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Kseomin in the fight for youth.

Kseomin in the fight for youth.

Wrinkles are the first signs of age-related changes. At first they are shallow, but then deep.

Up to this point, the most convincing procedure was Botox. But nothing is for ever.

Kseomin today is a worthy rival of Botox, which has recently appeared.

What is xemom? Indications of use

Xeomin is a medicine that contains neurotoxin in its pure form, type A. Today it is a new modern medicine. Helps rejuvenate the face, eliminates wrinkles. It can help in the treatment of certain diseases.

We can say that the analog xeomin of Botox.
Indications of use:

  • Hand spasticity after stroke
  • mimics and deep wrinkles
  • blepharospasm
  • Spastic torticollis.

In this or that case, each patient’s doctor selects their dosing and injection sites.

Kseomin in the fight for youth.

Kseomin: instructions for use. Price in the cabin

In the culture of the preparation, the stopper is processed by alcohol. In no case can the bottle not be opened. The cap can only be punctured with a needle and an isotonic sodium chloride solution is introduced into the xeomin vial.

After mixing the components, the solution should be colorless.

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Once the procedure is completed, what recommendations should be followed?

  • After the injections it is not necessary to perform a facial massage. It is also better to give your face a break from makeup during the first days.
  • Prohibited bathrooms, solariums, saunas for a week.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Exercise to the minimum, you can not bend over.
  • Control your dream It is not necessary to be on your stomach to sleep.
  • Exclude antibiotics.

A unit of xeomin costs from 300 rubles.

Xeomin: contraindications and possible consequences.

Kseomin was created by a German company. It has almost the same properties as Botox. Only this drug is purified, safer and more effective.

Xeomin is introduced as well as Botox, and it does not allow the muscles to contract. But still, like everyone else, it has its own contraindications and consequences.
Contraindications in the use of xamomine:

  1. Allergic to the medication or to any of the components.
  2. If a person has hemophilia (which means blood clotting)
  3. muscle weakness, neuralgic disease
  4. fever or high fever
  5. lactation pregnancy
  6. infectious diseases
  7. At the time of the exacerbated procedure chronic diseases.
  8. Sexually transmitted diseases: syphilis or HIV.
  9. At the time of the procedure there is menstrual bleeding.
  10. diseases related to immunity
  11. after surgery during the rehabilitation period
  12. mental disorders
  13. Skin diseases at injection sites.
  14. At the time of antibiotic use.
  15. If a person has myopia, epilepsy, hernia in the eyelids.
  16. alcoholism, drug addiction.
    Kseomin in the fight for youth.
  1. headache, dizziness
  2. high fever flu symptoms
  3. If the procedure is done around the eyes, they can tear.
  4. In the places where the injection was administered, bruises and edema.
  5. nausea, mild redness, burning and even itching at injection sites
  6. pain at the injection site
  7. Muscular sensitivity may be impaired, facial numbness, skin tension.
  8. facial paralysis in parts of it
  9. In the eyes it begins to bend.

Xeomin: video

Which is better: Dysport, Botox or Xeomin? All the pros and cons.

The question of which medicine is better is difficult to answer. To answer this question, you should contact a special doctor, and he can recommend an appropriate medication.
Each of the drugs acts differently and penetrates the tissue differently. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of xeomin compared to botox.

  • Side effects are reduced to a minimum. This is the biggest difference between Xeomin and Botox. It does not contain complexing proteins, so the patient’s immune response will not be activated.
  • There is no risk of addiction or complete insensitivity to the drug. This can not be said about botox.
  • Since tissue diffusion is weak, a dose is required for a good effect less than with Botox.

Cons xeomin compared to Botox.

  • They can not cure hyperhidrosis.
  • The result is not so durable. No more than 4 months, the preservation of the result lasts after the application of xeomin. The effect of Botox exceeds six months.
  • Kseomin less known.

Dysport has almost the same advantages and disadvantages, but it is also less known as x -mine.

Kseomin: photo before and after

Kseomin in the fight for youth.
Kseomin in the fight for youth.

Kseomin: readers opinions

The drug Xeomin. The video

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