></ul><h2>What to do with constipation in babies?</h2><p>All funds from constipation for newborns can be divided into first aid preparations, for immediate emptying of the bowel and preparations for the subsequent treatment of constipation.</p><p>In the absence of a chair and the child’s anxiety, the inability to empty itself, it is necessary to use improvised means of constipation in newborns: cleaning enemas. They spend the usual boiled water at room temperature.</p><h3>It is forbidden with constipation:</h3><ul><li>stimulate the discharge of stool with a piece of soap (causes a chemical burn of the rectal mucosa)</li><li>stimulate the discharge of stool with cotton swabs or a thermometer (causing injury to the sphincter and bowel)</li><li>give drugs for adults</li></ul><h2>Frequent constipation in babies: what to do?</h2><p>The basis of the treatment is the formation of a regular and soft stool, ideally in the morning before the first meal.</p><p>In childhood, the basis of the treatment will be the revision of nutrition, the additional introduction of liquids and the control of the amount of nutrition, and the change of the mixture with the artificialists.</p><p>If necessary, the normalization of stool uses special medications for constipation in newborns. They contain lactulose, a special substance that stimulates the work of the intestine and the formation of feces.</p><p>Medications for constipation can be in the form of drops, syrups or solutions, are used only in short courses before the normalization of bowel movements and are gradually canceled by gradually reducing the dose to form a casting reflex.</p><p>If possible, if the child has reached the age of 5 to 6 months, a remedy for constipation will be the introduction of complementary foods: vegetables or fruits. In general, they help well in the normalization of stool.</p>  <div style=

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