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Where to give birth: at home or in the hospital?

The closer to delivery, the stronger the pregnant woman cares about the question of where her baby will be born and who will help her with this.

Where to give birth: at home or in the hospital?

More and more time is needed to become familiar with information about maternity hospitals, obstetrics-gynecology and midwives. In fact, he reads criticism about maternity hospitals, one of the most unpleasant things.

Because how many people, so many opinions, I give birth to each one, a unique process that is unlikely in terms of the range of sensations can be compared to the birth of another person.

Therefore, even the most modern and equipped hospital, filled with a teacher, with the light hand of someone can enter the blacklist.

This happens more frequently due to the fact that some pregnant women, who go to the maternity hospital, expect to see a sanatorium, marked as “all-inclusive”.

In fact, the task of the medical staff is to help you, without unnecessary injuries, produce a healthy baby. Leave all the other fantasies behind the door of the emergency room: there are no telepaths, and no one knows if you feel bad and have many questions. If you want answers, ask.

Well, if they did not, they are offended, because the delivery of the maternity hospital workers is a usual conveyor belt, and feeling offended by not looking them in the eyes and not regretting them is a waste of time.

Therefore, when you study reviews about maternity hospitals on the Internet, sometimes you can find many negative things, because when everything is fine, you should say thank you, few people remember, well, if something goes wrong, you will always find the strength to express it to all the world.

And surely, among the pile of such negative comments, there is information about a comprehensive midwife who will help give birth to a healthy baby at home, with a minimum of stress and negativity. In such advertisements, it is usually described in a colorful way as a kind woman who, without sparing neither strength nor spiritual heat, helps a miracle happen right in her bed. The future moms are one of the categories of citizens easier to suggest, the stories that our grandmothers gave birth in the field, continue to work further, the detailed information that childbirth is the most natural process that can and should proceed without external intervention. thoughts that they can also.

Especially if there is a person “experienced” and spiritual at his side, because in the actions of doctors and midwives who are polished to automatism, it is difficult to discern the soul. The decisions to give birth at home are added to the stories that the evil midwives swear, and can even attack if a woman does not obey, and that, apart from my beloved in the room, there will be a couple of “captors” of the doctor’s attention.

The eloquence of such “professional” midwives has no limits, only the disadvantages of giving birth in the maternity hospital and the advantages of the family doctors.

And now let’s stop and take a sober look at the facts. The midwives, who work in a delivery room for each task, provide approximately 10 women for the midwife, a midwife who goes to the home, at best, five days a year.

Mathematics is not complicated, the experience is calculated by simple mathematical operations.

Even a normal pregnancy in an absolutely healthy woman does not always end in a normal delivery, no specialist will give a guarantee. But the “midwife” of the announcement guarantees a favorable result. Alarming …

According to official statistics, before the opening of maternity hospitals, every tenth died in childbirth, we will not even give figures of infant mortality. Now, the maternal mortality rate is much lower, and certainly not thanks to the home helpers.

The important point of all this is that women who decide to give birth at home to those midwives are only a source of income, and an illegal one. And even if everything goes wrong, family members will call the ambulance to the woman after the caregiver leaves.

After all, giving birth at home is a crime (in Russia there is no license to give birth at home), and who wants to go to jail.

Therefore, before entering into the head the idea of ​​such a delivery, remember: their birth to them is only work, and they function as sellers of any product. Say spells, persuade to buy and obtain a net profit for it.

It is precisely their little interest in the outcome of childbirth and the state of health of the baby in the future, finding them and bringing them to justice is not an easy task.

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