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How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

Now, silky smooth hair is fashionable, but not all women have such a person by nature. But each one can boast an absolutely straight hair, using a hair iron.

The store shelves are full of all kinds of appliances, and it turns out that choosing a rectifier is not so easy.

To make the right decision and get the perfect hair without damaging your hair, you must know the difference between the different models, what are their advantages and disadvantages.

So, when choosing, you should pay attention to:

  • Coating material
  • Plate width
  • Availability of additional functions (thermostat, automatic shutdown, etc.)

Coating of hair straighteners

  • Devices with metallic coating. Now they are considered obsolete, although they are now in stores. They have many disadvantages in comparison with the most modern rectifiers: the cosmetic products adhere to the metal surface and the hair is badly damaged. Therefore, it is better to reject such devices.
  • The most popular ceramic plate rectifiers – They have a low price, they heat evenly and maintain a stable temperature throughout the procedure, they move easily through the hair. Sometimes a tourmaline pot is added to the ceramic, so that after the procedure the hair remains shiny, hydrated and healthy.
  • Rectifiers coated with teflon Swipe well along the hair, and minimize the time of interaction with the hair. However, the coating can be very dirty when cosmetics are used, although in the hair itself the products do not burn.

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

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How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

The best hair straightener – we determine the width of the plates.

The width of the plates is narrow (up to 2.5 cm) and wide (more than 2.5 cm). The straightener should be chosen based on your hair type.

Therefore, narrow straighteners are suitable for thin strands, for long and thick strands.

Straighteners can be used for curling, but only if they have narrow plates. In addition, for this, its form must be rounded.

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

How to choose a hair straightener – additional features

Modern devices have a number of additional features that make the style easier, faster and safer.

  1. Protection against overheating (thermostat). Some models have protection against overheating: they turn off automatically after a while or when the maximum possible temperature is reached.
  2. Thermostat This is a very useful feature that allows you to adjust the heating temperature of the plates. Weak and thin hair is recommended in soft mode, and thick and thick: maximum heat. Thanks to the thermostat, you can adjust the desired heating temperature, which will provide an ideal and at the same time safe hair straightening.
  3. screen These modern models allow you to see all the settings of the instrument on the screen, for example, the temperature of the plates. In this case, you can adjust the temperature to 5 degrees.
  4. Lock buttons While using the rectifier, you can accidentally click on the configuration buttons and change the mode accordingly. The lock allows you to avoid such surprises.
  5. Rapid heating and rapid cooling. These functions will be useful if the straightening of the hair often occurs in a hurry: it is not necessary to wait until the device warms up first and then cool enough to put it in the cabinet.

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

Hair straightener – safety rules when using

When using a rectifier, follow these rules:

  • Do not touch the scalp to avoid burns.
  • Do not delay for a long time in a section of the hair (the device should slide smoothly over the hair strands)
  • Make sure you use heat protection for your hair.
  • Try to avoid daily use (this will worsen the condition of the hair, it will make it fragile and dry).

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

How to choose a hair straightener? Tips

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Hair straightener: readers opinions

Inna Solovyova (Tver). I was presented with a Remington hair straightener for my birthday, because I knew how I dream with straight hair.

To be honest, I do not like the device very much: the plates are narrow for my hair, a lot of time is spent on the hairstyle, in addition to the waste for the hair, the temperature controller of my model is not included.

Sofia Stolypin (Voronezh). I use the Philips rectifier, I bought it according to the recommendations of my choice.

It has a good ceramic coating, a comfortable handle, the plates heat up quickly (this is important for those who are in a hurry to work). I advise all friends exactly such a rectifier.

Anastasia Korzhova (Saint Petersburg). A friend has long used the rectifier of the famous Italian brand Gama, many of their products belong to the professional line. He did not regret everything that followed his advice: there is a thermostat, automatic shutdown, screen, ionization.

The hair of this rectifier does not break down at all.

Tatyana Afanasyev (Rostov-on-Don). A couple of years ago I bought a rectifier Rowenta already used other devices of this brand, so I had no doubt that it would be of high quality.

And I was not wrong: the straightening of the hair takes a little time, the coating does not get dirty and the hair does not deteriorate (but I do not use it every day).

Ekaterina Lampova (Moscow). A few months ago, I bought a cheap Vitek rectifier. The description seems to be good, but I did not like it.

It happens that the hair straightens up badly, and sometimes vice versa, they dry up. The device does not have additional features.

I do not recommend the rectifiers of this company.

Video on how to choose a hair straightener.

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