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Lantoks: beauty shots

Lantoks: beauty shots

Women all over the world tried at all times to look young and attractive at any age. The best compliment for any woman will be the exclamation of men passing by: “Cool, like a ripe peach!” And the envious looks of women.
The main enemy of each woman are the mimic wrinkles, which tend to appear with age when the resources of their own skin are exhausted. It can no longer regenerate the amount of collagen that is necessary for the elasticity and youth of the skin of the face.

Lantoks: beauty shots

Modern cosmetology, along with medicine, has developed many products that help women to deal temporarily with the problem of mimic wrinkles.

What is a lantox? Indications for use in cosmetology.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to crow’s feet is Botox. But botulinum therapy with Botox is not the only invention of the beauty industry.

There are many analogs of this botulinum toxin. And one of them – the drug of Chinese origin and production Lantoks.

Mimic wrinkles around the eyes: how to get rid of them? Find out in the article.

  • Wrinkles on the forehead (vertical and horizontal).
  • wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • “Crow’s feet” – wrinkles in the corners of the eyes
  • wrinkles around the mouth
  • Correction of the corners lowered from the mouth.
  • wrinkles or folds from the nose to the lips (nazolabial)
  • asymmetry of the facial muscles
  • Neck and neckline – correction of wrinkles.
  • With sweaty palms and armpits.

Lantoks: beauty shots

In such cases, only according to the testimony of a doctor, you can do “beauty injections” by Lantox. It will bring the desired effect and you will lose confidence in yourself again.

Lantoks drugs in cosmetology: instructions for use

Injecting Lantox can only be a highly qualified specialist who has received special training.
It is not necessary to think that immediately after your arrival at the beauty salon you will have a procedure. The specialist will gather all the necessary information and will do an investigation to see if it is safe to administer Lanoxa injections.

Lantoks: beauty shots

First, the cosmetologist will examine your medical record to find out if there is any medical contraindication. Then there will be other studies: an evaluation of the condition of the skin, an imitation test and only after that an individual program of corrective injections will be made.
You will be offered to sign an informed consent, after the specialist explains what minimal risks you are exposed to and what side effects you may have after the procedure is completed. If you accept and sign all the papers that are offered, the beautician will proceed to perform the injections.

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The doctor will first apply the anesthetic gel on the skin where the injections will be made and proceed directly to the implementation of the corrective program.
The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Lantoks: contraindications and possible consequences.

Lantox, like Botox, like any drug, has its own contraindications. Do not neglect these warnings, otherwise it can cause serious damage not only to the appearance, but also to the health of the whole organism.

Lantoks: beauty shots

Lineage of botanoin Lantoks contraindicated:

  • Infectious, catarrhal and acute viral diseases, especially those that have a fever.
  • Within two weeks after suffering a viral, catarrhal or infectious disease
  • Mental disorders and epileptoid seizures.
  • medication (antibiotics, anticoagulants, hormones)
  • history of keloid scars (fitness)
  • cancer disease (any)
  • Inflammation or suppuration in the area of ​​drug administration.
  • In case of diseases of the blood with bad coagulation.
  • Neuromuscular convulsions of any etiology.
  • gestation and lactation period
  • history of allergic reactions
  • Individual intolerance to the drug or its components.

Lantoks: beauty shots

According to the results of the long-term observations, it was concluded that Lantox is generally well tolerated. But in some cases it is possible to observe side effects that eventually happen by themselves.

If the injections were done correctly and the doctor correctly assessed the need for the procedure, the possibility of undesirable consequences is almost nil.
The following manifestations are very rarely observed:

  1. bruising and inflammatory reactions at injection sites (only one is possible)
  2. Short-term headaches and pain in some areas of the face.
  3. swelling around the eyes
  4. allergy (in case of an incorrect evaluation of the degree of allergy of the body)
  5. Nasal congestion, redness of the eyes and tearing, accompanied by sharp eyes.
  6. Blurry vision and ghost effect.
  7. omission of the upper eyelid and eyebrows (only possible on one side)
  8. In case of overdose, there is a “mask effect”, difficulty swallowing and loss of speech clarity.
  9. asymmetry in the face
  10. Frequent flicker (false nystagmus).

It is very likely that all of these problems are related to the skill of the doctor performing the procedure and not to the medication itself. After all, an experienced specialist will be able to properly assess all possible risks and warn against undesirable manifestations.

Lantoks: photo before and after.

Lantoks: beauty shots

Looking at the photo, we can personally see the result that the drug brings. If, before the injection, the transverse wrinkles on the forehead were very noticeable, which caused the facial expression to become tired and feel unhappy or anxious about something, after the administration of the medication, the wrinkles softened and the forehead It came back uniform and smooth.

The facial expression changed for the better.
This effect of the procedure suggests that it was performed correctly, all contraindications and warnings were taken into account and no side effects were present.

Lantoks: beauty shots

Lantoks: beauty shots

Lantox or Botox: which is better?

Both drugs are designed to help women stay beautiful and young for many years. Someone prefers the old Botox tested in time, and someone wants to experiment and take advantage of the new product.
Advantages of Lantox against Botox:

  1. Convenient packaging If Botox is available in bottles of only 100 units, then Lantox has a package and 50 units too. This makes it possible to save money if you need to perform the procedure in a small area.
  2. By activity, drugs are absolutely the same.
  3. Botox is 30% more expensive than Lantox.
  4. Lantoks, thanks to the improved composition, guarantees fewer side effects compared to the analogues.
  5. The effect of Lantox injections can be seen in a day, and its duration is up to 6 months, which is significantly better than that of analogues.

Lantox injections: readers opinions

Marina Surikov, Makhachkala (38 years old) Do not believe anyone. After the procedure, my face was swollen and itchy. I could not open my eyes for two days.

The antihistamines took. Only a week later, the face returned to normal. They say – the doctor did not consider that I am allergic.

What does it matter to me? Have I come to the “pro”?

Oksana Akimova, Suzdal (34 years old) I made Lantox injections on the forehead to eliminate transverse wrinkles. Honestly – it’s not happy.

The effect is not as dramatic as I imagined. Wrinkles, of course, became less, but did not disappear completely.

Maybe the dose is small?

Irina Portnova, Saint Petersburg (40 years old) Preparing for his birthday and decided on Lantoksa injections. He wanted to make his eyes younger, and his neck with a neckline lost a bit of its old luxury. The room said you must do it at least 5 days before the celebration.

He made and created a feeling. After all, after the procedure, nobody saw me.

In general, they said they were 10 years younger.

Tatyana Yarskaya, Novgorod (41 years old) Girls who do not fear pain and do not fear that they have to sit at home for two days, do not think. The effect is amazing. The neck reached the state of “swan”.

Do not listen to Botox is better. More expensive, yes, and what is better, it is not a fact.

Elena Nemtsova, Yaroslavl (48 years old) At any age, you should look like at 16. But, unfortunately, the years are relentless.

On the advice of a friend, he went to the procedure with Lantoks. Of course, 16 did not give me back, but it rejuvenated great.

About 8-10 years younger, I even look like myself. Judge for yourself to do or not.

I have already made my choice.

Lantox: video

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