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Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

With dull hair, they lose their brightness after a frequent hairstyle and trips to the hairdresser.

A too intense pace of life, an incorrect and unbalanced nutrition also negatively affects your condition.

The “tired” type of hair indicates the need for urgent rehabilitation and treatment.

Causes of dry and damaged hair.

Dry, brittle and damaged hair are the result of a change in its structure. The nutrients are not delivered in the correct amount to the hair follicles, their normal absorption is altered.

As a result, the hair does not receive enough moisture and the necessary useful elements along the entire length.

The main factors that cause excessive dryness and brittle hair are associated with inadequate care and altered metabolic processes in the body.

The first category includes:

  • Abuse of “decorative” care products: all types of dyeing, perm.
  • Frequent use of styling products with hot air: hair dryers, irons, ploek, especially in combination with lacquers, mousses and foams for fixing hairstyles.
  • Improper washing and combing. Hair should not be washed with too hot water, rubbed with a towel. The vigorous combing of the wet strands leads to its fragility.
  • A long stay in the sun with an uncovered head causes a moisture deficiency.

The “internal” reasons can be counted:

  • Avitaminosis and unhealthy diet, which prevents the absorption of nutrients and trace elements.
  • Stress and tension
  • Lack of adequate rest.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

How to prepare and apply a mask on damaged hair.

To restore the structure of the hair, it is necessary to initiate a complex of medical procedures, whose base should be a nourishing mask.

A real store of useful microelements for dry and damaged hair are oils: burdock, sea buckthorn, beaver, etc.

“Ingredients of beauty” is rightly called honey and egg. The proteins and nutrients in its composition, in a short time will return the shine of the hair, health and beauty.

In addition to the above components should be natural “supplements” of vitamins. Vitamin A is found in large quantities in dairy products, E – in wild berries of rose, sea buckthorn and viburnum.

To compensate for the lack of vitamin B, it is recommended to add yeast to the medicinal formulations, C – a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

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But, as during any therapy, when using masks for hair restoration, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. For the preparation of compositions, choose only fresh products, in which quality do not have doubts.
  2. The course of treatment – from 2 months.
  3. Applications must be made regularly with a frequency of 2 times a week.
  4. The composition is applied along the entire length of the strands, starting from the roots, for half an hour.
  5. Wrap your head well: first with polyethylene and then with a warm towel.
  6. Wash the composition with warm water, it can cool the water (especially if one of the components of the mask is egg white). The shampoo is used according to the “filling” of the medical mixture: for oily and milky masks.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

Masks for damaged hair at home. Best recipes

  • Medical mask for split ends of damaged hair. Ingredients: honey, brandy, burdock oil (1 tablespoon), yolk. All components are mixed until a smooth consistency is obtained.
  • Nourishing mask for very damaged hair. First you need to prepare a decoction of burdock root. 1 tablespoon. One tablespoon of roots of dried and crushed plants pours hot water (1 cup) and boils for about 10 minutes. In the cooled and filtered broth, add almond and castor oil (in equal proportions, 1 tbsp). The resulting mixture is ready to use.
  • Effective mask for dyed and damaged hair. Dyed hair can be quickly restored with the help of oil applications (burdock, olive, etc.), to which a few drops of vitamins are added (the most “effective”: A, B or E). Spread the mixture evenly through your hair and keep it for several hours. Perfectly cure dyed hair and herbal masks: prepare a mixture of dried leaves of sage, nettle, oregano and celandine (1 teaspoon). In the strained broth, knead 300 g of black bread. The mask is ready.
  • Moisturizing mask for damaged hair. Honey and almond oil (in equal parts, 1 tablespoon of L.), heated in a water bath, mix. Add half a cup of homemade kefir.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

How to restore damaged hair? Rules for dry hair.

The complex of nourishing and moisturizing masks will help restore the healthy and well-groomed appearance of the hair. But do not forget the recommendations about daily care:

  1. Wash your hair with warm water, never hot.
  2. Carefully and gently pat your head after washing with a soft towel.
  3. Comb dry hair only, preferably with a wooden brush with sparse teeth.
  4. In the open sun, protect your hair with a hat, and in the sea or the pool – with a special cap, after bathing, rinse your head with fresh water.
  5. Daily intake of liquids – not less than 1.5-2 liters.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

Dry and damaged hair: restoration with homemade masks.

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Homemade mask for damaged hair: readers’ opinions.

Yevseyev Elizabeth, Moscow. I do not think that popular recipes can compete with the recovery complexes in beauty salons. I tried to do a course of masks with burdock oil.

But these greasy and unwashable spots are terribly annoying. I prefer to resort to professionals.

Vasilevskaya Zoya, Moscow. His hair, dried by chemistry, was restored in a month and a half with burdock and castor oil.

He rubbed the roots, then put the oil in the strands and walked with such a “compress” for several hours.

Lomakina Svetlana, Saint Petersburg. During the period of vitamin deficiency (the end of winter, the beginning of spring), I constantly feed my hair with bread or yeast masks.

And I do not even remember the seasonal loss of hair, although in the summer the hair was noticeably sharp.

Glukhareva Victoria, Voronezh. In the summer, in the village I constantly make masks with homemade fermented dairy products.

I really like the result: the hair seems to come alive. But in the city I prefer to contact my hairdresser.

Semenova Anastasia, Lipetsk. After pregnancy, the hair began to fall at a disastrous rate. The doctor recommended that I take complexes with vitamins from group B. I started making yeast masks for the safety net.

A month later, he noticed short and growing hairs. Now I do these procedures regularly.

Video: a wonderful mask for damaged hair at home.

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