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How to make a manicure fan brush?

How to make a manicure fan brush?

The brushes for the manicurist are an essential tool for the art of nails. Well chosen, during the work they seem to continue their hand, creating beautiful original drawings.

The brushes selected correctly can perform their functions for a long time and will please the ladies with a beautiful manicure.

Nail design using a fan brush: photo

You can create an interesting background image on the nails, an abstract design or Chinese painting with a special tool: a fan brush. They are used to form the so-called striations with acrylic paints and varnishes, as well as for the uniform application of glitter and other similar loose decorative elements.

It is a fan brush that can achieve the original pattern in the nails by mixing several shades of lacquers.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

It is not difficult to master the technique of applying the decoration in the home with a tool of this type. To create a gradient, it is necessary to apply a couple of drops of acrylic paint or varnish in different colors at a short distance on the palette. Then gently submerge the brush, and gently apply movements to the nail plate horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in waves.

In the end, you can cover the nail with sparkles, rhinestones or stones.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

Teachers also use a fan brush as an auxiliary tool. It is convenient to shake off excess decoration, like velvet sand.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

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How to choose a fan brush for the design?

It is a mistake to ignore the material from which the brush is made. In practice, this error is often made by beginners.

Some use simple brushes that are used to paint on paper.

The fan brush consists of the following elements:

If the material of which the base of the brush for fan is made is of high quality, then it will not get out of hand during the application, it is convenient to have it in your hands. The metal case must be securely fixed to the battery, so as not to change its position during use.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

There are many nuances that determine the choice of a fan brush, namely:

  • The quality of the battery is a fundamental criterion that determines the choice of this tool. Today in the market are the brushes of synthetic and natural materials. For fluid materials, it is better to choose tools with natural bristles, for viscous materials, with synthetic bristles. It is preferable to give the brushes with artificial hair, as they are more resistant to the action of liquids to remove varnishes and solvents.
  • The good quality of the brush of the fan will be indicated by a reliable fixation of the hairs in its support.
  • The size of the tool should conform to the shape of the nail. Manicurists have two brushes in their arsenal. They use one of them for natural nails and the other for extended nails.
  • The pile of a brush must be quite elastic. This will create a clearer scheme of the pattern.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

Manicure brush fan: step by step instructions

To learn how to use such a tool at home, the simplest way is to start with an abstract design. The waves of the sea are a simple illustrative example of how to create a fan brush decoration.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

Think about the color combination in advance so that the image is in harmony with your image. As a basis for marine design, take the turquoise varnish gently.

Drawing line in dark blue, blue and pink tones.

  1. Put a base under the drawing. Thoroughly varnish the nail plate, then wait long enough for all nails to dry.
  2. On the palette, carefully apply three drops of varnish of various shades. Make sure that when immersing a fan brush do not mix with each other.
  3. Take a fan brush. It is important that your villi are elastic enough and do not stick together. Dip your tips gently into the pink lacquer. To draw an image, just use half a brush.
  4. Using light tangential movements, apply a line from left to right on the entire nail. Let the pattern dry. At this time, brush the varnish to change the color.
  5. Then create the blue and blue tone lines in the same way. Be sure to alternate the direction of hand movement (one shadow from left to right, the other, on the contrary).
  6. Finally, apply a finishing coat to each nail (use clear varnish).

Simple and ready original manicure.

How to make a manicure fan brush?

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Manicure with a fan brush: Readers’ comments

Olga Lisetskaya (32 years old, Moscow). I have been working in the field of neil art for more than 5 years.

Fan brush – my indispensable tool for creating landscape paintings. Just apply a couple of colors to the palette with fine lines side by side. Then, a fan brush to hold the palette and with a few strokes to transfer the paint to the surface of the nail plate.

This is really a simple technology, anyone can learn.

Irina Kovalevskaya (27 years old, Novgorod). And somehow I did not exercise with a fan brush.

First, it only served a month (the villi began to fall), and second, the design could not be applied beautifully. Forever everything was blurred.

Ekaterina Voznyuk (39 years old, Moscow). From time to time I use a brush to paint the nails.

I have no reason to speak badly about this tool. It is more a matter of habit.

Personally, I prefer to paint with fine brushes.

Ekaterina Novikova (25 years old, Tver). My clients are delighted with the decoration made with fan tassels.

Many in the quality of the image are asked to simply make an abstraction. I think that only with the help of this tool will it be possible to achieve precision when mixing paints.

Valentina Kalevko (22 years old, Nizhny Novgorod). I love using fan brushes.

I have two of them (for short and long nails). I like that I can evenly distribute the flashes on the surface of the nail plate.

Choosing the right tool to paint the nails is a matter of preference and personal habit. A wide variety of fan brushes will allow both the master and the beginner to choose the right tool. Do not wait for cheap models of high quality.

The right approach to choosing a fan brush and the proper care will allow you to successfully use that tool for a long time.

Manicure with a fan brush: video lesson

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