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Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

Each girl puts on makeup every day. Most of the time, she needs to have time to do it in a few minutes, since the pace of modern life does not allow us to distinguish more.

At work, at school or on a date, the girls must look perfect so that all the merits are highlighted and the defects are not visible.

The light makeup for every day should be just that, do not hide your face under a thick layer of powder or base, and lashes, under the mask. This is a spacious makeup and skin that gives freshness and a radiant look.

Everyday makeup: preparation.

To create a light makeup every day, you must first take care of the health of the skin: there should be no swelling under the eyes, pimples and redness. It is not necessary to buy an expensive cream or tonal base, you just need to walk more, eat well and drink water.

Masks and homemade lotions will help your face to be in perfect condition. Well, and after the skin shines with health, you need high quality cosmetics and tools that help you make a light makeup for every day.

The most basic cosmetics for light and natural makeup are the tonal base, which should be applied with a special brush, concealer (concealer), loose powder, eye shadow and mascara. Many girls also use liquid eyeliner or pencil.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

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What is the difference between makeup day and night?

Already the names day and night imply the creation of different types of makeup. Day makeup looks more natural and even suitable for an appointment, even for work in the office.

Gently emphasizes the beauty and slightly disguises the imperfections of the skin or the type of face.

For make-up during the day using pastel colors, for example, sand, beige or gold.

Light makeup for every day.

Night makeup is always appropriate for the occasion, for example, when going to a party at a club or a gala event. Such makeup should be bright, eye-catching, but by no means vulgar.

The colors of the shadows or the lipstick should be juicy, deep and rich, they will allow you to highlight your face with dim light and twilight.

For the evening make-up and false eyelashes are used, eyeliner and even rhinestones or akvagrim. In this case, you can select and eyes, and lips, because this is a festive make-up!

Choose red, cherry and even scarlet shades of lipstick.

Light makeup for every day.

Daily light makeup for every day.

To create such makeup even in the absence of time for it and at the same time look fresh and naturally there is no need for a special job. You will need light tone tones, as well as black pencil and mascara.

Golden or beige shadows are applied to the upper mobile eyelid, which are slightly shaded. Then, on the outer edge, place the shadows in a darker shade and mix gently so that the edge of the transition is not noticeable.

Peach shadows are applied a little higher than the moving eyelid and are also shaded gently. The center of the moving eyelid can be touched lightly with light tones to create the mother-of-pearl effect. Gently move the eye from above with a black pencil and mix lightly on the outer edge of the eye.

On the lower eyelid a little greenish shadows is applied, and the eyelashes are dyed with black ink.

Light makeup for every day.

Easy makeup for each day, step by step instructions.

  • First you need to prepare the eyelid to apply shadows. To do this, a small brush with mat powder worn on the upper eyelid.
  • On the outer edge of the eye, apply peach shadows and a little shadow.
  • Eyes of black pencil, making the thickest line in the outer corner of the eye.
  • The dark gray tone shades the eyelid and mixes it with a brush.
  • For greater expressivity you can paste the cilia, but not the clusters, but separately. First ink your own. Everything, light, natural makeup is ready!

Light makeup for every day.

Beautiful light makeup for every day.

The beautiful natural makeup can be done not only in beige-brown colors, but also in others, for example, in gray. To do this, take the pearly shadows, you can make pearls and apply them on the upper eyelid almost to the eyebrows. Mix gently.

Paint the outside corner of the eye with a dark gray tone. The border between these shadows should be blurry.

The final touches are the lines drawn by a pencil or black liner, which feeds the upper eyelid and the black mascara for greater effect. This is how you can make a light and beautiful makeup!

It is also worth remembering that any makeup, regardless of whether it is night or day, should be combined with clothes, manicures and accessories so that the image is complete. You should also pay attention to the eyebrows: they must be well maintained and bright, for this use gels and special oils. The eyebrows need to comb and take care of them.

To highlight them, use a special pencil or eyeliner.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day: photo.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

Light makeup for every day.

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Lightweight makeup for every day: readers’ opinions.

Olga Korneva, Kostroma. In any case, I prefer a light and daytime makeup, I do not like the one at night.

Even if I go to a party with friends, I do not paint brilliantly, because natural beauty is better than any kind of cosmetics.

Alexandra Danilova, Moscow. Light makeup can be done in any combination of colors, a lot depends on the color of the eyes and the ability to apply this makeup.

If you exceed the shadows or put them too high, even the eyebrows, then there will be no naturalness.

Natalia Lopatkina, Novorossiysk. I always paint as I see fit. Lightweight, non-light, night or day makeup: makeup is makeup

It needs to emphasize feminine beauty. What is the use of applying so much makeup if it is not visible?

Elena Strykina, Saransk. The more professional the makeup of the day, the less noticeable it is. The conciseness is always relevant.

I really like the golden-beige scale and I almost always choose it for eye makeup, in addition, both for the night and for the day.

Valeria Efremova, Orel. I liked the photo of the day’s makeup.

In general, it is not that difficult to be so independent, you just have to fill your hand and adjust the shadows to shade properly so that the edge of the transition does not stand out.

Video: light makeup for every day.

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