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Pedicure gel: photos and the best design ideas for toenails.

Pedicure gel: photos and the best design ideas for toenails.

Nail design categories

Nail design categories

Do not forget to take care of your feet. A simple pedicure with gel or common varnish coating will emphasize all the beauty of the girl’s legs.

It is considered a firming agent for the nails, which means that it protects the nail plate from external factors. You can also use any design under the gel.

What fashion trends should be used to create a design?

Simplicity in everything

The usual jacket with beige or milk camouflage looks great on the legs, emphasizing its naturalness. But if you experiment a bit, you can create a variety of design variations.

The lunar pedicure is a great and simple option. The color of the coating is chosen to your liking. The wells are direct and inverse, most of the time white lacquer is seen.

If you want to add more colors, the shadow of the hole should be combined in a color wheel with bright camouflage.

Technique of lunar medicine.

Fusion of colors

The soft lines will bring an extraordinary charm to a pedicure gel. The interlacing creates a soft pattern on the fingers and recalls a tasty and sweet caramel.

To perform the pattern you will have to pick up some tones that combine with each other. Using a fingernail or a simple toothpick, soft patterns appear on the nails. The design can be done with all fingers or decorate only large.

The rest are covered with smooth lacquer.

Pedicure gel: photos and the best design ideas for toenails.

Animal print

An animal print will help you feel like a true predator and queen of the hearts of men. The leopard or tiger pedicure gel is harmoniously combined with any denim garment. In a matte version, this beauty also looks pretty good.

The colors should be chosen according to the print you choose.

Multivariate is pleased with its diversity. Can be:

Do not be afraid of such coverage, because it is done very easily:

  • Before starting to work with Polish gel, you should prepare our legs on your legs.
  • As a substrate, use white color.
  • In a separate palette to apply various colors used for the design and white tone. Apply one drop of each varnish on a fan brush and transfer everything on a nail with light movements. The stripes should not be too thick. As a result, you must have an uneven nail that will remotely resemble wool. Do not forget to dry the applied layer.
  • In the palette, mix the base with the flock (velvet texture) in the color of the substrate or a little darker.
  • Transfer the mixture to the nail and form a thin, uneven layer so that the pile protrudes in all directions.
  • It is better to paint patterns (streaks or spots) with a liquid gel to polish using a fine manicure brush. The material should flow well between the villi. It is recommended that the patterns separate from each other as necessary. When drying, the gel enamel will spread, and the distance between the stains will be as it should, and the pattern will not fuse into one.
  • After applying a fine brush with direct movements, it is necessary to slightly stretch the edges with small strokes in the direction of hair growth.
  • With the remaining color on the palette, we paint the center of the spots (the remaining area) with a little overlap with the black.
  • Do not forget to cover the top part of the design.

Pedicure gel: photos and the best design ideas for toenails.

Stickers and stamping

If making patterns and drawing an enamel on pedicure gel for you is a difficult task, then you can use common adhesives that are glued to the nails. Decorative patterns (stamp sets) help transfer beautiful designs and patterns to the nail plate.

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