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Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

Japanese cosmetics are no longer surprising and are not considered exotic for women around the world, even in Russia.

And Japanese shampoos are incredibly popular among girls who want to have beautiful, healthy hair.

Japanese hair shampoo: what is it?

Recently, Japanese hair shampoo is considered the best among all available cosmetics. It is believed that a shampoo of this type can do wonders, revive badly damaged hair and maintain your health.

What is the secret of the popularity of Japanese hair products?

In the first place, female representatives often dream of having the same perfect hair as Japanese women (bright, soft and thick). And second, Japanese shampoos, compared to domestic shampoos, are distinguished by their maximum natural composition.

It includes several extracts of herbs, plants and fruits that are recognized as effective in traditional Japanese medicine. In addition, shampoos are full of essential vitamins and trace elements that provide complete nutrition to the hair.

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

As part of Japanese shampoos, you can see natural ingredients such as:

  • Camellia oil
  • Royal jelly bee
  • Silk fibroin
  • Sakura leaves
  • Belamkanda china
  • Red grape extract
  • Damask pink oil
  • Japanese tangerine extract
  • Extract of sage and others.

Thanks to Japanese technology, all shampoo components retain their beneficial properties.

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

Where to buy Japanese hair shampoo?

You can buy Japanese shampoo today without flying to the land of the rising sun. Many professional cosmetics stores for hair care have in their assortment no brand of Japanese shampoos, which allows the perfect hair lovers to choose the most suitable for them.

In addition, Japanese-made shampoos can be purchased at proven online stores.

It is worth knowing that the price of Japanese hair shampoo is higher than that of many household hair products. But this does not stop the girls who dream of beautiful hair.

The prices of Japanese shampoos start at 400 rubles, and the most popular Japanese shampoos for revisions are worth at least 600 rubles.

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

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Japanese shampoos for hair Advantages and disadvantages

When deciding on the purchase of Japanese shampoo, it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons. The advantages of Japanese shampoos for hair, in fact, a lot:

  1. Natural composition Healing herbs, algae, minerals and vitamins: all this contributes to the natural shine and health of the hair.
  2. The efficiency To wash your hair with Japanese shampoo requires a small portion of the funds due to its concentration.
  3. Large volume In general, Japanese hair washers are sold in fairly large bottles, which makes the purchase more profitable.
  4. Product quality. Thanks to the diligence and thoroughness of the Japanese, you can be sure that your shampoos meet the highest quality standards.

The disadvantages of shampoos made in Japan are often attributed to the fact that they are poorly laundered (foamed). But this property is, in fact, the negative side of Japanese shampoos can not be considered, since the foam in the shampoo is usually formed due to the addition to the composition of special synthetic foaming components, which are absent in Japanese shampoos .

In addition, the abundant foam is not a guarantee of a high quality hair cleaning, while the natural components not only face this task, but also perfectly nourish the scalp and hair.

The actual disadvantage of such shampoos can be considered their price compared to the national media. But, given the quality and effect of the Japanese shampoo for hair, and this disadvantage is not too noticeable.

The hair after applying the shampoo will be soft, smooth and shiny, but without volume. This property can be safely attributed to the disadvantages of Japanese shampoos.

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

How to choose the Japanese hair shampoo?

To choose the perfect Japanese shampoo for your hair, first determine your hair type. On this basis, it is necessary to determine the composition of the shampoo: choose the components that will help your hair look more alive and beautiful.

Most of the Japanese shampoos sold in Russia have a Russified label in which you can learn the composition and recommendations for use.

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

Japanese hair shampoo: advantages and disadvantages, opinions

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Japanese capillaries shampoos: readers opinions

Anna Permyakova (Ivanovo). I was attracted to the good reviews about Japanese shampoos and, on the recommendation of a consultant in an expensive professional store, I bought Pax Olie. I’m sorry for the money thrown away.

Hair behind him like a sponge, and not silky, as he promised!

Irina Ilyina (Lipetsk). Not since the first year I have been using the Proedit Bounce Fit shampoo of LEBEL cosmetics, very satisfied.

It really cured my weak hair, giving it a healthy glow and vitality. Periodically I try other brands of shampoos, but each time I make sure to make my choice correctly.

Victoria Troitskaya (Moscow). I love natural cosmetics, so I chose the shampoo among the Japanese. The Cow brand with herbal extracts was the salvation of my hair, they became beautiful and soft.

I’m glad I found it.

Elena Koval (Novosibirsk). I decided to try the Japanese Naive shampoo with peach.

I can not say that it is very bad, but I did not find any characteristics of the shampoo. The hair became clean, no other positive aspects are revealed.

Tamara Efimenko (Kazan). Bought the Japanese silk shampoo.

Pleasantly surprised, for a couple of weeks the hair began to look noticeably better, the excessive dryness disappeared and the shine appeared. I am happy to buy it again.

Video about the Japanese shampoo for hair Shiseido Super Mild Shampoo

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