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When to perform a cesarean: 21 reasons for the operation.

Caesarean section – This is an operation in which the child is born not through the birth canal, but through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall.

Almost every 3 women have to face it. Know that the indications for surgery will not be superfluous, but even useful.

This will allow you to carefully prepare and tune in morally.

The reasons for the operation can be:

  • Relative, when the rejection of the operation limits with a high risk of deterioration of maternal and child health
  • absolute They are not so much. These are cases where vaginal birth is not possible or can lead to the death of the mother and child.

Recently, an operation has been performed more often with a combination of several factors. When each of them in itself is not a basis for an operation.

When to perform a cesarean: 21 reasons for the operation.

But a combination of 2 or more causes the operation. For example: primipara woman over 30 years and large fruit over 4 kg.

By themselves, neither the big fruit nor the age are the cause of the operation. But together this is an argument.

There is a planned and unplanned cesarean or emergency. In a planned operation, the indications for this occur beforehand, even during pregnancy.

For example, high myopia. The woman and the doctor have time to prepare.

Complications in such cases are rare.

Emergency surgery can be performed at any time and even during natural childbirth. For example, during fetal hypoxia, detachment of the placenta.

When cesarean?

  • Placental detachment When this starts to bleed. The blood does not always come out. It can accumulate between the uterus and the placenta. The placenta is even more exfoliated. The child suffers from hypoxia – lack of oxygen. Woman for blood loss. The child must be removed urgently and the bleeding stopped.
  • Previous placenta. The placenta overlaps the entrance to the uterus. Therefore, vaginal delivery is not possible. When the contractions begin, the cervix opens, the placenta exfoliates in this place and bleeding begins. Therefore, these women try to operate on the appointed day before the start of labor.
  • The loss of umbilical cord loops. Sometimes, the loops of the umbilical cord fall from the uterus during labor until they open completely. They are placed between the bones of the pelvis and the head or buttocks of the fetus. Oxygen stops flowing to the child, it can die. It is necessary to complete the delivery in a few minutes.
  • The mismatch of the size of the pelvis of the mother and child. If the baby is too big, then he can not be born. What is called, will not come through. Here, a cesarean section would be the best way to help a woman without harming a child. Sometimes, this circumstance can be clarified only at the time of delivery. Women begin to give birth, but when there are signs of inconsistency in size, they perform a cesarean section.
  • The transverse position of the fetus. A child in normal labor should lie face down. If it is found through the uterus. That such a birth is not possible. After using the amniotic fluid, there is a risk that the handle of the fetus, the stem or the umbilical cord will fall. It is dangerous for your life. In such situations, they try to plan the operation before the start of labor.
  • Eclampsia and preeclampsia. This condition is a serious complication of pregnancy. In difficult cases, the work of the internal organs is altered, blood pressure rises to critical numbers. The risk of bleeding in the internal organs increases: the retina of the eye, the brain, the liver, the adrenal glands, etc. To help a woman, it is necessary to perform an emergency delivery: cesarean section.
  • After surgery on the cervix. Why Because natural childbirth will damage the cervix.
  • Obstacles that do not allow giving birth through the birth canal. Tumors of the uterus, bladder, pelvic bones. Significant narrowing of the pelvis, as well as its deformation.
  • Fistula between the vagina and the rectum or bladder. As well as ruptures of the rectum in previous births.
  • Chronic diseases of women. These are diseases of the eyes, heart, nervous system, endocrine system, joints and bones, as well as chronic infectious diseases of hepatitis C and B, HIV infection. The decision in this case is taken by doctors from other specialties: ophthalmologists, surgeons, specialists in infectious diseases. The focus here is planned. The woman knows in advance about the next operation and prepares for it.
  • Pelvic presentation of the fetus. Natural birth is possible. But since there is a risk of injury to the child and the mother, they often resort to a cesarean section.
  • Extendable inserts of the head. During labor, the head should be bent as much as possible. Go through the mother’s narrow pelvis. But there are times when something prevents you from doing it. The head without bending. In such cases, its dimensions are too large.
  • A scar in the uterus. It can remain after the caesarean section and after the operations in the uterus to remove the nodules of myoma and others. Natural childbirth is possible with a scar in the uterus. 2 or more scars are indications for cesarean section. Natural delivery after a cesarean section is possible only if the scar is in good condition according to the ultrasound data. And the woman does not have twitching pains in her lower abdomen and bloody discharge.
  • Hypoxia or oxygen deprivation. The baby receives insufficient nutrition and oxygen. This condition can occur acutely, for example, when there is a detachment of the placenta or a prolapse of the umbilical cord. Or develop gradually. Rope tangled around the neck, placental cysts and heart attacks. Fixation of the placenta sheath. Sometimes, a child atrophies due to chronic hypoxia and is born with little weight.
  • If the indications of delivery occur in the period of 28 to 34 weeks, a cesarean section must be performed. From delivery to a premature baby can be fatal.
  • Identical twins as well as the triplets.
  • Twin leaf cufflinks, If the first child is in the pelvic presentation or is in the uterus through.
  • The weakness of tribal forces. When the cervix refuses to open during labor, despite treatment.
  • Pregnancy after IVF, and the long-term treatment of infertility in combination with other factors.
  • Age of women older than 30 years in combination with other factors.
  • Prolonged pregnancy in combination with other causes.

At the same time, there are no contraindications to this operation if the rejection of it will have negative consequences for the woman. But it is not desirable to perform it when there is an infection of some location in the body, and also if the child has died.

When a cesarean is prescribed it is decided by the doctor. The task of the future mother is to trust the doctor and tune into a successful outcome of the birth.

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