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How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

A look at the hands and nails of a girl or a woman can say a lot: about whether she has enough time for herself, if she cares about her appearance. The impression of perfect makeup and style can ruin the careless appearance of the nails.

How to make your nails smooth?

A woman must keep her hands in proper conditions. This is your business card.

The soft skin, the correct shape of the nails, the applied lacquer gently suggests that she appreciates herself and demands the same from others.

Not everyone has the time and the opportunity to go regularly to the nail service teacher. Yes, and sometimes you want to experience the most at home.

Many are afraid of self-applied varnish. This is due to the fact that the varnish extends, does not dry for a long time, and in the end all efforts are reduced to nothing.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

Rules that will help make the perfect manicure, even at home:

  • Before starting to manipulate the nails, remove the old varnish from them or simply degrease them.
  • Give your nails the correct and desired shape using a nail file. Sand the surface of the nail so that the lacquer is softer.
  • If there are thick and unattractive cuticles, steam your hands in a bath of warm water, then move the cuticles back with a stick. Mechanical exposure to scissors is not recommended, as there is a risk of damaging delicate skin. Let a specialist do it during your next visit.
  • The next stage is the base coating under the lacquer. It performs several functions: it protects the nail from stains with lacquer pigments, it protects against the penetration of chemical elements from the lacquer coating. Many basic elements are enriched with vitamins, which allows them to strengthen the nails.
  • As soon as the base is dry, the nail is ready to apply varnish of color. There are several nuances to varnish carefully.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

With a brush, previously submerged in varnish, put a point on the upper middle part of the nail. Then, gently draw a strip of varnish from the base to the point. The next steps are to paint the base, then a brush with a brush on both sides of the strip.

A few strokes ordered and your manicure is almost ready. For a more saturated color it is possible to apply varnish in two layers.

  • For a more lasting manicure and a nice shine, you can apply a finishing coat of a special fixer. It will give you a finished look.
  • If the skin around the nail becomes dirty during the process, clean the spots with a cotton ball soaked in a nail polish remover.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

Gel manicure: advantages and disadvantages in this article.

How to gently make the nails in the right hand?

For many, there is a difficulty with the application of varnish on the right hand. If we paint the nails in the left hand without problems, since most of them are right-handed, then the left hand does not want to obey and apply the varnish gently.

There is an exit.

Make a manicure, first on the left hand, and then on the right. It is not ironic, but this rule is valid.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

Start painting with the little finger on your right hand. Follow the pattern to apply the varnish in the areas shown above and the coating will be even and uniform.

Let him have all the necessary tools, like cotton swabs to eliminate the effects of a trembling hand. Several workouts and the problem of discomfort will disappear.

Characteristics of the application of light varnish.

Light lacquer is popular among manicure lovers. The light beige and white tones are the trend of the current season, so it is very important to learn how to apply these colors correctly.

The clear varnish application scheme is somewhat different from the dark one. There is a risk of visible divorces. Light pearl tones do not begin to be painted with a drop, and the brush extends like a fan and, from the base of the nail, leads to the free edge.

Said technique of application will allow to obtain a uniform layer without striae. The advantage of light tones is that they can be painted on a layer, so they dry quickly.

The pastel colors are suitable for any clothes and style.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

Characteristics of the application of dark varnish.

The dark nail polish is focused on the hands. Therefore, the manicure should be perfect, with a smooth coating, lack of cuticles, the perfect shape of the nails. There is a pattern that when dyeing with dark varnishes, the first layer is uneven.

The main thing – to try to fix it, adding even more varnish on the surface of the nail. Let the first layer dry. The following 2 thin layers applied after drying each will provide a smooth coating without defects.

The dark varnishes look angularly on the short nails, to create the illusion of a longer nail, leave the edges of the nail unpainted.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

How to make your nails smooth with lacquer?

The appearance of gel enamel in the nail service industry has made life easier for lovers of beautiful manicures. Now you can do a persistent manicure that does not require editing for 2-3 weeks, until the nail grows.

Shellac manufacturers claim that the tool is free of harmful impurities and meets quality standards, therefore, it is not detrimental to users who find the gel enamel on the nails.

Is it possible to self-feed the lacquer? This requires the presence of accompanying elements, without which a manicure based on lacquer is not enough.

  • Means to improve the shape of the nails: nail file, cuticle.
  • Color, base, top lacquer.
  • Liquid to eliminate the lacquer.
  • Manicure lamp.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

Instructions for the careful application of the lacquer.

To start, give the nails the correct shape, polish, move the cuticle. Degrease the surface of the nail plate and the area around it.

  1. Apply the lacquer base and hold the nails under a UV lamp for 1 minute.
  2. Painting with color option up to 3 layers.
  3. Applying superior lacquer. The drying of each layer occurs within 2 minutes in the lamp.
  4. Remove the remaining adhesive film on the top layer. Use a regular nail polish remover for this.

How to apply your nails gently: a brief educational program

The main trends of the manicure 2015: photos in this article.

Hit by a type of oval face: options for “design” and ways to place the link http://klublady.ru/volosy/pricheski-i-strizhki/chelka-dlya-ovalnogo-lica.html

How to make up your nails smoothly: readers’ reviews

Nadezhda Smirnova, 34 years old, Kurgan. In order not to spend money on beauty salons, I bought everything I need for the lacquer.

With time, it’s still worth it. After several unsuccessful attempts, I had a little experience and now I do not need a single specialist.

Natalya Surkova, 39, Moscow. A good manicure for me is the key to a good mood.

If I see the nails peel on others, it becomes distorted. Therefore, I try to do a manicure regularly. Even if there is not enough time, I sit down, I correct gently.

In the end, women’s hands say a lot.

Svetlana Pirogov, 27 years old, Pskov. I can do a manicure easily or go to the classroom. It does not depend on money, but on the degree of congestion.

But if I see that the manicurist is careless, everything is goodbye. The experience has been perfected over the years, but I do not want to be a guinea pig.

Albina Gazizullina, 21, Ufa. I love an independent manicure. You can sit quietly, soak pens.

Handle each nail slowly and gently. How we treat each part of the body, depends on the love of themselves.

Radmila Radaeva, 42, Surgut. Precision in the nails – for me above all.

They can be unvarnished, short or long, but if they are in perfect condition, it is also very nice, and others.

How to make up your nails gently: video tutorial

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