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Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

All girls want to look exactly like the celebrities on the covers of magazines. Oddly enough, but today it is quite possible, because the key role in the whole image is played by the curls of beautiful women, and if you have a properly selected and high quality shampoo, it will not be difficult to achieve the result presented.

A special paper in all the previous questions is assigned to the brand shampoo Gliss Kur, whose name is on everyone’s lips. What is the secret of the company in the production of products for hair washing?

Shampoos Gliss Kur

Gliss Kur – brand of shampoos of the German company Schwarzkopf. For the first time on the shelves of cosmetics stores, the products of this brand appeared 50 years ago.

People were surprised by the effect of washing their hair with the remedy presented, because after one use, the result was visible. In the Soviet era, the presence of shampoo from the Schwarzkopf company was considered somewhat unusual. People kindly envied the owners of the funds.

No one was ashamed that the choice of manufacturers was limited for several years to a single way of nourishing dry hair.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

How are things today? Today, manufacturers have already developed several series to restore damaged curls. Shampoos, masks, sprays, tonics and much more.

If we only talk about shampoo, experts argue that the focus of media choice should be based on the correct definition of your hair type. Therefore, among the advantages of the funds can be attributed a wide selection of lines, each of which has its own special and individual composition, designed for a particular type of hair.

The same fact applies to the disadvantages of the means described. Therefore, the majority of users’ opinions say that a product incorrectly chosen, depending on the type of hair, can seriously damage the hair and significantly worsen their condition.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

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Shampoo Gliss Kur: which is better?

Because today’s manufacturers have developed a large number of different products and lines to care for their hair and restore its structure, their choice must be addressed more seriously and thoroughly. Which shampoo is better?

Shampoo Gliss Kur extreme volume

All girls want to add a lovely volume to their hair, because you can create your own unique image. The latest developments include the Extreme Volume series. According to the manufacturers, this tool is suitable for thin and divided hair, and the composition of the means described, which includes liquid marine collagen without silicone, can lift curls at the roots.

As a result, the usual weighting of the curls does not occur, and the remedy itself does not leave a characteristic plaque on the hair.

Manufacturers ‘warranties are encouraging, but most users’ opinions say the opposite effect. More precisely, the shampoo washes the curls well, is washed perfectly, the strands are not really weighted, but the expected effect of the extreme volume can not be said.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Gliss Kur Extreme Recovery Shampoo

Description manufacturers are encouraging. When talking about a series of extreme recovery, each girl represents the achievement of a positive result after a single use.

The extreme recovery shampoo in the composition has a triple concentration of liquid keratins, which has a positive effect on the structure of the chains at the cellular level.

But numerous critics speak of a dubious result. Many girls are not satisfied with the result of applying the detergent to wash the curls. Representatives of fair sex say that after applying the above means that their hair began to look more like straw.

Perhaps it is a matter of misuse or use of a single shampoo, which is incorrect in principle.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Shampoo Gliss Cur Hyaluron

The tool presented has gained popularity among fair sex. Manufacturers have developed a unique formula for the restoration of hair structure at the cellular level based on liquid creatine, which penetrates deep into the layers.

As a result, the curls acquire strength, stop breaking and splitting.

Only here the manufacturers talk about the use of the entire series of products. Only in this way, using the conditioner and the mask, can you achieve the effect that you should follow with the use of shampoo.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Shampoo Glees Cours Million Gloss

For those girls who have problems with the hair in the form of cross section and fragility, the Million Gloss shampoo is recommended. The unique formula of the liquid keratin present here penetrates deeply into the hair layers and restores the structure. In addition, the composition includes a concentrated gloss-elixir, which allows to achieve the desired brightness for up to 10 days.

As users say, this effect is really achieved after a few applications.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Gliss Chicken shampoo with a complex of liquid keratins

The remedy presented has a positive effect on the restoration of the cells of the hair structure, which has a positive effect on its general state. Thanks to the liquid keratin, the hair acquires a more “uniform” structure.

This provides curls that are easy to comb, without problems of fragility and tangles.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

Shampoo Glis Kurs: price

It may seem surprising, but the means of the brand described, regardless of the composition and other aspects, have approximately the same value. The average price of a 400 ml shampoo bottle varies from 120 to 150 rubles.

Shampoo glis chickens: opinions and best products.

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Shampoos and balsams Gliss Chur: reader reviews

Irina Khromova, 26 years old, Vladivostok: “I like the extreme recovery series. Although many said there was no positive result from the application, I decided to try it.

No regrets, the hair really restored. “

Tatiana Mordovina, 24, Ufa: “I tried the volume remedy, and I tried the whole series.

I did not notice anything special as a result. “

Evgenia Shamkina, 41, Nizhnevartovsk: “Maybe I look old-fashioned, but here’s the representative who says it used to be better.” I tried Aqua’s care. I did not notice the result.

It seems that the hair has become more elastic, but I can not say for sure about the restoration of water balance. “

Marina Scherbakova, 27, Voronezh: “Shampoo hyaluron-super! The effect is after a head wash!

I love! “

Ekaterina Oetz, 38, Kazan: “I am a hairdresser, all clients recommend this brand, I determine their hair type, they acquire a series and use it regularly.

After a month of use, the hair gets much better. “

Glis Chickens Shampoo: Video Review

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