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Which scales are better to choose the newborn?

Progress does not stop, and if before, to weigh a newborn, it was necessary to go to the clinic or exercise with ordinary weights, now it can be done easily and at home with the help of special scales for the newborn. Another question is whether it is always a rational waste of money?

And to whom and when do we really need scales for a newborn?

Which scales are better to choose the newborn?

The weight of the child, especially in the first year of life, is really important. Given that depending on how and how much the child gains weight, their health status is evaluated.

The control of the child’s weight may be necessary to determine the degree of lactation in a nursing mother (if there is enough milk). In addition, regular weighing helps control how much the baby eats during feeding (overeating, malnourishment).

On the basis of these data, if necessary, correction of baby feeding.

What scales do you choose for a newborn?

When choosing weights for a newborn, the first thing you should pay attention to Quality and safety

Scales for newborns should be made of safe material that respects the environment (usually plastic).

The bowl of scales (baby tray) should have high sides so that the baby does not fall.

Scale models for newborns

Currently, there is a large selection of various models of weights for children. There are models that are intended only for weighing small children. There are universals, where the crib is removed for weighing and older children, food, etc. can be weighed.

There are models with several additional functions, but remember that the more functions, the more expensive the scales will be.

By the principle of action scales. There are mechanical and electronic. Now the mechanical scales vanish in the background and electronic scales are increasingly popular.

Electronic scales for newborns are convenient and easy to use, show more accurately the weight and are easy to care for.

When choosing scales, pay attention to instrument error, Your manufacturer is required to indicate on the manual device. The smaller it is, the better, the more accurate the measurement will be.

The best models of scales for children are those whose error does not exceed 10 grams.

Overview of some models of infant scales.

Scales for newborns from Tefal. – Electronic scales designed to weigh newborns and babies weighing up to 20 kg. The models of this brand are equipped with a removable soft container that is easy to clean. These scales can be used without a bowl.

These measurements are displayed on a liquid crystal display. There is an additional memory function that calculates the difference compared to the previous measurement.

Infant scales for newborns of Laica PS3003 model. – Suitable for measuring the exact weight of children weighing up to 25 kg. Simple and hopeful in operation.

Safe for the child, there is a handle to carry. The measurement error is not more than 10 grams.

LCD. There are additional features:

  • “Taring” – weighing without considering the weight of the diaper
  • “Stabilization”: allows you to accurately determine the baby’s weight, even if it behaves restlessly
  • “Measurement difference” is a function that automatically calculates the difference between the last and the last measurement, but one.

Customer feedback: The scales are not bad, but to control the weight of mobile babies, it is better to wrap or place a small feeding cushion and weigh on it, because here every 10 grams are important and the scales are very sensitive to movements.

Scales for newborn maman – These scales are also excellent for weighing newborns and babies with a maximum weight of 18 kg. The manufacturer indicates that the error is only 5 grams. Equipped with a digital screen with backlight.

The kit includes a practical bag. For example, the Maman SBBC212 model has high precision and a set of additional functions (the function “Measurement difference”, the “Taring” function).

Customer reviews: measured for a long time. More suitable for quiet children. While the child was not actively moving the arms and legs, he showed a very accurate result, and when the child became more active, he could show completely different values ​​several times in a row, sometimes the difference was over 100 g.

Scales for newborns “SASHA” (B1-15- “SASHA) – Ideal for weighing babies from birth. Maximum weight measured 15 kg. Reliable, convenient and easy to use.

They have a combined type of power supply (there is a built-in rechargeable battery). They have a high measuring accuracy (the manufacturer indicates a measurement accuracy of up to 1 gram).

There is a special way to control weight during feeding (they determine how much the food the child consumes weighs). LCD screen with backlight.

There are additional features:

  • The function of subtracting the mass of the “container” allows you to ignore the weight of the diaper, clothes and diapers. Therefore, the child can be weighed without undressing. The scales automatically show the difference between the results of the last two weighings, that is, it is possible to measure how much a child has eaten during lactation.
  • Indication of battery discharge.
  • Reports of overload and errors in the operation of the scales.

Customer reviews: I bought the scales “Sasha” as soon as I gave birth, I do not complain, they work without failures, they are very convenient, the price is affordable!

I could not decide for a long time: what scales is better to buy and the mother gave us good scales for newborns of the Sasha brand. We are very happy with them!

The price matches the quality.

Many parents are worried about the price when buying pesos. As a general rule, good scales for newborns are expensive.

The price range for scales for newborns ranges from 3 to 10 thousand rubles.

There are several ways to save on the purchase of scales for newborns:

  • Buy used baby scales
  • Rent a stopover (if your city has such a service)
  • Sell ​​scales after the baby grows.

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