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Natura Siberika Shampoo

Natura Siberika Shampoo

The best advertisement for the brand is the European quality of the product (the motto of the founder of the company). Natura Siberica shampoos are purchased in Russia, England, Denmark, Germany, Australia and Japan.

The competitive cosmetic product is created in imported equipment, in accordance with European technologies and standards. The production is based on national raw materials that respect the environment. The consideration of the ripening time, when collecting herbs, increases the therapeutic effect of the cosmetics.

The raw materials are harvested by experienced hereditary herbalists, representatives of the indigenous population of Kamchatka, Siberia and Gorny Altai.

At all stages of production there is a regular quality control at several levels, from the collection of the source material to the conveyor of finished products. Apply unique popular recipes based on the healing and strengthening properties of plants.

Natura Siberica Shampoo

The shampoos of all collections and categories clean the skin and hair from external dirt (dust, dirt) and internal dirt (grease, dandruff). The water that makes up the shampoo is cleaned at the molecular level.

Together with the cleaning shampoo he performs additional tasks (nutrition, wrapping, volume, restoration of the original structure).

There is a great demand for shampoos, which restore and give naturalness (volume, structure, color, elasticity) to dyed and damaged hair. The product does not cause allergies, does not contain artificial preservatives.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Let the shampoos come out, for women, men and children.

The male hair care category presents three types of shampoos. In addition to cleaning, shampoos for men nourish and strengthen the roots, prevent dandruff, create conditions for hair growth and preserve the natural shape of hair.

Little Siberica presents baby shampoos from the “Kids” and “Newborns” collections:

  • for the little ones
  • easy to style
  • without tears

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Shampoos for women The main activity of the company.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

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Sea buckthorn shampoo Natura Siberica

Shampoos from the Oblepikha Siberica collection: hair care products based on the concentrated buckthorn oil of Altai. The regular use of the product contributes to the regeneration of the scalp and to the production of keratin. Extracts of Siberian cedar, snow cladonia and elfin, argan oil, vitamins and minerals complement and improve the action of sea buckthorn oil.

The series presents developments for the care of all types of hair (normal, oily, dry, weakened and damaged).

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Natura Siberica laminated shampoo

Lamination is a procedure to cure hair. The complex of natural components gives the structure of the hair the original appearance and protects from external influence.

A protective film covers the hair and closes the access to an aggressive environment.

Oils: wrap the skin and hair with a protective film, soften, retain moisture inside the tissues and prevent them from drying out. The associated components (oils, extracts, extracts and vitamins) improve the curative and regenerative effects of sea buckthorn.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Natura Siberica for all types of hair.

With the regular use of universal shampoo improves the appearance of hair. Due to the natural composition of the shampoo does not violate the acid balance of the skin.

The additives of plant origin contribute to the saturation of the cells with moisture.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Natura Siberica for oily hair.

The condition of the hair indicates the health of a person. Fatty hair – a sign of body alteration.

The constant use of shampoos of a given category will help to cope with the external manifestations of internal processes.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Natura Siberica shampoo: price

The products of the national producers correspond to all declared positions. The quality of the shampoos is confirmed by international organizations of experts.

The network of stores of the company has covered not only the regions of the Russian Federation, but also successfully dominates the foreign market (Europe, Australia, Japan). Why is the natural product of the Siberica company available to the national buyer?

Natura Siberika Shampoo

Reasons for an affordable pricing policy:

  • There are no expensive promotions, the management of the company is based on the quality of the products.
  • Own packaging production line from recycled materials.
  • national natural raw materials
  • Attraction to the development of new products of domestic specialists.
  • Small batches of products, work on request.

Natura Siberika Shampoo

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Natura Siberica Shampoo: Comments from readers

Filichkina Nadezhda, 48 years old, Kotlas. I use the shampoos of this brand for a long time and constantly.

It is very good for my hair with a complex of sea buckthorn: I wash it twice, but without pieces of fallen hair, and intensive washing of paint. Recently, a consultant in the store recommended a complex of Northern Cloudberries.

In winter, hair needs prophylaxis and delicate vitamins. Therefore, I am pleased to use Siberian shampoos.

Somova Tatyana, 53 years old, Yaroslavl. Why did I buy this brand of shampoo for myself, my husband and my granddaughter?

First of all, this is our product, it is much cheaper than the imported imported analogs, which are not of inferior quality. Second, it does not cause allergies, it does not contain preservatives and other dangerous chemicals.

In third place, we have been using shampoos of this brand for three years now, we are very satisfied, we are not going to change it. On the other hand, I want to share the effect of the shampoo, which I buy for my husband. The maral antlers and the birch tar made a miracle!

Even in his youth, my faithful did not have such a wonderful head of hair, without baldness or dandruff!

Zavedeeva Olga, retired, 58, Moscow. I prefer discrete aromas, soft moisturizers and nourishing hair. No matter what they write on the label, the main thing is not to damage your hair, as an additional benefit of a beautiful package with a poisonous filler.

All my friends use only sibericos. I trust the verified information that I can personally receive.

We are trying to study all the new items that are for sale, since prices are still affordable (from 150 to 250 rubles per shampoo).

Simakova Olga, 49 years old, Kazan. We use shampoo with our daughter. Our hair needs careful handling.

We prefer products for the care of the series with sea buckthorn. Color, texture, smell do not cause doubts in the naturalness.

No surprises are observed during use. The quality of the shampoo is excellent.

No complaints to the manufacturer. Thank you

Kareva Marina, 28 years old, vologda. The shampoo reminded me of a pill from a pharmacy. The smell of sea buckthorn is too viscous and unpleasant, this is where the similarity with the natural product ends.

No, it is not intensely moisturizing. Only wash it. The rest is a lie!

Used a whole month, the result is zero!

Natura Siberika Shampoo: Video Review

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