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How to get a tattoo at home

How to get a tattoo at home

Recently, the tattoo has become a very popular phenomenon, began to be applied not only in closed areas of the body, but also in the body, which remains open all the time: neck, arms, chest. However, the quality of the drawing of the image does not always meet the aesthetic requirements and, after a while, think about how to get the tattoo.
There are several ways to get rid of the annoying pattern.

Ways to remove tattoos

The most effective is the laser method, there are several varieties of them and each one removes tattoos of its own kind, black, green, red. The procedure is performed in the cabin after consulting a dermatologist, as the result of the elimination will depend on several factors:

  • How old is the tattoo?
  • Mono / multi color performance
  • What is the ink depth applied?
  • Quality of ink when applied
  • The state of the skin

How to get a tattoo at home

The pulses of light from the laser device pass through the epidermis, breaking the ink under the skin into particles, which are eliminated by the immune system autonomously throughout the month. Depending on the size of the pattern, its density, the procedure is carried out repeatedly, which affects the cost of the entire course.

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The mechanical method of tattoo removal is painful, expensive, the result depends entirely on the professionalism of the doctor and the state of human health. Before choosing this method to get rid of a tattoo, specify all the nuances.

You will have to undergo tests, since the area of ​​the skin with the tattoo is cut with the top layer of the epidermis in the hospital. The residual scars remain and also require cosmetic correction.
You can try the chemical removal of tattoos, For this, creams or balms are used. With the help of them, the upper layer of the dermis burns and peels.

The method is not suitable for everyone, depending on the area of ​​the tattoo, how the skin reacts to acid, which is the base of the cream.
At home, for tattoo removal, you can use gentle methods. Tincture of celandine, iodine, vinegar essence.

However, the procedures are painful and do not always give a positive result.

How to get a tattoo at home

How to get a tattoo at home

If you decide to trust your experience, you should know how to get a tattoo at home and evaluate the pros and cons of this method. Of the obvious positive points:

  • The minimum “cost” of consumables.
  • You can hold it at any time and if the tattoo in your area of ​​visibility does everything yourself.

You can remove a tattoo with iodine. Buy a bottle of iodine in the store, prepare the surface to be treated: wash with water, clean with a scrubber and with alcohol. Apply iodine solution on the surface of the skin.

When the solution is applied, this area burns and the top layer of the skin falls off. However, the procedure does not appear at one time and, in addition, after a burn with iodine, a pigmented spot appears, which will eventually become paler, but will not disappear completely.

Also, if you are over thirty years old, it will be harder to get rid of the burn spot.

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If you do not know how to remove the tattoo with potassium permanganate, this paragraph is for you. Get manganese powder at a pharmacy, its price varies within 40 rubles. Potassium permanganate is the smallest dark brown particles.

Apply the powder strictly on the tattooed area of ​​the skin. After you have closed the entire drawing, dampen it with a water spray gun, cover it with gauze and repair it for three hours.

Repeat the procedure every day until the skin burns with the pattern.

Thinking about getting a milk tattoo? The method is barbaric and involves injecting milk under the skin with a syringe.

Milk, when a foreign body begins to rot in the entire application area and, as a result, the area will fall off.
Theoretically, you can get a tattoo at home, but before succumbing to the momentary impulse, read about the consequences of such self-removal.

How to get a tattoo at home

Complications after the removal of the tattoo at home.

If you decide to get rid of the tattoo and you do not have the means and the ability to perform this procedure in the cosmetology salon, you can eliminate the unwanted pattern yourself. But If you want to know if it is possible to remove a tattoo at home without consequences, then definitely not.

You can expect an infection, an allergic reaction, scars, granulomas.

How to get a tattoo at home

Where can I remove the tattoo safely?

If you do not know where the tattoos with the best result are eliminated, ask for informative help in the cosmetology salon, the clinic that deals with plastic surgery. Only a professional doctor can find a way to remove the tattoo, perform an examination of the body and decide on a possible way to eliminate the tattoo individually.

How to get a tattoo at home

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