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7 things you should know about your blood type

7 things you should know about your blood type

There are four Blood types that can say a lot about a person and their body.

By knowing your group, you will learn to better understand yourself and your body.

2nd blood group: vegetarian food, fish, chicken and yogurt. Avoid beans, spicy foods and coffee.

3rd blood groupDairy products, lamb, fish, vegetables and tea. Avoid alcohol and preservatives.

1st blood group: meats, fish and vegetables. Avoid dairy products, processed foods and overeating.

4th blood group: fresh, organic products Give up fried food, which requires energy.

2nd blood group: compassionate, organized, efficient, leader.

3rd blood groupMeditative, flexible, friendly, results oriented.

1st blood group: practical, energetic, attentive, sensitive.

4th blood group: rational, calm, strong, free thought.

2nd blood group: high susceptibility, it takes a long time to recover from stress. Drinking a lot will help calm down.

3rd blood group: mostly calm, but sometimes it does not control the emotions and it loses its genius. Slow breathing will help return to harmony.

1st blood group: possible outbursts of anger, which are inherited. Visualizing something nice helps restore calmness.

4th blood group: copes very well with stress, it is extremely difficult to unbalance. Activity and exercise help relieve tension.

2nd blood group: accumulates fat from meat and products that contain sugar.

3rd blood group: poorly assimilates fried food and bread.

1st blood group: Irregular feeding causes excess fat accumulation.

4th blood group: accumulates fat from inaction.

Rh factor (Rh) – The second most important blood group system. It can be positive or negative.

The positive Rhesus factor has a D antigen, and the negative does not.

If the future mother has a negative Rh and the future father has a positive, then there is a danger of Rh conflict, which causes complications such as:

  • hemolytic disease – breakdown of erythrocytes
  • Fetal erythroblastosis – Production of immature erythrocytes in the fetus.

Proper treatment and certain preventive measures help preserve the fetus.

4th group Universal in receiving blood, but can only be a donor for the 4th.

2nd You can take blood from the 2nd and 1st, and be a donor for the 2nd and 4th.

3rd accepts blood of 3 and 1, and can be a donor for 3 and 4.

1st You can take blood from the 1st, but it is a universal donor for everyone.

4th group It can only receive plasma from 4 and is a universal plasma donor for any blood group.

2nd can be received from the 2nd and 4th, but be a donor only for the 2nd and 1st.

3rd can receive from the 3rd and 4th, and be a donor for the 3rd and 1st.

1st It is a universal receiver, but only the 1st can deliver the plasma.

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