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5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

A type of blood is a certain combination of the characteristics of the red blood cells that the parents transmit to us. It does not change during a person’s life and plays a very important role in the body.

As it turned out, the blood group is of key importance not only in medical terms, but also in determining the nature of a person.

5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

For example, in Japan there is a special system, “ketsu-eki-gata”, which assumes that the blood group determines the character of a person. And if a person is asked a question: “Who are you in the zodiac?”, Then the Japanese would prefer to ask: “What is your blood type?” They take it seriously, so we decided to investigate everything. characteristics of blood groups.

Foods by blood type

  1. It is still worth starting with nutrition, because it is his, in general, our health depends. For each blood group there is a set of products that should be excluded from the diet and those that should be added to it. Nutritionists even suggest a blood type diet. first blood group The most useful products are meat, fish and vegetables. But it is worth leaving dairy products. Avoid overeating and processed foods.

5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

If you have second blood group, Then the best option for you will be the vegetarian dishes, fish, chicken and dairy products. Avoid spicy foods, beans and coffee.

The owners third blood group Add dairy products, fish, lamb, vegetables and tea to your diet. But since alcohol and products with preservatives should be abandoned.

If you are a weird owner fourth blood group, You should give up heavy foods, which consume energy, and replace them with organic products.

5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know
  • Personality type

    There is a theory that a blood group affects a person’s temperament and personality traits. Let’s see this. I – these people are strong in spirit. They are attentive, resolute and have an incredible self-confidence.

    They are born as leaders, they want to be understood from a half word and immediately follow their instructions. They find it difficult to accept criticism.

    They have a purpose and always achieve what they want.

    II – Very open and sociable people. They are easy to adapt to any situation, they are not afraid of change.

    At the same time, they are vulnerable and difficult to endure complaints.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

    III – Optimistic and kind personality. These people love adventures, they are not interested in comfort. They love change, new people and new places.

    Your activity can be envied. But they do not like to bond with other people, preferring freedom and independence.

    IV – free thinking personality. They are characterized by a soft character and an open mind. These people are always ready to listen and understand, they are wonderful friends.

    And they are not reluctant to boast that they have the same blood type as Jesus, although this has not been proven.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know
  • Response to stressStressful situations happen to each one of us, but we all react differently. The reason for this may be our blood type.

    People with the 1st blood group are very susceptible. They have flashes of anger that are difficult to control.

    To restore calm and balance it is necessary to present something pacifying. It helps to control the emotions of meditation.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

    The holders of the second blood group are very vulnerable. They need a lot of time to recover from stress.

    Those with 3rd blood group are calm and balanced people. Sometimes they can lose patience without controlling their emotions.

    The most persistent personality – the owners of the 4th group. They are very difficult to move, they do well with stress.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

    Blood consists of cells, on the surface of which there can be a protein (antigen), the same rhesus. If there is such a protein, then the blood is Rh positive, otherwise it is Rh negative.

    This protein is present in 80% of the world population. It is important to know your Rh factor because it has an important characteristic: during blood transfusions with positive rhesus or during pregnancy, when the fetus has the opposite rhesus, the cells of the body can attack the foreign proteins.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

    5 Compatibility by blood group

    Compatibility plays an important role in transfusion, since the combination of antibodies and antigens is different for everyone. The first group with an Rh positive factor can be poured into all groups with a positive Rh. The first negative is universal and fits all.

    A person with the first group of any rhesus can become a donor for a person with the first positive result, but only blood with similar indicators can be used for the first negative person.

    The second positive can be poured over a similar group and the positive fourth, and the second negative, the second and fourth and the other rhesus. A person with a first group of any rhesus and a second positive group can become a donor for a person with a second positive.

    And for the second negative, the donors of the first and the second negative are suitable.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know

    The third group is similar to the second.

    If a patient has a fourth positive blood group, he can only receive a transfusion with a similar group. And the blood of the fourth negative group can be transfused to the people with the fourth group and that, and another rhesus.

    The donor for the holder of the positive room can be the four groups with any rhesus, and for the negative, all the blood groups with negative rhesus.

    5 facts about your blood type, which is vital to know
  • The blood type, as it turned out, is much more than just a medical indicator. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that a blood group really influences the traits or behavior of a person in a given situation.

    But why not?

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