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Original manicure with black lacquer.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Beautiful and well-maintained nails will surely add extra appeal to your hands. Today, the black lacquer manicure is a fashionable trend.

It gained such popularity due to its expressiveness and the possibility of combining black with many others.

Ideas for manicure with black varnish: photo.

Fashion, which made the color black popular, contributed to the emergence of a variety of options for nail design. Our ideas will show you that such a manicure will suit everyone, regardless of age and condition.

Black manicure with strass.

We draw your attention to the design of the black jacket with rhinestones. This is one of the most popular types of nail plate decoration. Characteristics of the French manicure:

  • the old coat is removed
  • The base is applied to the nails.
  • Now draw the line of the future French.
  • You can also use a template for this.
  • We apply varnish on the edge of the nail to the line.
  • Give a little dry and place rhinestones.
  • The decorations can be fixed with special glue.
  • cover with fixative.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Black manicure with flashes.

The color black always attracts attention regardless of the subject. So that everyone can admire the black manicure, it should be great. Also, always fresh and tidy.

To give this manicure some greatness for the publication you can apply shine. They can be located in one or all the nails.

If there is no time to apply gloss, you can use a clear colorless varnish.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Black veil

This design is also called “stockings”. This type is suitable for nails of different sizes and shapes.

Its elegant appearance allows you to carry it even in the office. Let’s take a closer look at the steps to create such a design:

  1. Create a smoky background with the base and black gel paint. The resulting mixture is applied so many times until the desired result is obtained. The background can remain transparent.
  2. Making the edging. The ideal device for this is a long thin brush.
  3. Now we create patterns, everything depends on the desires and abilities.
  4. Give dry and cover with fixative.

If you do not have artistic skills, you can buy nail art stickers.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Black manicure with aluminum foil.

The reception of Atkoy recently became a very fashionable phenomenon. To create such a design you will need:

To create a bright manicure, your hands must be in perfect condition. Before designing, be sure to do a manicure.

Only after ordering the okolonogtevoy area can you start creating a design.

  • We apply a varnish base. Give it a good drying.
  • Create a colored base with varnish. Cover them with the entire nail plate. Give a little dry.
  • It is time to apply the adhesive, we process the part where the sheet will be. This must be done quickly so that the base does not have time to dry.
  • Now we start working with aluminum foil. It is thin, so you need to handle it very carefully. We attach it and begin to level with a cotton swab. Now you need to press it well with a needle.
  • Now remove the top layer of the sheet.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Nyud style manicure: features of the application, as well as its types and characteristics in this article.

Combination of manicure with black lacquer.

If you think a modern black manicure is boring, there is an alternative, you can combine different colors, creating completely unusual and bright designs.

Red and black lacquer.

Very effective duo of rich and deep tones. This combination is ideally combined to complement the image with an elegant dress and high heels.

Already last year, such a combination was a success with fashionistas at social events and official parties.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Lacquered black and white.

This combination evokes a feeling of moderation and simultaneous solemnity. Contrast colors are sure to highlight their appeal.

Such a classic color scheme is acceptable even for office manicures and complies with the general requirements of the dress code. A design of this type can be complemented with a pattern or sparkles and turn the classics into an elegant night design.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Lacquered beige and black.

This combination is very fond of designers. A predatory manicure created with the help of these flowers is very popular now.

How to create it now learn. Necessary things:

  • Two shades of beige varnish.
  • black lacquer
  • manicure tools.
  1. Prepare the nail, remove the previous layer and adjust the shape. Cover with base coat and let dry.
  2. Apply the main color. For saturation it is better if there are several layers. Allow time to freeze.
  3. We put spots with darker varnish. This must be done with a fine brush. They must be shallow ovals. We are waiting for them to dry.
  4. Now the finest brush, which is immersed in black lacquer, draws the outline of these points. The lines may be broken.
  5. Apply a coat of fixative.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

You can buy templates that significantly expand the chances of creating an unusual pattern.

Pink and black lacquer.

This combination was previously considered traditional for emo, now it is popular with fashionistas around the world. This combination allows you to create a wide variety of designs:

  1. Minimalism Paint such a combination of a single nail.
  2. French manicure Colors can be alternated in pairs or create a striped tip.
  3. Geometry On a black base, you can draw any geometric shape or simple lines.
  4. Pedreria The black flashes in a pink varnish will look bright.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

Black lacquer manicure: useful tips

To make a dark design look spectacular, you need to know some of the features of your application and not only.

  • For a good manicure, the base is necessarily applied to the nails.
  • Allow the base to dry thoroughly before applying the varnish.
  • The varnish should be applied only on dry and degreased nails.
  • For a uniform application, use only fresh varnish.
  • Saturated color is obtained after reapplication.
  • For a more rapid hardening of the varnish, you can dip your hands in cold water
  • For black gloss you have to apply fixative.

Original manicure with black lacquer.

The best lacquer rubber nail design in this article.

Black Lacquer Manicure: Comments from readers

Khalepa Julia Moscow (35 years old). It is terrible to see that people have black nails, really there are no more shadows.

At least let’s make our nails brighter than our lives. Very rarely you can see a black drawing in the best conditions.

Kostyrko Marina, Khabarovsk (30 years). I love the experiments.

Recently, the teacher suggested making a black cloak, it was scary, but the result was satisfactory. To dilute the color in the swollen part of the nail inflicted luster.

Anna Shmalko Kiev (25 years old). Indifferent to the manicure of color.

I like it when the nails look well-groomed and natural. I cover after the procedure only with a colorless varnish.

Although some designs I like, maybe someone will approach them.

Plitin Marina Samara (20 years). I really like black fashion. I think this color shows the nobility of man.

I love clothes of this color, now I will paint my nails with my favorite color.

Ideas for black lacquered manicure: Video.

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