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Why is a newborn baby crying?

Everyone knows that children cry, and this is a completely natural process. The newborn baby cries on average one to three hours a day.

Why is a newborn baby crying?

The crying baby talks about his needs. Many parents worry that they may not understand why their baby cries, but their concerns are in vain. Of course, young parents initially find it difficult to understand what exactly is bothering the baby, but this period passes quickly.

And soon, you will easily learn to understand what exactly the baby wants.

And to facilitate the navigation of the parents, we will try to describe all the possible reasons why a newborn and a small child (baby) can cry.

The child wants to eat – This is one of the most important causes of a baby’s crying. The baby’s cry indicates that he is hungry. The volume of a newborn’s stomach is very small.

On the first day of life – 7-10 ml, on the tenth day – approximately 80 ml, at 3 months – 100 ml. Therefore, it is not surprising that you often want to eat.

The easiest way to deal with this problem is to feed the baby. You should be prepared for the fact that some children do not calm down immediately as soon as they start sucking.

But still, as the stomach fills, most babies calm down.

If you feed the baby, and he still cries, then it’s something else.

Upset by dirty diapers. If the baby is wet or his diaper is dirty, chances are he does not like it much and will inform him about it.

Therefore, if the child is crying pitifully, check for wetness and, if necessary, change the diaper.

Uncomfortable clothes The baby may cry because the clothing (diaper, diaper) restricts his movements, crushes or rubs.

In this case, unroll the baby, smooth the folds, check if the diaper is tight or if the sliders are in it, if the elastic band or straps are pressing.

A crying child can report that he is hot or cold Check if the baby is sweating or if it is cold.

It is recommended to take a child in a layer of clothing rather than themselves.

The child wants attention or in the handle.. Most babies love them when they are rocked in their arms or just in their arms.

Then they feel safe, they just need physical contact with their mother (after all, for 9 months they got used to the fact that the mother is always there). As you grow up, your child will simply see or hear you to feel comfortable. For those mothers whose babies especially love being in their hands, a sling can be a good solution.

And the baby is by your side and your hands are free.

Crying overwork A newborn baby sleeps most of the day and, as a rule, falls asleep quickly. But it happens that the child is too over-excited during the day (for example, some guests or neighbors made repairs and make a lot of noise), in this case, it is difficult for the baby to calm down.

From fatigue, the child becomes moody and irritable. In this situation, try to retire with the baby in a quiet and peaceful place, shake it, talk to him in a calm and gentle tone.

The baby will “scream” his fatigue (so to speak, he will complain that he had a difficult day), and then he will calm down and fall asleep.

Bowel colic – A common cause of crying in young children. Most of the time, intestinal cramps bother babies at 2 to 3 months, but for some they may appear earlier.

Accompanied by inconsolable colic, crying, gas discharge, noise and swelling.

Help with colic:

  • You can put a hot diaper on the baby’s belly.
  • Gently massage the abdomen clockwise.
  • more often the baby stretches in the stomach
  • After consulting with the doctor, you can use medications that reduce the formation of gases and relieve the condition of the child with colic (foam, baby, plantex and others)
  • If the baby is breastfed, the mother who is breastfeeding must carefully control her nutrition. Exclude from the diet the foods that contribute to the formation of gas in the intestines.
  • After each feeding, keep the baby upright, so that the air that has accumulated in the belly moves. This will prevent regurgitation and colic.

The boy got sick. If you fed the child, changed the diaper, shook his hand, but he still does not calm down, you can suspect that something is wrong with his condition.

A sick child cries in a special way: cries more heartbreaking, tearful. In addition, parents should be careful in case the child, who often cry a lot, begins to cry less, this can also be a sign of illness.

If you have doubts in your head and suspect that the child has become ill, it is best to call the doctor to make sure it is okay, and if the baby is really sick, this will help to make a diagnosis in time and start treatment.

Several ways to calm the baby.

  • Feed
  • Change the dirty diaper
  • Wrap and shake hands
  • Shake your baby and sing a lullaby.
  • Maybe the child is crying because he feels that the mother is worried or very upset in this case, ask someone in the family to be with the baby, and retire and get off (take a shower, have a cup of tea). Quiet mom – quiet baby!

Remember that there are excitable and hyperactive children. Maybe your baby is part of this group and it’s not your fault. You need to be patient and survive this difficult period.

Do not forget that the child will soon grow up and learn to report their problems in another way and simply will not need to cry so much.

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