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10 phrases that call evil your life

Be careful. We often use words and phrases that invoke the spirits in our lives, and we do not even know it!

10 phrases that call evil your life

10 phrases that call evil your life

He often uses words and phrases like: damn it, it makes me angry, a nightmare and others. Do we know where these words come from and what do they mean? Here is a short list:

NIGHTMARE – the evil spirit (spirit of the house) that drowns a sleeping person.

BELIEVE ME – permission of demons to take possession of you.


WOW – rejection of everything.

TUBE YOUR LANGUAGE: the desire for an ulcer, an abscess, a tumor in the mouth.

FIG, FIG – as a curse arose on the basis of an obscene German phrase that means sexual connection.

Damn – appeal to the devil.

DUDE – castrated ram.

I AM SHOCK – literally means the process of altering the vital functions of the nervous system, blood circulation, respiration and metabolism.

I AM HIT – recognition of my own defeat.

Let’s follow your words! They affect our lives more than is commonly thought.

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