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How to make a manicure at home?

How to make a manicure at home?

Palettes of delicate, discrete or bright colors that change from one tone to another and create a flicker and rainbow effect. These are all new directions for decorative nail covers.

Ombre Manicure

The Ombre manicure appeared as one of the French manicure varieties. In the “classic” version, two colors of lacquer are applied to the nails. The main part of the nail is painted in pastel colors, natural colors, and the tip of the nail is highlighted in white.

How to make a manicure at home?

Ombre is a degraded nail design. One color seems to flow towards another.

There are no clear boundaries between them, the transition is smooth and smooth. The color palette of the manicure ombra is significantly extended.

Depending on your taste, style or image, you can use not only beige-pink tones, but also bright and contrasting color combinations.

How to make a manicure at home?

The varnish application gradient technique appeared relatively recently, but it has already gained popularity among women. You can make simple ombre options at home.

It looks very impressive and adapts perfectly to the daily image and for special occasions.

On the pros and cons of the combined manicure, read here.

Ombre manicure options.

Conventionally, nail-style decorating methods can be divided into 3 groups:

  • The first option, the clearest, is a transition from a lighter color to a darker one. To achieve this, two-tone varnishes are selected. The “design” is repeated on each finger. It looks very elegant Light and flesh colored Ombre. As with the French manicure, the nail is painted in pale pink or beige, which gradually turns white (at the end of the nail), but the border between them is opaque. This is a universal option for everyday life, and for special occasions you can decorate it with rhinestones, small flowers or any other decorative element.
    How to make a manicure at home?
  • The second method is also a smooth flow of colors, identical in all the nails. But it uses contrasting colors. To achieve a smooth and “correct” gradient, certain skills are needed.
    How to make a manicure at home?
  • The last option is to cover each nail with a monochromatic lacquer, but with different saturation and “depth”. That is to say, the change of color from light to dark does not occur in a nail, but in stages in each nail plate, from the thumb to the little finger.
    How to make a manicure at home?

Ombre Manicure: Professional Advice

As in any creative process, in the technique of making and decorating the nails in the ombre style has its own subtleties. We offer you the advice of professionals to achieve the ideal result as soon as possible.

  1. The stylists advise to apply a lighter shade of lacquer at the base of the nail, shading the tips. This combination looks more elegant and expressive.
  2. For a back cover, choose a white or solid lacquer. The white base will make the gradient brighter and more saturated, and the soft and subdued body tones.
  3. The manicure technique consists of applying a varnish with the help of a sponge. It is impossible to perfectly control its distribution, as when working with a brush. Therefore, it is recommended that stylists protect the skin around the nail plate with a thick cream or stick it gently with adhesive tape.
  4. To form a perfect transition from one color to another, you can use a needle or a toothpick, using small “strokes” to achieve a perfect flow.

How to make a manicure at home?

Ombre Manicure: Step by step guide

Coming to the implementation of a degraded manicure.

  • To begin, he prepares a set of preparatory works. Give your nails the desired shape. Using a special tool, remove the remaining varnish and degrease the surface.
  • The next stage is to lay the foundations. The basic colorless varnish will protect your nail from decorative “loads”, it will prevent its fragility and stratification.
  • Then you need to apply a white background or body paint. It should be uniformly over the entire nail plate, without spots or irregularities.
  • After drying, proceed directly to the formation of the transition. To do this, pour a few drops of varnish 2 shades on any smooth and shiny surface, for example, on the sheet.
  • The toothpick or needle “molds” the color transition in the way you want to see it in the nail.
  • Gently, without pressing, immerse a sponge in a “palette” on the foil and, gently, dry it on the nail. That the sponge does not absorb a varnish, it is necessary to moisten it beforehand.
  • Before painting each “palette” of nails on the sheet should be updated.

How to make a manicure at home?

How to make a European manicure at home, read here.

Types and modern methods of hair styling in several ways at the link http://klublady.ru/volosy/pricheski-i-strizhki/vidy-ukladki-volos.html

Ombre Manicure: Comments from readers

Natalya Zhukova, Moscow, 24 years old. I like the new technique of degraded nail design. The pastel range looks very elegant.

Such a manicure is appropriate and at work, and goes well with the festive set.

Margarita Zvanina, Pskov, 18 years old. For me, I chose bright colors for the manicure ombra.

I apply two colors myself, and if I want to make a range of rainbows, I appeal to professionals. Now my nails never go unnoticed!

Tatiana Mishina, Saint Petersburg, 29 years old. Manicure gradient for the first time I saw a friend.

After studying several video tutorials, at home I did the same. I liked the result, I plan to continue using this technique.

Oksana Cherevatova, Ufa, 30 years old. Very often I get a horizontal manicure: when the color becomes richer in each subsequent nail.

It is done very simply and quickly, since the nail is completely covered with a one-tone lacquer. Sometimes I experiment with accessories to combine the manicure.

It looks very impressive!

Ombre Manicure: Video Lesson

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