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9 tips that one day can save your life.

With the phrase “survival tips”, many imagine Robinson on the island, or Bear Grylls, alone with nature. But also in the city, you need to know something so as not to get into trouble.

We are We collect tips that are worth remembering so as not to get lost in a difficult situation.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

On the Internet, you can see the following advice: to defend yourself in a street attack, you must hold the keys between your fingers as if they were brass knuckles. In fact, you can not do this: you can hurt your fingers.

And to organize the keys in this way, it takes some time and you may not have them.

Better keep the key in your hand like a knife, much more efficient. Or squeeze the keys in your fist to make it heavier.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

Before landing, record the car number. If you think the taxi driver behaves suspiciously, call any friend (or pretend to call) and tell the other party that you are driving a taxi and call the car number during the conversation.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

In Europe, Asia and America, ticks can transmit Lyme disease, and in Eurasia they also transmit tick-borne encephalitis. Both infections are very dangerous.

Therefore, if a tick has bitten you, go to the doctor and find out if you have been infected.

By the way, you can pick up a tick in a regular park, so stay alert. And to remove the sucked tick, take it with tweezers closer to the head and unscrew it carefully.

If a person tells you he is not going to touch you, stay alert.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

Pay close attention to unusual unsolicited promises. If your partner, for no reason at all, begins to say that he will not touch him, this leads to suspicion that he wants to touch him.

Unconditional promises are a very alarming sign.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

Hide the invoice under the lid or the top of the phone. It happens that you do not have cash, but you need them urgently, for example, to pay a taxi driver.

If you suddenly take your wallet out of your pocket or leave your bag somewhere, this advice can also be useful.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

If you or your friend fell ill in a public place, do not ask for help at once, look for the nearest passer-by and contact him specifically. Otherwise, the responsibility “will disappear”, that is, people will think that someone is already helping them and that everyone will be by their side.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

If the car sinks, you need, without waiting until it submerges under water, open the window and exit through it. But what if, for some reason, the window does not open?

This happens if the body is twisted. For this case, secure something heavy inside the car to break the glass at any time.

Constipation in a wheel or pedals, a fire extinguisher, any tool will do.

A simple safety rule on the stairs, which many people forget.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

Never hold your hands in your pockets, going up or down the stairs. If you suddenly fall, your hands will help you wonderfully.

Well, if the fall can not be avoided, group, protect your head.

If you think something is wrong, do not hesitate and do not be afraid of looking rude.

9 tips that one day can save your life.

Feel free to leave the company of a person that seems strange to you. If you are afraid to go in an elevator with a suspicious neighbor and feel that something is going wrong, do not go against your instincts, just so as not to offend him.

If you do not understand the word “no,” say loudly and clearly: “I’m sorry, but you and I are not on our way.”

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