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Already 60? And you’ll see in 35

I would responsibly call this non-trivial detoxification program. For example, for dinner, we will eat soup and also, we will prepare the best means to eliminate any problem with digestion with our own hands.

If you want to cleanse the body of excess water and toxins in 5 days, get rid of the extra kilos and, obviously, become a more energetic, rejuvenated person, our recommendations will help you. Let’s start with the fact that we go to the pharmacy and buy a packet of bitter and miraculous dry herb wormwood.

Home detoxification It will take place with maximum health benefits!

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Principle number 1

  1. Grind the wormwood in a coffee grinder and take it 4 times a day for 1 teaspoon. Drink a lot of water. It is recommended – between meals. Why is it necessary to do this? The absinthe irritates the nerve endings in the mouth, stimulates the production of gastric juice, because the food is much better digested.

In addition, absinthe – known. anthelmintic. How often problems with the stomach and intestines are associated with parasites!

Now they will not be, thanks to wormwood, the intestines will be completely cleansed of all evil. There is another good advantage of using this medicinal herb: it reduces appetite and discourages sweet cravings.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Start the day with two glasses of water, diluted with lemon juice. Drink as much as possible these 5 days!

The best drink that will help cleanse the body, in addition to pure water, decoction of apples and raisins. Prepare a decoction at night, throwing 2 sliced ​​apples with peel and 3 tablespoons in 2 liters of water. l you pass This compote has a specific flavor, but to many it seems pleasant.

Be sure to take these 2 liters of broth for the day, but do not forget the water. The more you drink, the easier the body gets rid of excess liquids and accumulated harmful substances.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

For breakfast – oatmeal. Detoxification menu It should be approximately the same during the 5 days, but this does not mean that all products are the same.

Oats can be prepared with or without milk, pour kefir. It can be eaten with fruit, apple, banana and kiwi, or with dried fruits. Drink 30 minutes after breakfast, you can drink tea without sugar, you can do decoction, as mentioned above.

Coffee should not be consumed, because with such nutrition can damage the liver and kidneys.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

The second breakfast is a bit of cottage cheese and fruit or some kefir and any fruit.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Principle number 5

Obligatory lunch on the lunch menu should be raw vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, green salad leaves.

Green will help accelerate the process of eliminating toxins! You can also eat boiled chicken fillet or egg, tuna steak.

A portion can be impressive, that is, a large plate of vegetable salad and 2 eggs or a solid filet.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Principle 6

Tall tea Banana, apple, handful of nuts. Do not skip meals!

This is very important, because during an acute hunger attack, you can break up and eat something that is not in accordance with the plan.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Principle number 7

For dinner – soup. The soup should be prepared with different vegetables, but without potatoes. You can with chicken!

Believe me, if you have not eaten with soup before, you will understand all the benefits of this meal. This soup is very rich, while it is low in calories. Use several spices when cooking soup: turmeric, cilantro, red pepper and vegetables.

The spices will help the body to clear up!

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

Do not forget that it is important to eat slowly. Also during the detoxification program it is worth walking a lot.

It is walking that will help your body survive the stress of limitations. The hard physical effort is not worth it during the fasting days.

Already 60? And you'll see in 35

If you follow these recommendations and follow this menu, you are guaranteed to lose weight and improve digestion. The intestines are completely clean. In a short time there will be positive changes in the body! Improves the condition of the skin, sleep, well-being. Is not it worth trying?

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