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How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to make beautiful eyebrows.

All the ladies dream of a pretty face. The eyebrows occupy almost the most important role in the whole image of a girl and a woman.

If you choose the correct form, they will perfectly emphasize the face and make the eyes more expressive. The eyebrows will undoubtedly save your appearance, even if the makeup turns out not to be entirely successful.

How to make a beautiful eyebrow shape?

The eyebrows must adapt perfectly to a certain type of life and appearance, independently of the shape of the face and the color of the skin. It is recommended that they be well combined with the latest fashion and style of clothing.

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How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

For each appearance it adapts to the individual shape of the eyebrows. In the first place, it depends on the shape of the face and the proportionality of the organs that are in it.

How to make beautiful eyebrows.

  • The round and smooth eyebrows are perfect for all face shapes. They will help not only to make the appearance more expressive by opening the eyelid, but also to rejuvenate the face externally.
  • If you have a slightly higher center of the eyebrow, then you can make the triangular eyebrows safely (in the form of a house), otherwise you risk making your face look surprised, but it looks funny
  • Girls with slightly rough features will adjust to the arched and rounded eyebrows, because they will soften it externally. This type is popular since the birth of the USSR.
  • If you want to hide some disproportionality from the face, then the eyebrows with a “break” will fit perfectly. They will give the face even more expressiveness and naturalness.
  • Thin girls are ideal for narrow eyebrows. Visually round the chin and slightly expand the face.
    How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to tear the eyebrows?

There are several recommendations to shave your eyebrows to help you make them perfect:

  1. After epilating the skin of the eyelids, irritation may occur, so correction is best done at night
  2. Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove the makeup, since the correction must be done on clean skin, so as not to infect the infection.
  3. To eliminate the hairs only in the direction of their growth, otherwise they will grow incorrectly and the eyebrows will be very hairy
  4. Do not use a razor and scissors during correction, as you can cut or shave the excess accidentally, spoiling the entire shape.
  5. Many cosmetologists do not recommend tearing off the upper part of the eyebrow on their own, because this process is very complicated and a professional can handle it very easily.
    How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to make beautiful eyebrows if they are rare?

Unfortunately, not all women have bushy eyebrows. The most basic and common cause of rare hairs is genetics.

In addition, eyebrows can become so due to inadequate care, chemical staining, transferred stress, problems with blood vessels and for many other reasons.

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Beautiful eyebrows: photo before and after.

How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to make beautiful eyebrows.

How to make beautiful eyebrows: video

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