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15 “heard” stories, which can not be silent

We appreciate love, humor, good works and, in fact, everything that brings happiness to people, and we believe that such things should be told.

So this time we find 15 wonderful stories (and most importantly, of life), about which it is impossible to keep silent.

  • I feel like the happiest daughter in the world. Parents are constantly doing something # 8230, and you will pick up the word of fig. For example, when a mom goes to the bathroom or drinks water at night, Dad jumps up, quickly places a mountain of books or magazines under his blanket, lifts the cat’s bed and accommodates his side of the bed.

Rovnusenko! And as if nothing had happened, he goes to bed.

Mom comes, sees all this crap and shouts: “Kill, old fart!” – Take off the blanket and throw it away with a pillow. They are so furious about five or seven minutes, they kiss and go to sleep.

Mom – 50, dad – 55. Who said everyone should grow up?

  • I speak with my 6 year old son:

– Andrei, name the signs of autumn.

– Well, birds fly, leaves fly from trees, tires must be changed for winter.

– The snow is falling, and the tires are no longer necessary.

– Well, what about spring?

– The birds arrive, the leaves bloom # 8230 THE TIRES NEVER NEED TO CHANGE!

  • My cat saved my life. He took a bath, lay down in the sink and fell asleep. When he noticed that the water was cooling, he got up and turned on the hot water tap. He slipped and fell. I woke up from the fact that someone hits me in the face. It turns out that she lost consciousness and was almost sinking, while the kitten was sitting to one side, screaming and hitting me desperately with her front legs to wake me up.

15 stories

  • The daughter is 4 years old, she loves it when we are walking around the city to listen to street musicians and throw coins at them. For days we walked like this and went to the drummers: for about 20 minutes she danced in front of them, let go of all the little things. When they left – each one issued a certificate of konfete. The boys were happy.
  • He went to study 2 thousand km from his parents. I talk to my mother on the phone, I hear in the background that a child is crying. It turned out that Dad portrays a stamp so that I would not miss much.
  • At night Leningrad station. I buy a ticket on the train. In the portfolio 28 rubles – exactly on the ticket. Here the machine swallows the ruble and does not show it. Sharyu pockets in search of the ruble. I say out loud: “Damn it, and where will I take the ruble?” The answer is from behind: “The older brother will help you”. I turn around, stand up and throw a ruble. Here And they say that goodness does not happen!
  • I absolutely do not like his terrible soup. But when he cooks it, I silently eat it and smile. After all, one day, having come before work, I saw with what love and with what beautiful facial expression he cut the hearts of a carrot. The soup is terrible. But love is great.

15 stories

  • We sat with a friend in a cafe in the summer camp after a hot summer day, blowing a light and fresh breeze. They drank wine and chatted about life. It should be noted that my friend is very beautiful. Here the waiter brings a note from a guy across several tables of us: “Let’s find out?” Yes “- smiles,” no “- backward”. Well, how could he know that she was a candidate for a stunt sports teacher?
  • Mom gave me a bud of a flower and said that when it blossoms, I will fulfill my destiny. Yesterday was eaten by a cat. Reflective # 8230
  • In 2009, a child was adopted from a baby house. I was 3.5 years old. As they do not give much sweet, the child did not know the taste of sweets. And here we are in a supermarket, and I say to my son: “Here is a basket for you: take what you want. You can put everything of everything. Buy what you say. “

And selected from the whole store a tea pack, a pack of dryers and a “kinder”. He said that this was enough for him.

He still asks for pocket money, he will buy and take everything home. I say: “Eat!” It’s useless. He says that it is necessary to share.

  • On Halloween, he persuaded his friend to accompany us to the bar. She does not like parties, and the suit was too lazy to invent. In the end, I persuaded. She put on a robe, ruffled her hair curlers, took a teddy bear and soft sneakers. She was the star of the party, she won second place in the costume contest, people took pictures with her.
  • I entered the University of Moscow, I had to go by train from my city and by subway. On my first trip I liked the boy. For the subway train, literally ran to a race. They looked at each other constantly. The first year he always got ahead of me and, climbing on the subway platform, he always looked to see if he had time to train. Throughout the summer, I was running, I taught myself to do it faster. Winter He could not contain himself, he decided it was time to meet. It went flying like a bullet from an electric train, I was a little behind, but I succumbed, took off my hat from a race and ran the meter down the street. He shouts: “Give me the hat, I’m cold, I’m bald!” I entered “ha, ha” and, sliding, fell, breaking my nose. This idiot also slipped and fell, broke his arm.

This is how I met my husband.

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