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Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

When they talk about the Chinese painting of the nails, many draw the image in the form of several hieroglyphics. But this is far from being the case, the method presented is characterized by painting nails with patterns, flowers and other plant elements.

You say that this technique is quite difficult? According to the manicure specialists, having all the necessary tools at hand, each girl can apply an excellent design on her own.

Chinese painting technique

The type of painting presented has several techniques with which you can create a unique and beautiful pattern on the nails. Beginners often use only one trick, experienced teachers resort to their combination.

Thus, Chinese nail painting is created using the following techniques:

  1. Smooth surface: a simple brush stroke without interruption.
  2. Openwork – brush the cable from the bottom up and back, drawing an uneven edge.
  3. Medium opening: with a brush, create peculiar loops in three steps: first the strokes are drawn, then to the side and the final stage are the strokes down.
  4. A twisted brush without separation can achieve a wavy line.
  5. Using intermittent permutations from the bottom up and back, you get the result of receiving the pencil.
  6. Achieve pieces with transparency effect using the aqua technique.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

Maybe the newcomer, such descriptions seem complicated, but after a careful analysis of all the technology, they can learn to create beautiful drawings.

The creation of the image itself takes place in several stages. First you need to prepare the surface and paint the nail varnish in warm pastel colors. Then, using tools, draw a pattern or some flower and finally finish with a protective layer.

Agree that the Chinese technique of painting nails is not different from any other type of manicure.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

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Materials for Chinese nail painting.

The quality and the beautiful manicure depend directly on the materials and tools used. Nowadays, in the specialized stores you can find a great variety of different accessories for Chinese painting. But the main materials, which are mainly necessary for the application of the image, are:

  1. Acrylic paints: they have the most suitable consistency, instead of the usual nail polish. It is with the use of acrylic paints that you can achieve that elegant result and a simple application of smears on the surface of the nail. When choosing the quality of the paintings, treat with the proper attention.
  2. Brushes: the masters are only used with natural bristles, although it is possible to learn with tools with artificial bristles.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

For Chinese painting, he uses the following types of brushes:

  • Flat brushes – they are the main ones in the painting, they have a long but not thick bristle
  • brushes – these brushes already have rough bristles, they are always used to create shadows for any detail
  • Linings: the finest brushes with a long bristle, used to draw simple and wavy lines.
  • fan – used to “fill” the bottom
  • Beveled: the name already indicates the shape of the bristles of the brush.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

For beginners, it is not necessary to acquire all varieties of brushes at once, some different types of tools are enough. It should also be taken into account that this painting is done by applying two different paints to the brush, so for learning it is necessary to acquire two-tone paints.

Chinese nail painting: step-by-step instructions.

As already mentioned, Chinese painting is applied to the surface of the nail with the help of brushes with two paints on the bristles. To create a beautiful and colorful image, generally use white paint and any other color suitable for the idea.

To soften the strokes, you should practice on paper, and only when your movements become safe, start drawing on the nail.

Thus, the Chinese painting on the nails is done in sequence:

  1. The initial stage requires preparation of the surface: frosting, coating with base and varnish background. Before applying smears, clean the surface of the nail from dirt and debris.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of acrylic paints used in the palette. Create a drawing on paper. Here you can experiment with the location of details and shadows.
  3. Then, clean the brush, dry with a clean napkin and begin to create a pattern on the nail plates. The bristles “grab” two colors of paint from different sides. Begin to make strokes in the required sequence and using various techniques.
  4. If necessary, allow the layers to dry and then proceed to a new batch of smears. In this case, the brush should be washed and dried with a napkin.
  5. Once the drawing is completed, let the paint dry. Cover the nail plate with a finishing coat.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

Chinese nail painting: video lesson

Popular drawings in Chinese painting.

Among the most popular drawings in the form of painting presented are the following:

  1. Bud rose: the most popular pattern, thanks to its ease of application. Perfect for beginners, since almost no defects will be noticed.
  2. Cornflower – the flower is drawn quickly and in several movements.
  3. The leaflets – are complementary to flowers, not always used.
  4. Peonies: the technique to create an image is similar to a rosebud, but errors and faults are unacceptable.
  5. Open flower: in the absence of suitable colors, you can experiment a little with the combinations and create a common flower with full-blown petals.

The design of a nail depends completely on the teacher’s imagination.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

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Chinese nail painting: professional advice.

Expert masters can advise beginners to observe some blurring rules. Thus, for example, with the help of a multilayer drawing of the figure, you can achieve a realistic volume.

In addition, beginning teachers should look more closely and adopt the following aspects:

  1. The effect of doing the work depends on the brush that is pressed, as well as the angle and rotation when drawing the image.
  2. Color transitions should not protrude sharply.
  3. Do not forget the wetting of the brush and its washing with water, as the paint begins to thicken in the dry bristles.
  4. Pay more attention to the selection of tools.
  5. Before applying the image on the nail plate, you should practice on paper, as well as watch appropriate tutorial videos.

Chinese nail art: a simple technique to create a masterpiece.

Chinese nail art: readers’ reviews

Ekaterina Radzevich, Saint Petersburg (26 years old). I always go to my teacher when I want beautiful nails.

So I can admire the masterpiece every day and every minute. My husband also likes this technique.

Svetlana Gataulina, Samara (23 years old). I have been doing manicures for three years.

I note that many young girls like Chinese painting. Well, the customer’s desire – for me the law.

Anastasia Levakina, Barnaul (30 years old). I am delighted with Chinese painting!

In the nails of my clients, I can really create!

Anastasia Radakan, Surgut (28 years old). I do not like flowers on my nails.

I prefer classic French or graphics.

Maria Ledeneva, Michurinsk (25 years old). I love Chinese painting, because here is a fantasy and you can even go every day with a new pattern.

Chinese nail painting for beginners: video.

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