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How to make the basal volume of the hair?

How to make the basal volume of the hair?

Many women often face the problem when it is very difficult to do a hairstyle in the morning.

This is due to the lack of volume in the roots, so the placement loses its shape very quickly.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon that can be solved very easily.

The reasons that are forced to make volume background.

It often happens that women simply do not know how to do the right style and, therefore, problems of insufficient volume arise. Many believe that long hair will be more voluminous in the hair.

And some, in an attack of desperation, make a permanent that does not give the hair the desired volume, but only spoils them and leaves them lifeless.

Here are some reasons that prevent you from feeling confident and do not be scared by your insufficiently voluminous hairstyle:

  • Fine straight hair
  • Hard straight hair
  • Hair adjusted to the head.
  • Long and heavy hair
  • Scarce damaged hair.

And, of course, it is very difficult to reach the volume in the crown. This can be for any type of hair.

Now we will name five reasons that speak in favor of the fact that the root volume is needed.

  1. Now, in the trend, the volumetric forms, and in the hairstyles – included.
  2. The volumetric hairstyle will help you adjust your face and even your figure. It is only necessary to choose the correct style.
  3. If your hair grows fat very quickly, the hairstyle loses its shape. The volume in the roots makes it more durable.
  4. Even thick and healthy hair, but scarce will not give you the desired volume. By increasing it in the roots, you will achieve the effect of hair pomp.
  5. Long, heavy hair under its own weight does not allow your hair to be bulky. The lower volume will make you more spectacular.

How to make the basal volume of the hair?

How to make basal volume in the long term?

If you decide that you are tired of playing with style every day, and this result, in principle, does not give to a beauty salon. Only there a professional teacher can recommend, in the first place, a haircut, which will emphasize your merits more advantageously and hide a lower roughness.

How to make the basal volume of the hair?

Do you have a round face? Find out what it hits you to face here.

Bouffant radical hair volume by Paul Mitchell

The procedure is based on the use of biological agents that produce merino sheep wool. This is something similar to the famous “chemistry”, which was very popular at that time.

But the effect is directly proportional.

The structure is applied on hair curlers and dried under certain conditions. Then, after 48 hours, you can wash your hair. The effect will not disappear, the code that will auto-style using the usual style.

On the contrary, it will only increase the volume. During the month, you can make stains in the cabin, and at home.

The minimum period of conservation of the basal volume with this curling method is 1 month. Maybe more, everything depends on the structure of the hair.

And then decide what to do: repeat the procedure or do the hairstyle in the usual way.

How to make the basal volume of the hair?

Lower volume increase UP

Increase the power: this is the procedure to create a basal volume using a special technique to twist the hair. Only natural ingredients are used, whose influence on hair structure is minimal.

With this biondas, the hair in all the length will remain equally soft. The volume will be created only at the roots.

After the procedure, the basal volume will be maintained for at least 6 months. You can use all your favorite style tools, it does not hurt.

The only drawback is that it is not recommended to make such a permanent one for short hair, since the result can be unpredictable.

How to make the basal volume of the hair?

How to make the basal volume of hair at home?

If you want to make your hair bulky, but can not visit the classroom and turn to the services of a teacher, it does not matter. There are many devices that will become your assistants in the creation of a basal volume.

  • Iron It will help to make the volume in the roots, if it does in clean, slightly damp hair. Wash your head with shampoo, which is designed to create volume. Dry well with a towel. It is advisable not to use a hair dryer. But if you’re in a hurry, dry it a little. Then divide the hair into small strands and smooth it with a heated iron perpendicular to the head in the same roots. The result necessarily sets the varnish.
  • Corrugated This tool is used in the same way as the iron. But the volume will be somewhat different due to the undulation imparted by the corrugation.
  • Rollers They are used only on wet hair and are dried under natural conditions, without using a hair dryer. So you get a more lasting effect. If you are in a hurry, you can dry it only at the end of the procedure.
  • Hair dryer With it, you can dry your hair and give them the desired volume and shape. To create a basal volume, dry the roots and direct the air stream towards the back of the comb.
  • Wool The hair is divided into strands and each of them combed flat comb from the middle to the roots. The tips of the hair do not need touching. Then we give the desired shape with a comb with long teeth and hide tangles under the hair. This method of creating basal volume will be adapted to owners of medium and long length hair.

Tips for hair care

For your hair to have the desired volume, it must be healthy and well groomed. Modern cosmetology offers many products for problematic hair care.

  1. Shampoo Note that the label has the designation “for volume”. These shampoos give volume due to the components they contain. Basically, it’s silicone. It wraps each hair, as if it “dressed” it in a movie. The disadvantage of this tool is that the effect is quite short. In addition, the silicone attracts dust and your hair gets too dirty.
  2. Air conditioners They contain special substances that make the hair more docile, lively and light. This makes it possible, with the help of devices, mentioned above, to create volumetric hairstyles.
  3. Sprays, foams, mousses, gels. These funds should be used immediately after shampooing, for slightly damp hair. Before combing a hair dryer or other device, apply the selected hairstyle to the hair. Pay special attention to the basal area. And then do the desired style.
  4. Spray They are used to fix the result after placement. The disadvantage is that some varnishes can stick the hair. But without exception, attract dust and hair get dirty very quickly.

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